Hello inter webs, hope you enjoy hearing about my kind of awful experience about working at Target! I am in no way trying to deter people away from target just giving my honest experience being apart of their work team. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do more videos like this!


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Mousta Fur says:

Interesting I might work there would you mind giving me a shout out plese thanks

EviLLivE Gaming says:

gOD DAMN , YOU’RE Fine as f

And L. says:


Alina Marenco says:

I work at target right now and im so stressed all the time.

BrEEzy TonY says:

Coming from Mexico I laugh at these videos of people complaining about their easy jobs. Kids here are forced to work at age 9 in the farm field where insects and the burning sun is only a small part of their problems

Omair Siddiqui says:

over here in california if you’re under 18 they only allow us to cashier and not longer than 3.75 hour shift during the weekdays

Manny Garcia says:

How are their attandance policy as far as tardiness

Minh Nguyen says:

Corporate structure sucks at Target. This causes a toxic trickle down effect where each level of leadership punches down.

The team members ( meaning you ) get the worst of it. We’re the ones blamed for the store doesn’t meet it’s goals or when corporate breathes down their neck.

Oh and if they don’t like you or if you don’t play along with what leadership wants? They’ll fire you.

Fuck Target.

Goldz True says:

Oof. Boobs as the thumbnail hahaaa

Carmen Chen says:

yas thanks fro this

Manny Garcia says:

What is the target attendance policy

leave my fucking coffee says:

I love your pillow its Sully

nowseriouslywldlvlnt says:

What would you do if Burger King infected you with norovirus?

Julius Alexander says:

Titties on point

AirMasterNeo says:

I finally quit long time ago hate that place so much

Priscilla says:

I just quit today fuck a two weeks notice. I cannot do it anymore.

Kyotyye says:

I have a question. I wana work at target but I don’t want to have a job like cashier or any job that you really need to talk since I stutter. Is there any way that I can just mop the floors, push the carts, organize the shelves, and stuff like that, that I don’t need to talk much?

Mike Miller says:

I applied for a 2nd job at Target a few years ago. I met the night manager and he said he wanted to hire me but I had to interview with the day shift manager. I had to take a test on teamwork. I was told I failed the test. I told the manager in my field of work. You get fired if you tell your co worker to hurry up or tell them when they makes mistakes. I was showed the door lol

Thomas Rizzo says:

Sadie’s experience working for the Target Corporation was interesting. I worked for Target too, but I worked for a Target Distribution Center as a seasonal warehouse worker in Michigan. My first interview was a phone interview, just like hers, next week an in person interview. I was hired, and I was happy (at first) because the pay was good. But, the more I worked there, the less I liked the job. First, I noticed that I was under constant surveillance (like a bug under a microscope). That place had cameras watching cameras, (which were watching other cameras) all watching you! I realize that a company has to protect their merchandise from employee theft, but that place was crazy with surveillance! The company has a group called “loss prevention” which is simply a corporate police force of private security that watch workers and decide who will have jobs and who will be fired, (i.e. who will be terminated). The position of a person who is constantly watched and monitored every minute they are at work, is the position of a slave to a master, and I became resentful. I made some good money for the holidays… but man was I glad when that job was over. I hated it!!!

The Mad Lion says:

You don’t see many average looking chicks working at Target.

demonofdeath19 says:

I wish you worked at my target, but since I worked overnight, I know that wouldn’t be possible

koh-box-filler says:

Nice boobs

Kristy Xuci says:

I’m starting my first day tomorrow and they said no jeans. Do they mean blue jeans? Can we wear tan colored jegging?

Cade E says:

If I worked at target with you.. god damn

Guadalupe Garcia says:

How old were you at the time

Kimberly Murillo says:

How much did you get paid starting off

morgan minecraft legion says:

30 hours a week is bad to you? I just got done working at [Censored for security and privacy, this is indeed the internet], where the bare minimum is 45 hours a week, and up to 55 hours a week. I’m watching this video because I’ve applied at Target to expand my work experience. I started working for the bare minimum that I could be paid, and all at once, just several months back, they gave me a $2/hour raise. My father has worked there for around 5 years now, I’ve worked 2, and he’s only gotten raises at between $0.25 and $0.50 intervals. Our family suspects that me getting paid as much as my father all of the sudden is a statement against my father. Anyways, work in that environment is slowly evolving into a shitstorm. Sandy, a coworker (and surprise, another family member. In fact, the one that got our family involved with Cain. She has worked there for more than 10 years, always complaining about everybody.) She’s a brown-noser for our CEO’s wife and children, though, and that’s probably why she still works there. Sandy keeps getting into trouble with Matt, Richard, and Eric while Richard and Tom have been a bit lazier recently, and Richard loves to complain within the past couple of months about almost as much as Sandy. Keep in mind that she told me to work faster while I was getting 30 Drop-Ins made by the minute. Our old press was broken at that time, and I had to use the “Clicker” as they like to call it (because instead of a slowish pressure application, it makes a quick click and it’s done with the current gasket, drop-in, or washer. Mind you, it stills takes time to line the die up, press, and cut the material out properly.).

I apologize. I did not mean to drag on about my work experience.

charger master says:

Bunch of perverts in the comments Sections.

Joshua McClelland says:

All views are for two reasons lol.

Cynthia Morales says:

Working at target is definitely a fun experience, only thing shitty is the hours

Makayla says:

your legally only suppose to work 16 hours a week never more or you could sue for child labor

bawsebig15 says:

TM,GSA,GSTL,ETL,LOD,STL is the proper order and the correct line of power

Justin Lyons says:

here’s to respecting women.. all the time

Jason Tan says:

I work at Target. I’ve always thought LOD stood for lazy obnoxious douche.

Emad Ismail says:

Show those tits bitch

The Apostle says:

Hey when I become a millionaire I’ll hit you up

Richard Garcia says:

i just got hired for Flow, i have orientation tomorrow and idk what my postion duties are lol

btw your hella Cute 🙂 you gotta ig ?

M C says:

Fuck Target.

EmbazzGames says:

You not working at Target you are the target!

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