My Experience Working At Gamestop NIGHTMARE | 2018 Edition

This is a video explaining my experience working at Gamestop in 2017 and to be honest it was a pretty bad working experience! I wish I could say that my gamestop experience was the best of my life but working at gamestop was a nightmare at times.

I want to be very clear, my main store manager was not a part of the problems in the least bit, they were other problems that made working at gamestop unpleasant. That doesnt mean everyone will have the same experience and I know people that love working at the company, this is just my 2017 gamestop employee story.


Brandy Irie says:

Informative and so fun to watch <3 ThanX

Concept says:

So some guy who looks like the Hulk comes storming in threatening to cut your head off because you didnt sell GTA 5 to a 13 year old?

Ill take shit that never happened for 800, Alex. Youre so full of shit I’m about to send you money for an enema. Anything for content or to hit that 10 minute mark huh?

I hate Gamestop as much as the next person, but damn quit making up random stories especially when you already made a long ass video on the same shit before.

Darian H says:

People to this day still tell me I’m a great salesperson. I tell them it’s because I used to work in sales. I was an assistant store leader, so I worked my way up by being good at selling all that garbage. It was never enough. I STILL got in trouble for things. I still got ragged on.

And I got out.

Joshua Riddle says:

Hey m8 what part of Florida? Just a curious native

Senior Batman says:

I was in a Gamestop one time and this girl just had the look of horror across her face, while talking to me about the card. I signed up, she looked like she was being held hostage.

Mathew Kanapilly says:

I think if GameStop gets into the digital video game market and starts selling pc games I think they could turn things around pretty darn quick

XxRockDudexX says:

so, today I went to eb games (the same thing as GameStop just renamed in Canada) and i bought a cable and they were pushing me so hard to get a cable warranty

Voremage says:

The way I found to don’t sell GTA V to kids.
“Yeah you see this bald character on the cover he is called Trevor and the first scene you see him is… a sodomy scene.”
Parents going like “whaaaaAAAAATT???”

Roel Lopez says:

This is why we need robots to do these kinda jobs

MAVER1K 217 says:

Yesterday, I brought in my ps4. There was an error code and it basically couldnt connect to the internet. They ended up charging me to refurbish the system. Even though it was defected and NOT my fault. That’s the LAST time I go to gamestop. Next time? Best buy.

Arvin Shahrokhnia says:

thats how mafia works

Marcus Onisor says:

whats so good in getting a used copy of the game?

Jennifer K says:

I bet the guy that said you broke the disk tray was a ghetto ass black dude BET!!!

iAmDaos says:

this sounds like retail in general, not specifically gamestop. unsatisfied and angry customers, management kissing their asses and not sticking out for employees who are just treated as slaves. retail just sucks ass as an employee.

Mikey Kelly says:

I’m from New Zealand and i don’t know much about Gamestop only that it is similar to EBGames do you think EBGames would be any better to work for than Gamestop?

PhillyDj Hook says:

I don’t have the fighting ability. Lol that was funny af. Bro I’ll teach you how to fight? Size don’t matter.

Gustav Thorselius says:

Gamestop in sweden is Great btw

kylelupisbowley says:

So I don’t know what GameStop you worked for but as a current employee of a GameStop your store/manager we’re awful. That is not how things work at most stores lol. Sorry you had to go through that stuff.

Brendon Kennedy says:

this isnt just retail. or game stop. this is basically any technician job I’ve ever had. Doesn’t matter if you’re right..wrong…you’re always at fault.

Anthony Rojas says:

Gamestop sold me a game which was either rated R or M, can’t remember, when I was 13. They also always gave me like a $5 Discount card. They never pulled the upselling stick on me they wouldn’t push it, they’d just offer politely near the end.

Pyroman / says:

Sounds like gamestop is turning into a quicklube oil change place where you go for a oilchange and they try to sell you 20 different services

LibertyofFate says:

Feels good to live in germany, where something like gamestop is no competition to Saturn or Mediamarkt, were you get SINCERE opinions and the managers encourage their employees or even better, talk back to toxic customers themselves.. But what you told in your videos sounds like the biggest bullshit ever done by a company…

shearon stenson says:

I have a power up rewards but it expired I plan on renewing it in a few months or years lol

lazarus30001 says:

I’m glad you had the integrity to see the evil in Gamestop.

Marcus Onisor says:

whats so good in getting a used copy of the game?

Mr. ScrubDubInTheTub says:

Hopefully GameStop will go out of business soon

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