Non phone job paying $25 per hour + $15 per hour helping the blind and more
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Barbara West says:

Hello I applied to Aira Agent position the pay is $15 per hour but what they are looking for is someone that has a lot of experience with google maps have worked with the blind or vision imparted before if you have make sure you put that skill on your resume. I did receive a response back from them they said my resume was very impressive but I did not have any experience with working with the blind I was denied to go further with the application process. I have a friend that has a master degree in social and family counseling they told her the same thing. Hope this helps someone.

joyfruit21 says:

A lot of these jobs that I have tried to apply to, California does not qualify to work from home.

Ahmanawah Akhwath says:

Thank you for all the info….you have helped us all alot in more ways words can express…keep up the good work!!!!

John Duckett says:


Julian juleZ says:

Timebucks is a waste of time TIME is MONEY

Sylvia SYLVIA says:

Good Morning and thank you Alicia!!! People please remember that ALL jobs are not for everyone and some may have more detailed information as to what they are looking for in applicants…but I am sure with all the listings that Alicia post …at least one would be suitable for you. It is amazing actually that Alicia is able to post REAL job opportunities–with so many scams on the internet. Thanks again Alicia for all your work and persistence in trying to help people for whatever reason NEED to work from home. I take care of a parent and left an excellent career in the legal field. I am currently enrolled in a digital marketing program online to get into that field…but in the mean time I am also seeking ‘extra’ work to help myself. I am a single person without children….the holidays are right around the corner…so I am always on the look out for extra work from home period. Have a good day everyone! Again, thank you Alicia.

mexifro28 says:

What about my city?

Jenifer Sabb says:

Your posts are truly helpful. Thanks, Alicia.

sculptrz says:

Thanks, Alicia!

Nykia McNeill says:

Hey Alicia, I currently work for Uhaul center sales rep, as far as IM we use that to get help if needed, and for the Aria position I applied to that company, you don’t have to live in CA..After you submit your resume it takes about 2 weeks to hear back and if you’re approved then you take the test,l..After you take the test you’ll receive a message letting you know that they will contact you within 30-40 days

ثقافة ترفيه إبداع says:


Michelle Davenport says:

Can you put a link down for work at home jobs using your phone

Gel Diaz says:

too bad can’t work from philippines. usually US n canada only

Jamari Sprueil says:

Thanks for all you do and congrats on 100k subs. You deserve it!

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