Stop Wasting Time On Indeed: The Worst Way to Land a Job

Your job search strategy should be triangulated. You need to approach it from multiple angles. Many job seekers spend too much time on sites like Indeed, Career Builder, & Monster. Learn how to execute more effective techniques.


rich smith says:

God who the fuck would hire that idiot

Ali Keita says:

Hey bro, thanks for this video. Those websites made me think that something is wrong with me. I speak 4 languages, network engineer and after 6 months I got nothing after spending hours posting my resumes everywhere. Lately, I discovered that many of my dudes got their jobs by knocking doors, not through those websites.

Davy Chinkatok says:

which you recommend us doing to get job?

02Deezy says:

This basically answered my question about indeed. I’ve applied for jobs I have experience in and never got an offer or interview.

Dempsey Chalmers says:

by x GoD is Good …………..well

joe18370 says:

agencies might be good if they have work,but if you haven’t worked in a few years I’d go to agencies to get the job faster ,this way your resume is now updated, and pursue a better paying job ,because it’s hard to get hired if you haven’t worked in 3/4 years

Daniel Rodriguez says:

So to find jobs online the only way is LinkedIn?

Chris Macdonald says:

Ive noticed that these job boards have bogus listings. example it will list 21,000 available jobs in a 20 mile radius, but when you click through to the last page *there are only about 1,050 listings.* How does the us govt allow this kind of fraud to persist?

Michal Wise says:

It’s all fucking bullshit you’re just a number in a hat, no matter what bullshit anybody tells you don’t believe any of that… what happened to the good old days where you can walk in shake somebody’s hand and look at them in the eye to talk to them about a job…? .. now you just fill out an application online and play the waiting game.. which by the way your chances are very fucking slim.. this whole fucking online job searching is all bullshit.

x 1 says:

Linked in. Gfyfabf

UNIX Nerd says:

I believe some of these sites are used by fake employer scams to get your information on CV.

Bonsecore1 says:

LinkdIn is as much a joke as Indeed, Monster, etc., agencies only want unskilled labor, and Choice Career Fairs are nothing but companies wanting no education and no experience. What people need to start doing is start doing start their own business and/or trade. The traditional world is not there anymore.

Kazathul says:

If nobody is being hired for online job postings, why would they even post it?
While referrals from inside the company could be a “better” way of doing things, you shouldn’t be limited to your circle of friends. This is a limiting advice.


If you go to a company direct and ask them if they have any vacancies they always say you have to apply online, most jobs are advertised online and most employers advertised vacancies through agencies such as Reed, Totaljobs and Indeed etc. Most employers do not want to deal with the recruitment process themselves so they ask recruitment agencies like indeed or Totaljobs to deal with the recruitment process on the employer’s behalf. Like Kazathul said it’s a catch 22 situation and we are now in the age of where everything is now done online. Gone are the days when jobs were advertised in newspapers when you could write or telephone an employer direct without the middle man (online recruitment agencies) regarding a vacancy advertised, requesting an application form or arranging an interview, almost just almost gone are the days when you can walk into a business premises and hand in your CV (resume) to the manager. Nowadays they will either tell no we don’t have any vacancies currently available or if they do it’s, you have apply online. This the world we’re living in folks where practically everything is governed by the internet.

wave says:

There is just not enough jobs in this country. If they bring back all the jobs from mexico and china everyone would be employed.

Whitney Ye says:

Just checked online, Indeed is responsible for 65% of all external hires. Linkedin is responsible for 7%.

Jamal Oneal says:

been having no luck with indeed

Jacque Lewis says:

meh.. indeed worked for me… but I’m sure it’s hard to get noticed if you’re applying to bigger companies

Amanda Marks says:

What advice do you have for candidates who are looking for employment out of state? Like myself, I am relocating and looking for employment over 4 hours away from where I currently live. Face to face time is very challenging.

Corlissh H says:

James Logan, do you help people find jobs? I have been in Indiana starving and slaving for the past 3 years looking for a basic job. Indeed, Careerbuilder, Simply Hired, Kelly Scientific… all are impotent job finding methods. Do you have a website or recommendations where people that breath oxygen and do not have learning disabilities find actual jobs instead of excuses? Please advise. Regards, Corliss Harris

john a says:

You personal data is money.,

metademetra says:

I had a stepdad who was a manager. He did not want potential employees to ask for an application up front because he had a lot of work to do. So he’d tell them “Go to our site and apply.”

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