Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn to Get a Job at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

Which programming language to learn first? Watch this video to find out!

In this video, I talk about the top 5 programming languages I’d recommend for you to learn for getting a job, particularly at companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

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Blackdragon Five says:

what about c or c++??

Ibne Nahian says:

You missed C# & PHP

knowledge Ar says:

bro you are so intelligent and your typing speed is very good

عبود gamer says:

Java with Android c and c++ for windows and IPhone C# Microsoft phones python any operating systems 🙂

Adnan Nafis says:

what about c language

Kcireh says:

como bloquear os vídeos desse youtube no meu youtube?

Tushar Chauhan says:

No mention of C or C++??????????????????????

srinivas kumar says:

But SQL isn’t really a programming language, it’s a query language. I agree with your list, but I would replace SQL with C++ or a functional lang. Those languages are in high demand and the only reason they would be honorable and not regular recommendations is because they’re hard to become proficient in

sudhakar manim says:

i want to be be a gaming programmer then what programming language should i learn ?

md. imranh1987 says:

nice suggestions @Dojo. Here, For UI design which Software did you showed in tutorial?

Clash of Clasns Lover says:

What Language is best for doing freelancing like app developing, wrb devoloping or grafix design

陈子豪 says:

PHP is the best programming language in the world.

debbah says:

No C# ?


ahmad reza says:

Thankew dude

Nnaji Micheal says:

pls am new in programming i need help to build my self

getachew baba says:

Thank u

abdullah morsalat says:

i want to your js tutorials link……

Martin Johnson says:

C#. C Sharp is cross platform. It works on Android, IOS, and can build desktop apps, Games etc.. it’s similar to Java

prithul bahukhandi says:

Thank you bro . You cleared all my doubts !

s.k. manjuralli says:

What about c language??

kirankumar t Kiran says:

What about c,c++

Rabinchandra Yendrembam says:

Should I learn 2 programming language at the same time or one after another?

Sachin rawat says:

Sir please tell me the age of to apply in Google can I apply for 33 years

Saif Ali says:

for learn Alnguage engineering must vist

Himangshu Kalita says:

This video’s thumbnail is kind of Clickbait because thete is logos of Google Microsoft

Programming is all about creating something which helps the whole world and have an impact we don’t learn to code to Join big tech Companies we are problem solver we are creator we are the future

CS Dojo says:

FYI, go to 2:54 if you just want to see my list of top 5 programming languages.

And here’s my Patreon page:
Also, I’d recommend my Python tutorials for absolute beginners:

EDIT: As I mentioned in the video, I’ve built this list with the job market and ease of learning as my main criteria. That’s why I decided to put, for example, Ruby instead of PHP in my list (Ruby has a really nice, simple syntax).

If I were to add two more languages to this list, I think they would be PHP and C#– they would also be great languages to learn considering the current job market. I’m personally not too experienced with their syntax though– would be great if I could get some comments about how they are from you guys.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys in the next video! 🙂

BleyCraft says:

A Javascript tutorial as you did it about Python would be awesome!

Jigna Trivedi says:

Hi CS Dojo
I am a student and i am learning first blue j but i saw your video now. Now that i have learned a lot of blue j, shall i continue bluej or shall i switch to javascript and python

alge ammar says:

good video thak you

Antikroper xxx says:

What should I learn as a complete beginner Kotlin or Java ?

Surojit Das says:

What are the useful websites to learn languages?

lamojiganga Dr says:

correction: if you know the basics of C/C++ the rest fo the family will be easy to learn:JAVA, C#, JavaScript, SWIFT etc……and JAVA > C++; Python > any language ; this guy missed the microsoft C# what a looser……….
so shut ta fuck up

ahmad nikidos says:


(For develop a game and operating system),

bibin francis says:

What about php???… Pls do reply

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