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hey guys so i tried out being a bird charger job for a week and made a video talking about how to do it, what i thought, pros and cons and if i recommend it to y’all or not.


as part of the Bird Scooter app and company, the ride-sharing app have available jobs to anyone 18+ by charging their scooters. the official title of the job is ‘bird charger’.

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Inspired by The Rideshare Guy


Bshop Bmail says:

Bird is a corporation designed to cheat people who are too inexperienced to know how to charge for their insurance risk, actual time gathering/deploying _and charging_, vehicle wear and tear and fuel. They have designed their system to pay you less than minimum wage, forcing people to steal to earn more than 10.00/hr after all time and fuel. They populate their app map with scooters that don’t exist and refuse to remove them so that federal investigators and newB chargers are conned. Enterprising chargers pay to ride multiple scooters home and steal by waiting for payout to increase before they “gather” them. If someone tells you they are making good money from Bird scooters, that is how they are doing it. The honest Bird chargers then ride around trying to find scooters stolen by these cheats. Bird needs to be shut down. A dishonest business predicated on dishonest behavior among cheating workers. Scumbags operating a disgusting business model in bad faith.

WiL 2K says:

One thing I hate so far is that there is really no one to help to show me the ropes at least for the first time

King S says:

why are u acting funny ? gtfo

Santa Monica Baseball Academy Play Ball says:

well done.

Manny S says:

I apréciate you making this video, it was really helpful 🙂

Marcelino Puente-Perez says:

Did you get to keep the damaged scooter?

Shaye Sowell says:

My grandson signed up for this, and so far it has been NOTHING. Not a single scooter was found where the GPS said they were located.

Impossible Cop says:

No car and afraid of other charger people, not good with mornings? Dude? I don’t know if this is the best for you.

Jose M says:

Today, I only found 2 Birds. I usually make my $60-$200 a night but today was a bad night. I couldn’t find them. I even sounded the alarm but with birds all over the place, i didn’t know which one was my bird scooter.

CstotheZee says:

Is this real life??! This is like a damn GTA side job!

Toriey Allen says:

Lol, by now you may have experienced that having a car isn’t as easy as you think. If the car is small, you have to be the best Jenga Player ever because you have to figure out how the get them in the car. They are big bulky and awkward in size and hard to get them in the car. But is helps to have a car, but better a truck or SUV.

TheOfficialAnn says:

What does the bird alarm sound like ? I’m trying to figure this out because I’ve pressed alarm and it says successful but I don’t know what I’m listening for

Anthony Ordones says:

Trump hand signals haha

Fun says:

you sound very gay

Impossible Cop says:

8 to 15 cents to charge EACH scooter. Sounded way to good to be true, always a rub! Oh well

Louis Barningham says:

Take a bird to work in the morning
Ride a bird home to charge
Take the charged one to work
Ride a bird home to charge
Repeat and they pay for themselves! Free rides!

Giggidygiggidy12 says:

Its like the purge after 9:05pm

Atrau Andolini says:

Thats basically how anyone sounds on YouTube lol. I think ya’ll are just prejudice and subconsciously trying to find something to justify your hate externally. Smh

Julia Bass says:

business plan : we use my car and split the profits

J.A.M says:

Yeah… sounds easy.. cause it is… but is it worth the time and gas, plus increased electric bill??? Prob not..

Mc Livin says:

I’ve seen people use a scooter to carry other scooters to charge the scooters

Billy Idol says:

what a filthy homosexual

DeadMarine1980 says:

I use to drive for Uber and Lyft. Let’s just say they left a bad taste in my mouth. But this, I wish I knew about earlier.

Kalale, Aashrith says:

Also if you ride it to your nest it might drain the battery, so the hard work of charging the scooter is gone waste.

Deals with Latasha J says:

Thank you I subscribed we would have made a good scooter money team .lol trust me they would not have thought to touch that scooter glad to get this info so I can start …

Kamol Narbaev says:

Great video. Out of all the other videos I’ve watched on lime charging, yours pretty much answered all my questions. Thanks!

Jae Johnson says:

Pyramid scheme

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