Should I Learn Java or Python?

Which computer programming system is better? Which one will help me get the best employment and jobs? Is one programming language more useful than the other?

I want to learn programming to be able to get a decent job. Should I learn Java or Python?

If you already know C++, Java is easy to learn. And if you know Java, you’ll be able to pick up C++ and C# easily, which is used to write many mainframe applications.

I don’t know C in any form.

Java is easy to understand. And Java has plenty of documentation and online forums to handle any question you may have.

Is Java easier to learn?

Python is often considered easier to learn from a coding perspective, but it is easier to understand the logic of someone else’s Java code.

Why is that?

Java requires you to define variables up front, so later programmers know exactly what each variable represents. Python uses dynamic typing, allowing you to change variables, and even its variable type.

What is the market for Java programmers relative to Python programmers?

Java is used in far more applications than Python. Java is the standard language for Android apps.

I’ve heard of both languages being used in programming or building applications.

If someone has already written an application in C, Python can be used to build an interface. You can even invoke legacy C code from within Python.

What is used more often for writing new software applications?

Python is not as complex as Java. You can typically build new software applications more quickly in Python than you can in Java.

Why is that?

Python is good for rapid software development. Python applications are 20% to 30% of the length of a comparable Java application, so the code even runs faster.

It sounds like I should learn Python.

Java and Python are not mutually exclusive. JPype lets Python programs access to Java class libraries. Jython is a form of the Python programming language that is written in Java.

Could I just learn both?

Absolutely. Then you’ll have twice as many opportunities than if you put yourself in a niche.


Emanoel Nascimento says:

I’m already learning Java and want to have Python as my next. Why am I even watching this?

Aritro Saha says:

C Hash or C Sharp is the question…

eshita gupta says:

difference between apps and software?

David Masabo says:

if you’re new to programming, definitely try python or ruby first, but python is first choice as u actually understand the code, and what it looks like is you are writing something in English,here’s an example:

python :
print (‘hello’)
output >>> hello

#include < >
using std namespace {
cout <<'hello' } output: hello yeah, you can see how much easier python is

saurav patar says:

Lean Both Language…hahaha

Allan Erissat says:

You got me on the “‘I can do both” part….I’m gonna do just that.

Nathan Jacob says:


bad habit says:

Lol comparison

Aditya Pallewar says:

why he does not have his legs and neck :p

mad cobra says:

java is easy to understand

*looks at the 1600 page java book in front of him and kills himself*

Liyuan Wang says:

Lol he didn’t say thank you, he just walked away!

timeWaster76 says:

Wrong question…. learn ANSI c and you will have what you need to code in both. Other wise ask yourself how many languages should I learn? They all start with c.

Awab Qureshi says:

How to know that you should click off a tutorial: the person calls C# (c sharp) c hash.

pythonforever says:

Not even a thanks.

100% sure says:

he didn’t even said thanks to him …

Ryan Matthew says:

where are his legs?


That guy should learn manners.He did not thank him.

M.Y Ag says:

You forget to say thank you coach.

BraGa says:

keep calm and learn java

Lions Heart says:

Chose java or python is like chose wich one is the best your mom or dad! lol,,,

Clorox Bleach says:

6 more dislikes till 666

Sasha Salzano-Weir says:


אילן גולדנברג says:

if you want a job in programming , you’ll probably need to learn both for the same reason
you’ll need to start grasping how the operating system works.
I think that they’re both very easy to learn (relatively).
java and python are both quite ‘distant’ from the computer.

if you are really new to programming,
deciding on which one to learn first most likely depends on your personality,
I learned java in and from highschool , and I learned python a bit later.
if you are more strict on everything that relates to organization , java is probably nicer to begin with.
if you are more laid back and just want to see your computer does stuff he’s told , after very short/quick code , you’ll
like python.

The reasons for that , I think , are that python and java are fundamentally different in the way that ,
java requires you to be specific on what you want to write ,
while python strives to be as similar to the human language as possible , while providing
an easy to access interface.
,if you know both of those languages , then you probably understand what I’m talking about
but that’s not all to consider when you want to start learning to code.

now , the things people do with those different languages are also fundamental ,
1) java and c#
now , first let me say that from the perspective of someone who is new to programming , the differences
in java and c# look so small , that from knowing java , you can even without reading
any tutorial – directly write c# code.
c# was also , at it’s beginning was practically called java.
java and c# are used for making game platforms , for one ,
for mobile applications programming – creating apps (so if you really want to start
learning code by making apps or minecraft mods , you can)
and basically , building constructed and detailed stuff.
the reason people use those very similar languages for different thing , is
the same reason we have ios and android ,
you can also almost ‘see’ the soul of a corporation within c#.

2)python and languages like ruby and javascript
(note: java doesn’t equal to javascript , it’s completely different)
now , there are a few differences between those , unlike
c# and java , but they feel the same , learning how to code with one is like learning with the
other , leaving small details.
javascript is only for web applications ,
i didn’t learn ruby, however , I started on it and got a first impression it’s very similar.
python is also used for scientific calculations , etc.
basically , stuff that you don’t run over and over again in the background and don’t want to code them for
too of a long time.
the reason for that is that those languages basically ignore the need for quick
programs – which can only be achieved by giving more details about the roads the computer should take,
giving you , instead easy to write code , and easy to run.
(think about it , if you want to go from point A to point B , you can either detail the fastest road by examining
the specific situation , or by building some predefined path you’ll use on every point A and B)
If you study physics or stuff like that , and you want to learn programming
because you think it’ll just make life easier for you(coding) – go with python.
you can (and should) also build games with python , there are many tutorials over the internet that
help you to do so.
I also watched a guy building a backdoor for about half an hour , tool him not to long for a fully detailed backdoor.
If you don’t think you’ll work with python , it’s anyways useful , because there
definitely are personal uses for it , I use it every time I want to simply code stuff.
Of course , you’ll have advantages when trying to learn other programming languages ,
and you also got to the one you liked to use more first.
You can also use python to tie things up together more conveniently.

3)languages that are ‘close’ to the computer
now , if you want to start doing stuff that are more related to hardware ,
forcing you to ‘get closer’ to the computer ,
or that you just want to start with a clearer understanding of how computers work,
learn c or c++ ,basic or even assembly (you should know this language if you
did something like electrical engineering)
while c and c++ are a bit harder to grasp , I found myself having a lot of difficulties understanding
the way the computer works , however , learning this language right off the bat will
prove a much larger challenge than if you’d lean something like java or python.
you should also learn c and c++ just for the fun of it.
notice that BASIC is almost outdated.

Last thing to consider , if you start programming and you want to get an understanding of the computer
notice , that while python simplifies things for you , it’s also not revealing you to inner processes it makes to
operate , while java is a bit more opened in that perspective.
And those are basically (in my opinion) what you should think about when choosing which one to learn first.

Devon Steyn says:

Oh. My. Gosh. Java >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Python.
You will get paid so much more, and Java can do so much more. Python is a language you would teach a 10 year old when they start off.

praveen kumar says:

bro I have a question.i am doing civil engineering .now final year.i know c and CPP .I have interested in programming instead of designing a Burj khalifa.. is there any need to study b.e computer science to be a gud programmer to get a job in programming dield

Seorful says:

Hm i started with python then learned java because school teacher couldnt python after that i learned c++ because arduino/stm32 microcontroller. And all i wanted was to be able to programm some scripts for video games -_-. That was 2 years ago

The Crazy Phoenix says:

“Java is used in far more applications than Python”
“…I should learn Python”

mad cobra says:

according to the internet every single programming language is extremely easy to learn.

Aleksander says:

Should I learn Java or Python? My answer: BOTH!

Totally Anonymous says:

For fuck sake this comments section is diarrhea!!! people arguing which language is best…some dick saying c is better than c++ cause this…and bla bla bla!!! it depends what the fuck you doing!!! every language has strengths and weaknesses,but all are relevant!!! java fucken sucks bla bla bla…tell that to my java dev friend who is on about 80K a year!!!

Gaming GoYT says:

you forgot Minecraft is made in Java… (at least the pc version

Spongethebob says:


Johnny Luken says:

Dont think that just because Python is easy to get started with, its a shallow language. Yes, its much nicer to look at and code in than Java, but it is actually a much deeper and more powerful language.

Becoming a guru in Python requires far more finesse than learning the clunky OO design patterns of Java.

People often come from what they consider to be “proper” languages like Java and C++ and assume that they”ve “gotten Python for free” because they spent years coding in a lower level language, but in reality can only write cumbersome unpythonic code that isnt even intermediate standard. If they then become good at Python its only because they unlearned the old crap ways of doing things and learned to use Python properly.

Abidur says:

This Cringy animation though XD Quit using text to speech

computerkid1416 says:

My high school taught us Java, and I never really understood why. It is such a hard language for beginners and, honestly, kind of turned me off of programming. However, I am getting ready to take a Python class for College, and after watching some tutorials I find it to be a whole lot easier and not as overwhelming. If more high schools taught Pyhton instead as a first language, I feel like it would motivate kids more and help it stick with them.

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