The Job Application Advice I Wish I Had in College // My 9 Best Tips

The best internship/job advice you haven’t already tried! How NOT to get rejected from your dream internship or full-time job. Everything I was told in college did not help so I share how I got my dream job out of college using these 9 tips!

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Allie Joséphine says:

I am so excited for you! I think the tips that will be the most helpful to me is checking other people’s job description to work on my resume!
I am a marketing major and my dream job is to be a PR for a brand I love ( for example Pixi beauty) and work with YouTuber on brand deals!
Or I would love to work with Mekanism which is a Marketing company! The CEO of that company is actually a Alumni of my school so I hope that will help me land a job there

Helen Matz says:

im getting into marketing right now! im also a freshman in college and these tips are definitely going to be useful! thank you and hope you enjoy your job and senior year!!

Tyler Stotland says:

Thanks Katherine! I’m a senior in high school. It’s nice to watch these videos and know that once I get to college I’ll have a strong foundation (from videos like this) for the job application process, college life and academics, etc. My dream job is to work in the US Environmental Protection Agency one day and focus in environmental policy and public health….although not during Trump’s presidency!

Matthew Boomstick says:

A bit off topic, but I’m a sophomore, and my grades have been average. Not great, not terrible. So I have 2 and a half school years left in high school, if I crack down now do you think I could somehow bounce back, and hopefully be accepted to a good college. I’m afraid my laziness screwed me over, this past year.

Marisa Carson says:

Hello! I was wondering if you did DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) anytime during your high school career? DECA is a marketing/business club/organization that participates in national and international level competitions in both high school and college.

ChiFashion101 says:

Katherine you are incredible and i love this and needed this SO much

laugh2live1230 says:

Super great advice, learned a lot that I didn’t previously know. Thanks Katherine!!

Black Shark says:

Submitting you resume onto a website where 100’s of people are also applying for the same job you are greatly gives you slim chance next to nothing in even getting acknowledged. That’s why I hate applying online.

Many companies don’t even accept walk ins. They simply tell you to apply on their website. and then when you do, many times you need to register all you personal information before you can begin applying to their jobs. Sometimes they won’t even contact you.
If you ask the front desk if they have open positions, they will just tell you they don’t know for sure but you can apply online and IF there happens to be an opening and IF they feel your qualified for the position, then they may contact you. Have a nice day.

Zoe Briers says:

THANK YOU!!!! This was so helpful 🙂

Briana Thornton says:

This was such an amazing video and so informative!

Nicole R. says:

I basically did all of this and then after getting my co-op job, I told my friends who were having troubles with the application process these tips. These tips are proven! Haha

Katherout says:

The next video on my channel will be a Q&A about applying to internships/jobs so click the notification bell next to my channel name to make sure you see it! /// AS ALWAYS, SUBSCRIBE!

Intern Queen Inc. says:

Loved these tips!!!

Tom Johnson says:

like your videos, give me a shout out when ur I ireland

oona tapanainen says:

I’d love a job at Greenpeace or a writing/art related job or something where I can help ppl without having to be that social. Oh that reminds me, how on earth does one survive an interview when struggling from social anxiety..?

Savage Starz says:

I’m 14. Why am I looking for a job?

Maya Ibarra says:

I want to be a midwife for a local OBGYN company in my hometown 🙂

Hannah Mills says:

I was having a sucky day and even though I am not in college yet nor do i plan on applying for a job anytime soon you still managed to make my day with your positivity and just seeing how much you care to get this out to your viewers-keep being you!

Madison McGill says:

I absolutely love your videos. You’re amazing and thank you for the advice.

priyanka nehra says:

This is the realest, most helpful advice, thank you!

Sarah Farache says:

Thanks for this!! Some great tips c

Sevvy4ever says:

when should I start looking for a job? I’m only in my first year of a bachelor’s degree (3 years) and then have to do a master’s (2 years). I don’t really want to start working in my field before I have my bachelor’s since I presently have a good job even though it has nothing to do with what I’ll be doing. When did you start?

Zoya says:

This is totally random but you have gorgeous eyes!

Miss lil_Sunshine says:

Appreciate it!

DanceClipz says:

2:34 santa claus is coming to town

Emma Girod says:

Thanks so much this was an awesome video!!

Napoleon Bonaparte says:

Not dieties

Angela Noel says:

Love your shirt, where did you buy it?

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