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Probably one of my most requested videos ever 🙂 I really hope this inspired you! Let me know your thoughts about recruitment agencies, job boards and what your dream job is below.

x Sandy


Sophia Nouri says:

#SandyMakesSense @SandyMakesSense I´ve got a question. Could you name alternative in-house companies similar to what you work in? So I can try to aim at the same kind of in-house and not at an agency… Wish I´ve seen the video earlier..

Andrea Gallo says:

I’ve seen the HAWLEY ARMS thingy! I work in Camden and I LOVE CAMDEN!!

Juila Hart says:

Vicki Lawrence TRS Personnel I really liked this video! I agree LinkedIn is very helpful. Watch more here: #VickiLawrenceTRSPersonnel

b axis says:

Sandy, is it easy or difficult to achieve a job in uk

Olena Kompaniiets says:

Hi, thanks for video. Im also an IT recruiter in recruitment agency 🙂 And yes, its not for all)

Dayana says:

Guten Tag Sandy. Do you know if there are custom advice needed ?

Robert D says:

I honestly just don’t understand how someone who has never been employed by a particular company can confidently say oh I have the right employee for you! It’s like having a doctor whos never been a doctor before take care of your health lol. Recruiting basically makes no sense.

Lemuel Yosheb Bethsebeth says:

Within the first 60 seconds she contradicted herself.
“working in a company and an agency, works exactly the same, it’s all the same”
“I am working in a company directly which is different working in a agency”
That Sandy makes no sense.

Nspire Recruitment says:

Thanks for telling the audience the role of recruiter working in a company.

Nathan Brews says:

Hi I’m trying to connect with you on linked in what name do you use

claahw says:

I have a question. How can you tell when someone is a perfect fit for a position? Is it the way he/she handles his/herself during interviews? The qualifications and credentials? Do personal qualities play so much role (if yes, how can you judge someone’s personality when you only met him/her through interviews?)?

Klaudia Borysiak says:

I understand recruitment well but am not able to find an entry role as I don’t have the experience. I don’t even get responses to my applications. I live in a town where job opportunities are scarce and can’t afford to move to a bigger plan to do a free internship or work experience. Is there any way out of this?

Sunil Dabhani says:

nice video its very helpful as i’m having interview today in a agency ……………from indIa

Lambeth Gucci says:

do a video on the salary and how recruiters get paid please

Anna Aying says:

Hello Sandy. I am also a recruitment officer here in the Philippines and I so wanted to work abroad. This is the first video of yours and cant stop myself to admire you!!!!!!!!

Gaurav Sharma says:

I agree with you. You are amazing !!

lovegadgets says:

Ur soo hot

BHUTAN TobS says:

hi, i got one recruiter online.. and i talked with him as well, and skype too..he has his own wesite too.. but he asking me to pay first to become his clients..i have doubt wheather he is fraud or it okay if i pay on his account?

indranil parmar says:

I am looking for job as a recruiter in recruitment company…. I like to talk with people. Face new tasks on regular basis.

Todd Boothbee says:

Funny how asymmetry of power works: company pays recruiter out of hired employee’s paycheck, though, presumably, company needed that employee. The underlying model is that the employee needs the company more than the company needs him/her. If you’re hired, you’re not receiving a favor or bestowed a bit of charity. Employee is the resource.

Vivek Sharma says:

Great! We’ve designed a revolutionary hiring tool which will help you save time by identifying Talent Fit and cultural fit quickly. The tool is eHarmony for recruiting and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and people analytics in a cool, fun software made for recruiters. We would love to walk you through a 20 min demo with HumanTelligence™. For a limited time, we are giving 1-month FREE TRIAL if you book a demo session with us this month –

Michael Clough says:

I just quit my Recruitment job after 2 years. I hated it!!!

Lucas Neto says:

Hey Sandy, thanks for sharing this video and your work experience with us.
Tomorrow, I’ve got a job interview for a Junior HR position. Would you give me some more tips to be successful on my interview?:) Danke dir!

ravi teja says:

Hi Sandy! I am currently working Agency recruiter. Nice video
pl make more videos (recruiter)..

Adville747 says:

I like this girl.

Zazou says:

Hi Sandy ! I just got hired as a recruiter at the City of London !

Flowerrose121 says:

You keep saying “My company” but sweetie….you are literally a tiny weeny little irrelevant mosquito, ant – being paid peanuts to do a set of tasks….lol…it is not ‘your company’… are just a nobody. The Directors/Investors are the REAL people who can speak like that…. no offence but you are very measly and replaceable…dont delude yourself…..the business is NOT yours…its someone else’s……

justjames1111 says:

I’ve recently spoken with an Australian friend who had to go through UK agencies to get work, and sadly he said his experience with numerous agencies was not good. His question ‘is it a women’s club’, because about 90% of the people he met in agencies were young women?’ was a good question because my experience was very similar.
In addition, this young woman says that she does a telephone interview and ‘if she likes the candidate she’ll put them forward to the employer’ is so arrogant (yet she seems to have absolutely no idea of this) and is the reason many employees and employers don’t like agencies, and consider them to be parasites, living off the backs of other people.
I personally have gotten totally fed up of listening to the lies and bullshit coming out of their immaculately made up mouths.

Ade Ola says:

+SandyMakesSense Hi sandy i’m my last year of (UK)university and I’m not sure i’m going to do particularly well. Is it possible to get a decent job with my A levels? I got a B in politics a C in Law and an E in history. Thanks

Izzy Ikeda says:

I’m working as a recruiter as well and I totally agree with you! Yes, It’s going to be a nightmare working as recruiter if you don’t like people!haha I’ve never worked for a recruiting company either but I prefer in house recruiter too because we know what it’s like to working for a recruiting company. So true it’s more like sales. In my case, I work in Japan and we hire many new graduates so I visit lots of universities.

winter july says:

What kind of company you work at

Lauren Berger says:

I really liked this video! I agree LinkedIN is very helpful. That is how we find students for internships. 🙂

boss foss says:

Just got the opportunity to work as a recruiter. Very excited to start! Thanks for the motivation!

David Prabhakaran says:

Hi Sandy thanks for the video I really appreciate your time in helping Other people. Firstly you are very smart. Coming to my story I came to London to do my MBA because of finacial problem I was not able to do it from a popular university like LBS OR LSE I got my MBA FROM UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND. I am looking for a job in Business enviroment. Would you please advice

Name : David
Email :
Facebook : David Rajan

Ayina Sareen says:

HI Sandy I want to get into Recruitment but on every they are asking for at least one year experience.

TheAgileHustle says:

Very informative

john a says:

I’d like to see recruitment agencies pay a penalty to candidates who sign up with them if they to not find suitable work for them within a given period. They’re obviously making enough or they wouldn’t be doing it. The penalty can go to the candidate OR Government.

Arcyamen says:

Any recruiter looking for a Design Manager/ Coordinator for a Tier 1 contractor in LDN, Feel free to reply on this comment.

Boss3n says:

In my country the recruitment business is in dire need of smart people.

BHUTAN TobS says:

hi sandy do you recruit jobseekers from Asia ?

brittany wei says:

I want to be a recruiter in an agency

Nspire Recruitment says:

Setting career goals is a powerful technique that can maximize your opportunities, results and performance. You can increase performance, improve motivation & confidence, concentrate on what is important to you and be more satisfied with your job. Contact to get best advice from experts.

Mohammed A. Raqeeb says:

Thanks, that’s really interesting.

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