My Experience Working at Amazon || Week 1

My experience working as an Amazon Fulfillment Associate (warehouse) and things you should know before starting.
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marcellus Barksdale says:

How many days a week did u work?

nova ayala says:

Your video was very helpful cause I start tomorrow and I needed to know what I’m getting into.. But in all I just trying to get paid….

Joi Campbell says:

Can’t listen to music!

elena gee says:

What’s a sortation associate ?what do they do?

Janet Cawthon says:

Sounds like you all are just stand ins till robots are built. Don’t mean to offend by saying, but u watch, as they build robots one by one jobs at Amazon will fade

Adianez Delgado says:

My experience is very bad. Because in my second day the personal training is very rude. No good organitation. And pretend in one day memorize information and later the take the quizz. You no pass fire. The other point you no passed quiz and no too much english is the razon fired. Necause the person understand you no understand the work. The other associate intend traduction the words because my language is spanish. The one person very high voice no spanish english in the place english. Is discrimination . Is very bad situation. Is imposible evaluted because you no pass and the excuse for fired and no oportunity learning the work. Only excuse for fire the person. My cause stress, is embaressed for me and frustrace. The situation is in New Jersey. The my friend work in amazon and no speak nothing english.

Krystal & Josh says:

the one i will be working at have bathroom in the breakroom and we have 4 breakrooms

Jacob Martinez says:

I work in the sort center. I like it so far. I like working in AMZL where you stow boxes in bins . I hate building a container (putting boxes on pallets) im claustrophobic so hate always saying excuse me or watching out for water spiders lol. I also do not like having no music !

Bambeakz says:

People are not made for this shit. 10 hours a day ..damn. Are you still working there?

Treatmenice says:

Tracking your movements is micro managing man.

Justin Truax says:

You just walk in and say I wanna work? Lol wtf

Kendra Kalish says:

I think it depends on the facility you work at. Ive been @ amazon 4 over 2yrs. The 1st few weeks are the worst.

MIFNP says:

10 miles a day?? OMG. Who works at these fulfillment centers?

Jacob Martinez says:

Go outside to use restrooms wtf lol

Man of the hour says:

Don’t be a soy boy

John Snow says:

I’ve been at Amazon for 2 weeks now. First week was a little rough on the legs, being a picker you walk around 10 miles a day. Once you’re legs get acclimated though it’s pretty easy. Definitely a younger work environment. Lots of people in their 20’s which, being a single guy, I’m loving; lots of cuties =) also it seems like they promote from within relatively quickly.


I just did the drug test and applied. Maybe they will notify me in 1-2weeks? I’m nervous and not so nervous at the same time because I don’t know what I’m going to do, and I’ll make sure I won’t fail. I’ll be a full-time warehouse associate.

cie jhae says:

Now you’ll get your benefits from the very first day of your work.. Which is great!.. I’m excited to work at Amazon.. I already have may schedule.. 10 hrs a day and 4 days a week.. Full time FC associate ^_^

Jordan Geier says:

There are people that don’t have common sense. That is why they have the simple training program. No I don’t work for this company. But I do work for a retail company. And they have CBLs where I work. And one of these CBLs tells you what you should where in the different seasons of the year. And the 1st time I took this CBL I was thinking why do I need this. I already know this. But after working there for almost 5 years now I come to know why they teach that. It is because I have seen customers walk into the store wearing shorts, t-shirts, and sandals and it is frozen outside. I am a door greeter.

Mikael Hansson says:

Jeff Bezos should know that if you are looking after your employee’s well, they are going to be proud, happy and they are going to take care of their customers. But this doesn’t seem to be practice, instead as an employee’s your just a number, an easily replaceable number. This creates a poor work morale and people get this bad attitude where they just show up, make their money and goes home.

Treatmenice says:

WOW! They give you water bottles and allow you to fill the bottles with water? You got it made dude!

Karin Maaka says:

A lot of people who say Amazon is good are people who were there for like 1 month lmao
All the people who have been there for a few years knows how shit it is, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a tier 1 say it was good if they were stuck doing it for that long. Only people who say it’s good get promoted really quickly to upper tiers.

Mohamed Adan says:

I’m currently working for Amazon (I’m 18 btw) let you tell you this….ITS TERRIBLE!

Your on your feet allll day, I do 6hrs straight with no breaks, I have blisters on my feet!! the other employees barely speak English, the supervisors are probably the rudest, most disrespectful and they’re just overall PURE dicks! I honestly drag myself to work everyday lol

Unless your someone coming from overseas and looking for a quick money….I HIGHLY recommend you don’t do this job XD the job is straight forward but it’s not the greatest thing in the world 🙁

Wayne Bishop says:

1 week ? i call bs – you cant cross train from Stow to ICQA in one week

ThunderHorse 555 says:

Holy shit, this sounds like my dream job!!!! Easy, alone, quiet, 30min lunch, free water bottle with free water, don’t have to deal with other people’s shit or the normal workplace drama, stand in one spot for 10 hours, kinda do your own thing and you’re telling me you still get paid?!?! Freaking sign me up!!! I’ll even go buy my own $5.00 knee pads. Could have saved 30k going to school. Just gotta find that sugarmomma now;)

Catspaw says:

Are you serious they don’t have bathrooms?

poop says:

do you have a perma smile? you look like you’re borderline going to burst into giggles. its adorable.

Free culture says:

Will never work for a multinational behemoths.

facec y14 says:

Are you serious ? Sounds eerily close to a labor camp to me. It’s obvious that everyone’s job will be replaced by robots REALLY soon. (As well as) Can you say… minions ? Wow.

Name says:

GamingTaylor. Strange that amazon does exclude people with a criminal background. I bet if amazon hired people with criminal background, amazon could already have the power to push them to work faster and the ex-con would then have to work like slaves because there would be many of them that made a deal in prison which was get a job or go back to prison.

So yeah! Amazon accepts everyone is at least 18 years old and have no criminal background. Therefore, 0:29, you forgot to say Amazon excludes ex-cons.

AmericanPatriot 1776 says:

Please stop saying “like”. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy Bowers says:

Basically? Basically they work on your youth! Basically you become a robot! They will have a performance-data-print-out on you. You will be scrutinized. Good luck, God bless & wise up!

Kayode Molen says:

What’s the lowest amazon pays an hour?

nessie lewis says:

I applied because I’m too antisocial for regular jobs so I would love it

sammyd19801 says:

UPS package handler of the late 90s

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