Top 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd Interviews)

This top 10 job interview questions and answers video will show you how to be prepared for your next job interview. When you know how to answer these interview questions and answers, you will be more prepared than everyone else who is interviewing for this job.

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No matter what kind of job interview you have coming up, it’s likely they will ask you several of these questions, if not all of them. So I want to share with you my best tips for answering these top 10 interview questions.

These are the 10 most common questions a hiring manager, recruiter, or interviewer will most likely ask you on a first, second, or even third job interview. To make answering these top 10 questions easy for you, I’m going to break down each question in to all the Do’s and Don’ts so it will be blatantly obvious how to answer them, and as equally important, how NOT to answer them.
Since these are the most popular interview questions, you’ve probably seen or heard of them before, and you may think you know how to answer them.

These questions have been around for a long time and interviewers have been asking them since people started interviewing for jobs. Even though they are old questions, one thing has changed: The best way to answer them for the current times. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, your answer to any of these top 10 questions would have been different than the way you would answer it today in 20xx. And I’m going to show you how to answer these questions for current times.

No doubt, there are many other questions you will be asked on your interview, but these are the root questions. You need to know these. Once I show you how to answer these top 10 questions, I’ll show you where you can a complete list of other common interview questions and answers with a break-down on the best way to answer each one.


vjrei says:

My older sister works in corporate. She told me to never say anything bad about anything in your previous job, that is a red flag and you will be denied right away. Is like farting on the first date.

Dananjaya Yaparathne says:


Matt Hall says:

I hate the “do you have any questions for us” part. Like….. No? When do I start? Did I get the job?

Maria Sanchez says:


patrick holcomb says:

initial thought:
too many overly palm up gesticulations with your hands/arms. deterrent

Hansen Vs Predator says:

When I’m asked if I have any questions, I ask them how tolerant are they of sexual harrasement in the workplace. Works wonders. Catches them off guard and demonstrates that you can think outside the box.

A Rochon says:

thank you

Robert Michon says:

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Noel Campos says:

This such bullshit, like most people, want to work! most people work because they have to.
unless you love your career or what you’re doing. If you won the lottery would you still work at your job? This question will determine the real truth, the rest is just bullshit….

Guman Singh says:

Thanks a lot for sharing this video. It would definitely help me to prepare for the interview questions.

Vasile Vasilescu says:

Appreciate video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard about – Schallingora Information Investigation Scheme (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is an awesome one off guide for learning what you need to say to get hired in a job interview without the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

MadHaggis says:

Good content but awful editing. Two sections of the video are duplicated

patrick holcomb says:

don’t screw up, but be calm. don’t shine on, but shine on.
you must have known somebody, that knew somebody to get any job you’ve landed. LOL
I am more nervous and confused by anything you’ve said to date.

Black Orchid says:

I need examples

Albert Kuzmich says:

I watched these videos and got the job I wanted! I did exactly as recommended and they loved my answers!

Emmanuel Nwachukwu says:

amazing, expose,

Tom Rathmell says:

Got the job. A torrential shower of big fat “Thank You”s my friend x

Vivan Joks says:

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Adriana Hill-Santander says:

I’m going to an interview today. By the way, I’d suggest you check your captions. Your last name is not said the right way. I’m just being honest. Thanks for the tips

Aggieswin10 says:

Have an interview tomorrow wish me luck

Kristina Zarudna says:

Georgevich is very Eastern European.

Chris Knowles says:

I just want a job at Chipotle!

IHeArTrOcK20 says:

I had a friend named Gracie and she was the most bubbly happy person I’ve ever met. One of those people that would just light up a room. She told me that at her interview when they asked about herself she just started rambling about “I like the beach, I love animals, I’m outgoing”… the crazy thing is she got the job. It’s because her personality would always show through. I feel that interview questions are so out-dated and frustrating. They hinder your actual personality by trying to fit all your answers in a mold employers are looking for.

lgarzoria says:

These videos have literally taken me through the progression of my career. I share these videos with everyone I know that is interviewing. Thank you!!

John eduardo pina says:

Thanks ! you are really good I hope everything is doing well with my interviews

Belinda Catizone says:

Very helpful. Love the threads!

Rita Gardner says:

I’m ready to go to the top and be safe successful

Zomagedon says:

Are we allowed to lie and BS our way through it?

Ryan Harris says:

Dude this is that type of fire I only see on Hunnids page, great video! Check out my page for some fire like yours or check the channel “keepit1oo”

Dziki Viki says:

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real eyes realize real shite says:

This cocksucker is fulla shite

Jean-Martin KITAN says:

i am really thankful on the job you did to help people bettering themselves and be ready for the right interview. it’s so helpful and simple at a same time that you are considering yourself (including mine) more confident. i really appreciate. thank you

Konstantinos Markakis says:

Don your video helped me a lot! Thanks! Keep going!

Nasir Khan says:


ozman says:

i dont think the people am going to sit infront off would wanna hear sappy crap about kittens, all they hear is ,this guy keeps cats…daayuumn

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