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Spokenfan says:

Thanks for all your hard work researching jobs for us, we really appreciate it. Just wanted to let you know that 6 ads during first 6 minutes and you can only skip one of them.

Miss desire Independance says:

is bankrollbucks site working?

Nanda Kishore says:

hello Alisha I live in india and and watch your videos always and been trying to get an online job, but nothing has workedout. i tried but the site doesnt open; can you refer any sites;

SkywardKing says:

I would love to apply, but I’m just a skeptic lol. How do you find out that these jobs are legit?

Charli Jo Dunderman says:

I’ve applied to numerous work at home positions and have been accepted until they run a computer test. My upload speed is .70 and my internet provider does not go above 1 upload speed. Is there anyone who doesn’t request this? I’m really needing a job like asap. Preferably non phone. Tia.

Tancy Milligan says:

can you do a video on rebate phone apps and coupon apps like checkout 51.

dadrian morgan says:

these videos are getting better and better. looking cute too young lady.

Artur says:

so what is that site that pay you with 10-20 $ per hour??

Involution Tv says:

In the previous video i asked you to insist a wah job that pays a good amount of money hope to see a video on a single job for students that earns some good amounts in a day

Daquan Mcphail says:


Bucks Love Gaming says:

i didnot got invation reward when i invited someone from email on paidviewer .i send u a email also but u didnot replyed ..PLease Reply

Carolyn H says: is not working

Entrepreneur Life says:

Is there a certain code or anything you have to use for Feature Points?

Celia Gearin says:

Thanks for the info!!

Nanda Kishore says:

Hello Alisha the link that you sent for bankrollbucks also did’nt work

Ava Saunders says:

I know that you may have told us before but what are the best jobs for working overseas, pays weekly, can be done on a laptop or tablet and pays a decent hourly wage?

MagadelcaosRlz says:

Unfortunately Bankrollbucks is not open for the Dominican Republic

Sheena Wallace says:

I’m interest in the travel business , is a a lengthy assement ?

Carolyn H says:

This page can’t be found

No webpage was found for the web address:
Go to
Search Google for bankrollbucks members register

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