How to prepare for an Excel assessment test for job applications

How to prepare for an Excel assessment test for job applications.
Download the practice file from: and look for “basic job assessment”
The video will cover the knowledge needed to pass basic Excel knowledge requirements.


imicca says:

awesome accent, Australia?

maria Galanis says:

Great tutorial!
I am very new on excel and trying to keep up with the tutorial- i’m just confused with the bit where you have formulated the average cost then the total cost.
On my excel when i change the total cost it then changes the average cost formulated on the previous step…
anyone know why this may be?

Aleta Scott says:

thank you for posting this video! It was very helpful.

chris jatto says:

Hi Jeff. I tried inserting page boarders on a word document which did not show, what do you suggest I do? Also for referencing, I inserted footnotes, but it was not reflecting at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Monarch says:

You are gem of a person…! thanks a lot, I did all the test .
sir could you also please upload advanced excel assessment test..? thank you

Michelle Chow says:

Thank you so much, you saved me!

Dempsey Kimble says:

Which year excel is this?

Mohammed Alsharari says:

thank you so much for the helpful video and excellent explanation

Cherry Roberts says:

This is a great tutorial for reviewing. It was a great refresher for a few things I haven’t done in a couple of years.

chris jatto says:

Hi F7 not working for spell checker, F11 not working to show chart and change active cell to G2- how did you get to do that?-could not hear properly what was said in the video. Thanks!

Tika Singh says:

Thank you so much for this. You are simply the best.

Jonathan Lauria says:

Thank you so much!

Alex Gault says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was clear, concise and extremely informative. 10/10!

Robbie the retro robot says:

Nice and clear, easy to understand. Thanks

Lady Maria Stancil says:

THIS WAS THE BOMB! Watched your video and took the test and made 90%. It had been a while since I used Excel. I certainly recommend this video to anyone who needs a refresher.

lov3rbox says:

Very good tutorial. Thank you so much!

Keith and Renee Harris says:

Great tutorial! Everything was explained simple and direct. Thank you!

Comm303Morris says:

How do I make a box that would put check marks like you are doing in the video?

stella emeh-cochrane says:

You are simply a genius. Short sweet and precise. Thank you

nica jaz says:

thanks so much also…

Shido Hataki artroom says:

when i go to bold all headings and change the font i select the data and hold control it doesnt allow me to select cells boxes that are separate. is it because im using a mac

Syed Ayaz Raza says:

Dear friend, I have Subscribe Your Channel and Watch Your Great Videos. Please Visit & Subscribe My Channel and let’s start collaboration with me. Thanks for supporting my new channel.

LemonCoconut says:

This is absolutely phenomenal my friend! You’re doing Gods work for people who need this for a job test. Lovely speaking voice too!

joshjak says:

Zoom in next time. I can’t see what you’re doing

Ed Barber says:

Great!! Thank you!!

ItsMyParty 87 says:

Omg have an excel test coming up in a week. I’m so nervous.

Maria Vargas says:

Video and narration on how to accomplish the tasks are very easy to understand and follow. Thank You!

Oriol Julià says:

Thanks so much very useful mate!! Keep it like this…

Ashley Hamilton says:

I watched this video preparing for a Basic Excel 2010 test and it was amazingly helpful. I got a 24/30 and although it isn’t an A I passed the test! I have never touched Excel and watching this video really prepared me! Thank you so much

edward lado says:

God bless you more

fOr ThE GeEkS says:

Thank you very much, your video was very helpful! keep the good job!

Sharon Magee says:

vey good, slow step by step

whoseeswho says:

this is perfect. thank you!

BoysLuv3D says:

Thank you for this!

Dalia Elenin says:

You are great teacher …

chris jatto says:

Just watched your excel practice video, so easy to understand, went down to the very basic. Thank you so much for the video

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