Udacity Review – From a Nanodegree Graduate

If you’re trying to get into the tech industry you might have heard about Udacity’s Nanodegree. What’s it all about ? I’ll give you the run down as a Nanodegree graduate.
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See my progress on React!
“My Udacity React Nanodegree Journey Week 8”


Smart Tech says:

+Ricky Garcia How Much its Hardly Take to Finish Nano Degree? I’m Thinking to Take Full Stack Web Developer but i doesn’t have experience with Javascript, Python & SQL. Give me Your Suggestion . Thanks

wasim raja says:

which nanodegree course did you take in udacity?
I am willing to take android development nanodegree course.
What should I know about before enrolling for this course? like, should we learn any programming language or acquire any skill before enrolling ??

ReallyGoodHipHop says:


Roland Zohrabyan says:

Is there any significant difference in Nanodegree and Nanodegree Plus in terms of receiving job offers?

jake sw says:

is project all different by individuals?

Almas Selbayev says:

Hi man , i want to take full-stack nanodegree . I have some questions, it is about tuition. If i will graduate less than <12 month full-stack nanodegree , do i get 50% of tuition back ?

EvilBunny says:

how can i do the nanodegree course for free like mentioned in the video?

Javier Marquez says:

All I heard was Jazz, with a video of what looks like Udacity classes

Z says:

I did not know HTML or PHP were programming languages. When did it perform conditionals, flows, try and except code blocks; when did it read and executed dictionaries and their key value pairs, APIs. Being a web developer does not make you a programmer period! Go learn C++, C, C#, Python, Java script, learn how to make actual functioning machines out of these. Thus, web development was back in 1990s. Sorry if you are stuck in that era. We are now in the age of inbedded systems and moving forward into Artificial Intelligence and intelligent autonomous sytems using the likes of TensorFlow. HTML and XML is just tag open and close; splat there is your con tent.

Shubham Sahakari says:

I’m currently a college undergrad in electronics engineering. Is completing the nanodegree course hard in terms of skill level, or that it would take a lot of time to practice?

cazzie bb says:

This isn’t a review, it’s a commercial

Piyush Srivastava says:

Sir, this course is going to teach the stuffs about the languages or only the project is what we are going to do

Abderrahman DOUARA says:

Hello Ricky Garcia.
I am currently following the front-end nano-degree courses myself, i want to finish studying them before I Enroll to the neodegree program, i want to save my self some money doing that haha , but i think most of the projects are provided in the free version like: the portfolio and the Arcade game, i am thinking to finish those projects as well before enrolling, do you think that one month is enough to finish the nano-degree following this plan?

Chala Hannon says:

Thank you! Great information! Currently working as a Udacity/Google Scholar!

Ricky Garcia says:

Update! Can’t hear my voice over? Be sure to use Closed Captions.

A Cortez says:

the background music is annoying.  Let us hear what you are saying.

Carlos Morales says:

do you have to have experience with coding for this course ? is there any prerequisites ?

Abraham Santiago says:

Do you get anything from Udacity as proof? Like a certificate or something?

Barry Cherry says:

I have my high school diploma with some college in computer technology, will i be able to obtain a career in software development with a Nanodegree on my resume without graduating from college?


nano degree program is tutorial base ?

Moocylance says:

Is there any financial aid or scholarship on udacity

Ricky Garcia says:

Hey everyone! I’m loving the healthy discussion we’re all having! I’ve made a new review about books on graphic design. This new video is more polished. Let me know what you think! Upvote some everyone can see. Thanks!


Undenied Punisher says:

how would you show them your projects? Is it something you send over the internet or something that you bring in during an interview? And if you are doing the same projects as other people, is it possible that you’re showing the same type of project as another person? Or are you individually making your own choices and have a different product than the other students?

Rich7714 says:

Good review, thanks! 5:55 – For the part where you say finding out your own answers for the nanodegree is also true for life, I would just say that you’re not paying “life” $200 per month, but you are paying Udacity that, so that’s not really a comparison someone can make.

My real issue, though, is that they are not answering either my forum post, or my email, which makes me feel that they don’t care or want to encourage people onto their full-time courses.


nano degree program is tutorial base ?

Cin Elizabeth says:

Thanks for the review! Just started the front-end program and wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m a total noob but very motivated to learn.

Tema Z says:

Oh my eyes! You coding in Windows??!

Miss Kiki Liu says:

whats the song (intro)

J. Smart says:

Music is too loud

Hugo Nongbri says:

That sexy jazz in the background is the reason I had to watch this twice. Really hard to focus on what you’re saying…..:D


im going insane, tone the music downnnn.

Skankhunt42 says:

drop the annoying ass jazz next time

Z says:

No one will take you seriously from this or any other bootcamp. Go get a real degree, do an internship, and have a portfolio of all your projects ready for an employer. These boot camps will not teach you all you need to know trust me!

Anudeep Ananth says:

So its clear that you gained a lot of knowledge did companies actually consider and recognise the nano degree ?

Christina Gao says:

may i ask what do you say when you have a nanodegree, like how do you list this certification on your resume? thank you

Rais Helmy says:

im currently focusing on learning from Udemy. If i have a confident and very good base on full stack developer.. then that is the time when i will going for Udacity.. I believe Udacity is like a booster to my skill… but i need to wait to have some money to able paying the fees of Udacity.. 200usd/300usd is not affordable for Malaysian like me.. but i know its worth… so im going to be patient until i saved a money to support me for Udacity courses

Vertigo 101 says:

collage is bullshit , this is coming from a computer science student

Ak Ak says:

awesome review! just have some questions regarding the nano + if a non us resident takes the course will they also guarantee the job?or is it only for us resident?thanks

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