TurboTax Review 2018 – 2019 – The Easiest To Use Online Tax Software Option

I just finished reviewing TurboTax 2018-2019, and I’m excited about how easy it is to use. 💵But, if you don’t qualify for free file (and it’s limited), they are one of the most expensive options for filing your taxes this year.

Check out the full article with all the links here: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/20778/turbotax-review/

Here’s what we’re going to talk about in this video:

▶︎ Look at the pricing of TurboTax Online 2018 – 2019

▶︎ See how easy it is to file your taxes and why I like it so much

▶︎ The limitations of TurboTax Free Edition

▶︎ What upsells to avoid and what upsells you should consider

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★☆★Resources Mentioned in this video:★☆★

💵TurboTax 2018 – 2019: http://go.thecollegeinvestor.com/TurboTaxes

💵TurboTax Amazon Deal: https://amzn.to/2EctYxn

💵H&R Block Online: http://go.thecollegeinvestor.com/HRBlock

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Ray Finkle says:

I get 1099misc from being amzn affiliate. I can write off a certain amount my expenses right? Also, which of these platforms is best for sales of bitcoin? Thanks.

P French says:

I’ve always wondered if you can do more than one tax return with TurboTax or H&R Block. What I mean is, can I do mine and also do my adult sons? Or, can you only do one complete return??

Linda Lincoln says:

I don’t trust Turbo Tax because I put in my Bank interest and when I went to look at the preview it had it doubled. I went back and deleted it and put the information back in it still doubled it. So I think I will be looking for something else. Thanks so much for this video.

Daniel Montes says:

Hi good video question my wife has w2 income an i have self employed income what turbotax product must i use.

Wendy Valencia says:


Chino's Corner says:

I hope you can address this concern regarding health coverage. In 2018 I was uninsured for 3 months (January-March)then after my employer closed down for business so I became jobless for another 2 months (April-May).On June I found a new job but in order to start getting coverage my employer required me 2 months probation so (June-July). From there i had coverage for 5 months (August-December) Will I get a penalty?

WelDonePlz mmmyes says:

I worked for a company which was sold to a private owner during the tax year.will I get 2 w2s or will it be together on one

shykunoichi94 says:

It’s my very first time fling taxes… First job too ):

Raymel Garcia says:

Can I use turbo tax if I am j1 student?

nojokeauto says:

Is turbo tax fine, if u want to deduct mortgage interest? I don’t trust it.. my refund says its the same before and after I entered all my loan and tax info in.. pretty sure I’m about to get scammed..

Lissy Armstrong says:

i’m a student so i only have one part time job. so i have a W-2 form and nothing else, will it actually be free then in my case?

Lorenc Gjurgjaj says:

you talk too much man ……


How much was it ??

Jons01 says:

How can you support a product that lies!!! I need to correct my unfiled return. Can I? No! Turbo says to click this button and than button. But NONE of the buttons exist.

Fleeky Robinson says:

Is there an option to get it direct deposited ?

Bert Dahlman says:

Turbo tax wants you to just keep buying shit you dont need.

One Happy Frugal Family says:

Love this. Thank you!

Bernardino ortiz says:

Can I use the free turbo tax if I have a w-2 and a w-9 and an unemployment ?

Qruns El says:

Is the free filing, electronic filing? For both Fed, and State?

Eric Moon says:

Turbo tax is a scam. Now they charge for everything you do. Federal state and they charge you for taking the fee out of your refund. Nothing FREE about it

Samu Rai says:

Turbo tax…where you can waste your time entering all of your basic information and your W2 information…to not be able to enter your interest income. 100% totally fucking useless. I used H&R Block…with a website that actually functions.

Ryan Ramirez says:

So like after both my fed and state tax is accepted then what ?

Jessi says:

Thoughts on credit karma?

alex sierra says:

Wave check

Joevon Hill says:

Im stuck at the end of turbo tax they tryna get me to talk to a interviewer but its set next week

jack chan says:

I used turbo tax I got scammed by turbo and IRS missing 4400.00 from federal only got back 17.00 received full amount from state. I have no off set .

yoheff988 says:

Turbo tax is not friendly and not for free like they say it is, it’s a complete rip off!

Ben Dover says:

Just did my taxes for 2018. turbro tax is free but midway thru the filing process they ask u if u want a plus version for like 20 bucks but u can reject it and stick to the free version

Karreil2525 says:

Did you mention the $39 +$39 + $39 …..

Los DooGlas says:

I am J1 student so I live out of United Stated, Can I use TurboTax for my tax return or I have to do the process with the IRS?

Jennifer Paredes says:

Do you happen to know how I can access previous tax years without having to purchase the Deluxe package?

Eddie Tero says:

certain h&r block employees are running a special for filing fraud.

LaTisha Styles says:

Thanks for the review and honest look at which to choose!

CarrMann says:

Over played Free Free Free commercials then you find out its not free and not even state taxes are free like previous years, so price is double last years. very deceptive commercials and should not be allowed this false advertising. even while doing taxes they continue to try and trick you into paying more. cheaper to go to an actual human tax rep.
dont recommend this site.

Hana Robert says:

Turbo Tax give me any proof when I make my taxes?

Shamwow says:

He really flexing his AirPods

John D says:

Do you have to give them your ID and passwords to your financial institutions and banking accounts.

ronny brito says:

i owed 750 dollars of state tax , but they are just giving me back 250
can you tell me what i am doing wrong



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