NON PHONE Work At Home JOBS For Introverts. Entry Level.

Work At Home or Online Jobs that do not require you to be on the phone.

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1. Data Entry:
Amazon Turk
Click Worker
Micro Worker
One Space
More Data Entry Jobs

2. Moderation Jobs
Crisp Thinking
Live World

3. Search Engine Evaluator

4. Writing Jobs
Content Divas
Crowd Content
More writing jobs

5. Review Calls

6. Chat Jobs
The Chat Shop
More Chat Jobs

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Calli Harden says:

When applying for one of these wonderful jobs and they ask fo a writing sample. What exactly are they looking for?

Richard Almogabar says:

Great info, I always enjoy your videos. You are beautiful, keep up the good work.

Harry McRae says:

Thank you for all of your helpful videos. People like you are so important to those who look for valuable information.

happybadgirl45 says:

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate what you do for all of us!! 🙂

Daisalyn Neely says:

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Feroz Khan says:

Melecia madam can you please help me to get a online job where i can earn my first income easily. I have been looking for jobs since last 3 months and haven’t got it yet . Please help me out I would be very Thankful.

Sure Thing says:

this is yt, people say whatever 2 get views, be wise

Marcus Allen says:

Laughing so hard at you addressing the “spirits in your house” comment!! I read that and went back in the other video to see and I realized it was lights. Haaaaaaa! Hilarious

Deyana Walker says:

Melecia what is your opinion on MCA as earning income. I’m hearing a lot of contradicting statements, that it’s a scam and others saying that it works. Could you help me sort through the noise? I’ve done some research but keep running into the same problem.

Amy Miller says:

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Raheem Charles says:

Hi I live in the Caribbean can u give me some work from jobs I can apply for don’t matter how much they pay

Riley Perrin says:

The info for the micro jobs doesn’t show up.

Britney Henderson says:

Lol spirits

Evangela Childs says:

Have you tried this…i was told it was easy?

Sunny T. says:

Amazon MTurk, have you worked for them? If so, what’s the starting pay rate? I have expertise in data entry from my previous employers.

Tyme Crumble says:

Thank you so much, you don’t understand how helpful this video as well as easy access of links that are even categorized by job type. Work and school at home is such a blessing and so are people like you. Much love chica❣️❣️❣️

Vanessa Morales says:

hey! has anyone had trouble with the humantic website? i have tried several times to apply but it is like the page will not scroll down. any tips ?

Bombshell nailS says:

Interesting information. Tfs❣

diana busolo says:

What’s the name of the writing site it’s called blog what??

Vinton Bonner says:

Like thumbs-up number 2,000! Whoo-hoo!

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Ranell Roy says:

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