My Full Time Computer Programmer Salary History (Software Developer Pay)

In this video I share my story of how much I got paid as a computer programmer straight out of university in addition to my salary and employment history as time went on.

If you’ve ever wondering about how much an app developer makes or the salary of a computer science grad then I hope you enjoy this video.

I live in Toronto, Canada so these salary numbers have to be taken into context with average cost of living and salaries for software engineers in this city.

I’ve worked C#, .NET, WPF, MS Surface, Silverlight, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Adobe Flex, Windows Phone 7 and finally iOS.

It’s been quite a journey and in the process, I’ve quit 3 times to try to start my own business. At some points, I was making about $18,000 a year while on my own.

Key takeaways:
– Know what you’re worth by keeping a pulse on the current job market
– Don’t give up on your dreams and understand that you might get there in a way you didn’t expect


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Randolf Ledesma says:

you dont want to reveal the name of the Consulting Company but if you go to Linkedin, it says “Infusion Development”, that’s the name of the company.


Hi chris … Your experiences were really i wanna ask u abt which university is best to continue my software engineering as a bachelor’s degree.. as i am a international student ..from india.. and i want to study abroad

Salomon Lompo says:

please get to the point

TheMuddman74 says:

Consulting companies consult. You are talking about a “consulting company” which is a very broad term yet you were actually describing a company that consults in a very specific area…the software development area. But at the same time you described the company as basically a software developer? I got all hung up on those couple of sentences and didn’t care anymore. The term consultants is also used way to loosely in small business naming. I know of several “consultants/consulting firms” that absolutely do not do any form of consulting. These things all bother me. You seem like a nice guy though so I don’t hold it against ya. Peace

Iran Tv s says:


Can I get job with associate degree in this Business ?

Akshay Warghade says:

Your education???

sivan ferna says:

I remember the surface, I thought I would be used in meetings and classrooms

Uzumaki Naruto says:

$175 AN HOUR!!!!! COUNT ME IN!!!!

Muhammad Najam Sheraz says:

i m from pakistan doing my 6 semester i know c++,python networking , i want an online have some experience.

Krispy says:

YouTube’s new algorithm is annoying as shit. They push that videos are 10 min. So now you have 3 min of information and the remaining 7 min is just filler.

Justin Parker says:

News station use the surface

shreyas s says:

He is talking about everything other than salary

hooper says:

I just stumbled across your channel, and I have already watched 10 vids! I love the channel, man. Keep up the great work!

theuser1045 says:

Lmao this industry is becoming so saturated. If you don’t graduate from a top tier school or code the cure for cancer you aren’t getting a high paying job. That’s just it. It’s not worth going to school for anymore unless you get into Ivy League or similar. Good luck to all you fresh college grads out there. If you went to a poor ranked school you might as well go into serving food.

Michael Cook says:

Thanks for making these videos. I have a question. I already have an honours degree in the social sciences. I want to become a programmer, and I have been teaching myself starting with Python and getting some rapid success and really loving it. I was thinking of taking a 3 year Advanced Diploma program in Computer Programming from a college rather than going back to university for another degree. It’s cheaper and it seems you get a good education. Do you think this is an advisable move?

Maurice Williams says:

I don’t know why I keep dropping out of college. I could of had a four year degree by now. I’m on my way headed back to college. Tomorrow I am going up to the college to register again. I have to pay them $103.00 to start again, because I dropped out.

SubaruWrx G says:

You talked more about ur history on projects more than anything else.

Naval Jassi says:

Can you please suggest me IOS developer entry-level salary expectation range in Toronto.

nosirindeed says:

You look really young, not implying you’re old but you’re older than what I initially thought.

Rifat Hossain says:

58k a mounth ??? Plz ans?

That Guy Hill says:

I want to launch my own consulting business. Currently, Im in my junior year of college as a Computer Science major. Do you have any pointers?

Mephisto Man says:

Uk is crap for wages I was earning more 2001 than i do today in 2018?? basically doing the same IT work be wary when contracting the Recruitment agencies will say oh client can only offer say £20/hr when infact the recruitment company has secured £40-50 from the client and pays you. Also i see various jobs 23k and they want SQL dba C++ Cloud PhP Infrastructure more and more yet only pay crap money its a joke. I strongly advise anyone who wants to get into it and have good skills head for US/AUS/SAUDI these are paying the best your wasting you time here in the uk.

Kevin B says:

$58K??? You should have asked for at least $70K for someone with a BS in Computer Science!!

Nick Lebron says:

I was going to subscribe for your channel but shocked from this video and I’m actually not kind of patient person to take the idea from 2 parts video.

Nayef Alharbi says:

Is that a monthly salary?

Lucas Henry says:

Any books that you would recommend for someone just getting into Computer Programming. Thank you.

함종연 says:

How many hours do you work in a day?
Do you even work on weekends?

atila correia says:

Thanks to you and other clueless junior programmers for bringing down the entry salary of our profession.

Haider ALI says:

I really liked your video and I appreciate it, please I will be very thankful if you share your side business stories during your studies because I’m going to start my career in the same field. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Tay's 05 STi says:

What is your degree in?

wenhao dong says:

i made $7000 per month as an intern in silicon valley. your starting salary sounds a little underpaid.

Cesar Omiste says:

What coincidence , we have one of the Microsoft Surface tables in the lounge on the second floor of my building I work in.

Techno Gaming, Tutorials and More!! says:


Maurice Williams says:

It’s all about computers.

ZoSo221 says:

my first true non-internship related job last decade in the US southeast was around 40,000.

Reivivus says:

I feel like I shouldn’t be a financial programmer because I always find myself in infinite loops.

Family Fun Time says:

hi Chris, thx for the videos, I’m just watching them one by one and liking them, I was wondering if you can tell me to write a program like Kijiji what would be necessary

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