One Year of Driving for Uber/Lyft Review

I have been driving for Lyft and Uber for just over a year now and wanted to share my thoughts on the two rideshare companies.

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Spinnersig says:

Do u need the newest car or…

Mad Boy says:

Nice Sons of Anarchy shirt

Deann Brewer says:

Go To The google search And Type: *Couponsecrx* It is literally the purely working Uber promo codes working from this month. Don’t waste your free time in other methods

Ranesha Brown says:

what are good snacks and drinks to have for your passengers?

tony slaughter says:

Uner tracks you when you’re not even logged in! Goodbye Uber, hello Lyft!

Fender Guitars says:

Even if you make tips, after gas, deprsh, etc, actually paid Uber to drive for them ,.. AND PAID THEM A LOT TOO

Joseph Baumann says:

I have thought about driving for Uber to supplement my income. My job has been very slow. I work from home so this could be a good for me. Seems you like Lyft better.

Brittnie Belcher says:

I would NEVER pay to be in a driverless car OMG

douglas clarkson says:

music sucks,

Eabbat A says:

Great video, but honestly think about the driver less car, really, in this day and age, with all the traffic it will never work, you can not put a driver less car in traffic with drivers that are unpredictable. The cars would have to be on some kind of rail or something which will not happen in this century. Just my opinion

tejash patel says:

I have a friend who drives for lyft, and he actually showed me his account and how much he makes a week, he makes around 1200 to 1500 a week, and sometimes he even shuts it down.

Abraham Michu says:

You are not your own boss man
All your riders are your Boss man

toontownlegomaster says:

Yeah that’s crazy they’re investing all this money on driverless cars and using that money from everyone who supports drivers. They really don’t care about the drivers. They’re just using you for self driving cars.


You have to Drive 10 hours just to get 50 to 60 bucks fuck that
then you ruin your car as well

Nasir Opal says:

Uber is like slavery job and uber man greed going up and up. I don’t suggest anybody to drive with uber

Fender Guitars says:

Congratulations ,… you just drove a year for about 4 dollars an hour ,…

mohammad Al-shammary says:

Uber tips:
1. these bitches are not in your car for your great looks
2.No one is your friend, pal or buddy , try taking a wrong turn and see how they change on you.
3. dont do favours or good deeds, Did they ask for a favour at the Apple store for their iphone.
4 drive from A to B safely .

nash7117 says:

I heat Uber very suck anoying add every YouTube channel

Yongmin Huh says:

Great attitude! I hope you succeed in life.

Joe says:

I don’t see a “sign on bonus” for uber. They are saying that if you don’t earn at least 475 for your first 75 rides, they will pay the “difference”. This is not a bonus. Lyft does have one. How do you get a “sign on bonus” with Uber??

Arneda C says:

Wish you all the Best in your career.

Raymund Flowe says:

Nobody cares about a sign on bonus give us the cold hard facts.

Ranesha Brown says:

what about music

Miguel Glover says:

Hey Kon! I enjoy your videos and advice. They hit the spot! Keep’m coming. I’m an aspiring video influencer, actor and Rideshare driver myself. I appreciate your work. Thanks

Zia Rehman says:

Driving for Uber is Stupid

shekil rose says:

I don’t like Lyft makes you take a 6 hour rest beak

Ranesha Brown says:

how do you keep both apps on

Ryan Biscoglia says:

Very unbiased feedback. Thank you! Are you Turkish?

MrJohnnyDistortion says:

How much $ do you average per hour gross and how much of it do you keep? What are the tips like?

T1ger8oi says:

Just started Uber. Drove 5 trips already and it has proven that people just like the ease of payment. Meaning they wont waste time digging for tip money. Just hop in and relax, then hop out. I’m guessing the tips you’ll get from lyft will add up pretty well since it’s simple and fast.

Gregory Heath says:

You are smart not to drive the nuts after 2am. I had one bad ride in the past year. Glad it ended well. Great video.

mharper94 says:

I have to ask, will Uber or Lyft let me use my 1999 Saturn SL-2 for the jobs? It’s a used car but it drives really well and is great on gas

SweetNothings4You says:

What song is in the background?!?!?! #sogood

Kim Drummond says:

About flirtations —- not only does someone think you’re a creep, but they know you know where they live. don’t go there.

Fonso Gaming says:

This is dope, thanks for making this. im trying to move in LA to do uber and Lyft. Any other advice?

Daniel Sonn says:

dude dont use bait click, review what its like to work for uber. Not your failed acting career and networking.

solid snake says:

After wearing off your and too many oil changes you will be making less than the minimum wage and pay self employed tax good luck applicats

Lim Jahey says:

Uber Drugs lol

Josue Perez says:

I drive for Uber and I am currently signing up for lyft, would you recommend me to tell them I drive for Uber as well?

Angie's Doing It says:

It’s because they watch the Lyft commercial. It is so nice.

Ali Çetin says:

Bro if you meet with drug dealer again just call lyft or Uber they will deactivate his or her account … Don’t let bad people abuse you .

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