KellyConnect Work at Home Job Review

I was hired and began training to do technical support for KellyConnect in May 2015 and still work for them today as a Senior Advisor. This review talks about pay, benefits, perks, hours, and the day-to-day work. This is a work at home job where you are considered an employee of Kelly Services. To apply or learn more about this job, check out


Jim Rowe says:

Hey Justin! Do you still work for KellyConnect?

Roll20 Live says:

They want me to get a landline. Something I have almost no interest in. Can I use my cell phone? Would kelly services even have a way of knowing that I am using my cell phone? I have wifi calling so the connection is as solid as any landline throughout my home if that’s all they are worried about is connectivity.

Jodi Shillingford says:

Did you get health insurance through them ?

Christian Oliveras says:

I need schedule my interview, but they never have any time available. Why?

Jonathan Casillas says:

is this job opportunity available outside of the US?

LolaMcAwesome says:

Why would the application questions say I’m not qualified if I live in the state they are hiring for and have call center customer service experience. Always says “you don’t meet the minimal requirements” ? I can’t seem to figure out why 🙁

Alexsus Banks says:

Thanks for sharing because I trying to get a job through Kelly services with greencore.

Stephanie Ballard says:

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Charisse Simon says:

Can you work in CA? I have a residence in Texas too. Some states dont allow you to work from certain states.

Jasmyne Johnson says:

hey so i did my video interview yesterday and i was told that I would receive and email within 24 hours is that a good thing

JocelynLenee says:

Do I have to use the computer they provide or can I use my own as long as it meets the requirements?

Rajon Powell says:

Hi, Justin how long is the New Employee Orientation?

Travis Ridley says:

Are you not with Kelly any longer?

Justin Elliott says:

Hey everyone, this is Justin again. I just wanted to let you know I’ve lost a ton of weight since this video. Check it out.

tinkuya fernandes says:

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Lynn Berkeley says:

Anyone still working at Kelly? I’m currently waiting on the background check and I-9. I’m really looking forward to being apart of the company. However, through all of my excitement of being interviewed, I forgot to mention that I have 2 upcoming paid trips in May. One trip happens to be scheduled for the last week of the training dates that I was given. My question is, how can I get around that? Will the company be able to push my training date back? Could I complete 2 weeks and then complete the final week after my trip? Or Will I be let go?

PJ Martin says:

Hi! How long is training? Is training paid? Do they offer part time… different shifts?? oh…. you are talking some about that now… lol! Job postings: can you go up the ladder even if you are not IT experience?? I really like your video…VERY clear and informative! Thank YOU!!

Leah Anderson says:

Great video & information. What is the interview like? Im scheduled this week via Skype. What type of questions do they ask? Thank you!!

coloringmyuniverse says:

Hi, I was wondering how the interview and training process works with KellyConnect? Is it all done over the phone and computer or do they have offices set up for you to interview and work at until they feel like you are fit to work from home?

Rye Ryerson says:

hey justin. I start next monday with the at home program. ( tier 1 advisor). Can you give me some input maybe? Like any tricks of the trade?. How user friendly is the program ? i have so many questions because i want to do well at my job

Jack Hussan says:

For me the process is going like this. I applied online and the next day I received a email to set up a skype interview. I scheduled that interview for a day later, the guy I interviewed with called on time and asked me basic tech questions. Like how to download instagram, how to copy and paste text on your mac, tell me about your work experience. Once the interview was over he offered me a position and said I will receive registration paper work within 24 hours. I received the paper work within two hours and completed them right away. I then received a call the next day to complete my I-9 form, which was yesterday Friday. They told me they will send the rest of the I-9 paper work on Monday because they do not work on weekends and asked me to complete other paper work regarding pay and to find a agent and email the agent’s info. So far now I just have to complete my I-9 form on Monday with my agent and then all my paper work will be in. I think if you want to go through this process you need to follow directions and submit on time. Once you do that I believe you should be fine.

Jasmine Sylvester says:

Hi Justin thanks for the info. I’m actually going through the hiring process currently. I did the application and was contacted for a video interview it went well. Following the video interview I was contacted about my I9 which I also have completed quickly. Someone contacted me to let me know they have received all of my info and just verified a few things. I was told that I would be contacted further for the next step of the hiring process. After the I9 is completed what is the next step of the hiring process?

Brittany Taylor says:

To all African Americans seeking a job at Kelly connect, this job will give you false hope of obtaining a job. Once they have hired enough African Americans and met there quota they will then begin to tell their AA “potential” employees that have passed everything up until the interview that they will reach back out to you within 24-48 hrs. This leaves you with false hope of a potential position, but that is a mark off for “black person seeking work/no more, quota met”. This company amongst many companies have racial agendas and quotas. Trust me, a non AA person will not receive that 24-48 hr line if they did successful on the interview. KELLY CONNECT IS A RACIST COMPANY THAT ONLY HIRE ENOUGH BLACKS TO MEET THEIR RACIST QUOTA.

alyssa mcneil says:

Hi! I was wondering if there’s a lot of people that start with Kelly Services that eventually move to directly work for Apple?

EforEverlasting says:

I got denied twice. I’m gonna try again . I need all the prayers . I’m having a hard time getting a w@h job. I always wanted this experience.

Andrew Baker says:

I went through the application process and I’ll be starting training in about a week (woo hoo!). This video was very helpful in giving me some confidence in my decision and for that I thank you. However, I still have two questions.

1. I see you published this video 8 months ago (to the day actually…wow). Do you still work for KellyConnect? Why or why not.

2. What advice would you give to someone like myself who is quite literally starting from square one with KellyConnect?

Jackieisme says:

I applied online, I answered no to willing to get a home line, only because I have had an internet based phone through Comcast and it never worked. I wanted to reapply, but I wanted to know more about what equipment they actually send you & what services you actually need and why they would email me telling me because of my answers I was no considered for further interview. Can you please help me get the job with them? I also wanted to know if the hours I’m avail would work for their hours. Going to school for computer science so I really wanted to do tech support. what hours are they having you work? and everyone keeps asking me if they do background checks thanx!

Monique Jones says:

hey what is the shift schedule

Ashley Ferguson says:

Hello! Great video Justin! I had questions about the exam portion…Is the exam really hard to take and pass? How long does it take to complete the exam? What would the exam consist of? What is the passing score that is needed? I have been hired this week and will be starting training the first of January. Also, do we get paid the whole hourly rate once in training or is it another rate while in training and will I still be paid on weekly basis even in training? Thanks for your response in advance!

Stephanie Leake says:

I have been invited to schedule myself for an interview, but when I go to the website that they e-mailed me, it always says that there are no appointments available. How long did it take you to schedule for an interview? Thanks!

10176azaria says:

Hey ! The lady told me I would receive an email within 24hrs does that mean I got the job? Or no

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