What Python Projects Should I Build to Get a Job?

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What Python projects should you build and include in your portfolio in order to get a job as a Python developer? Which projects are going to help learn the skills you need to get a job as a professional developer?

If your goal is to build a successful software development career it helps greatly if you build up a “developer portfolio” for yourself. This typically includes things like a personal website (blog), publicly available open-source code on GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket, contributing to other open-source projects and so on.

This video is based on a question I received from a dbader.org reader and I hope my answer was helpful. If this was helpful let me know and leave a comment below 🙂

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yea says:

Damn, this dude looks like a Wood Elf from Skyrim

mum carpet says:

I love u bro

Andrew Mosola says:

This is a great video, I like how clearly and honestly explained it all. Thanks a mil.

lshl62 says:

Dr. Strange bending space and time in the computing world now..

William Morris says:

Really helpful, thank you.

eddieisfiction says:

So…. what projects then?

HoneyChai says:

you mentioned github but what about jupyter notebooks? should we host jupyter notebooks on github?

FG says:

Thank you very much. For the knowledge and it is going to be useful for me.

Ronnelle Torres says:

I want to learn from you. I know javascript and php. I am now studying python and I want to learn from the best.

PythonOfSky says:

It’s very interesting to listen you, because I am from Russia, and study English. And I am working for myself, made about two of dozens websites on Python Django. Really, is it possible got working on Django in USA? Or, more profitable working for your own buisness like in my country?

Davis Dimalen says:

I think the best way to answer that question is to put your self in the feet of company who will hire you. Ideally they need someone who knows exactly what they are doing. To be honest it doesn’t matter what projects you do as long as you apply best practice and have a solid workflow to deliver a project.

soon 94 says:

Python logo tshirts,mugs and apparels

Jayanta Panigrahi says:

I created a small python program that sends my wife an SMS using twilio and python requests after getting my son’s school next day’s lunch menu from the School county website. Is that even worth a place in github? It’s a simple program.

Innovations Catipal says:

Can you tell me what Mic are you using ?

Keith Lashley says:

I have a question is it possible to get a remote python job just knowing Python Flask and the Front End?

Benjamin Cordes says:

This was really helpful, thanks!

SoupIsReady says:

Really good and motivational, thank you 🙂

Luca Vill says:

Hey what do you think, I’m 15yo and would love to make some money with coding, but will there be any client accepting somebody in my age? Is it even allowed to sign up on freelancing portals if not >18yo?

hanselxy says:

Omg ..suddenly when I opened up the video and saw your face..the first thing that came to my mind was a baby deer.

Vasilis Karvelas says:

I am not a python developer but this was very helpful thank you for sharing.

Mohammed Al-Alaw says:

Actually I did not understand what to do I only understood that we must make a well commented program, Is that correct?

Christopher says:

Good points but there is a huge communication barrier on the Internet. There are many people who need to work on their communication skills and less on programming.

AbbStar1989 says:

Nice vid

Vítek Špirek says:

Dan, wonderful and organized talk, I think however you have outlined more of what should not be in the portfolio rather than what should. This is good because by eliminating the bad stuff we get to see what remains. I am still kind of pondering around to see what I actually want to do.
EDIT: I missed the PyPI repository advice starting at 10:55 so I take back what I said earlier. Thanks again.

Francesca Norelli says:

Thank you so much for this VERY helpful and VERY informative video Dan 🙂

Dharmendra panwar says:

Good job dude.

Abdullah Loves Allah says:

Thanks you are so amazing bruh,, all good stuff and very logical.. record more plz…

Shenker says:

hey Diplo!

Palfi Csaba says:

More pictures, animation, graphs, whatever. This is radio, why would i want to watch it? :-/

Paweł Terebiński says:

thanks 🙂

むぎ茶 says:

damn i really want tot fight

TheyDontSee says:

Something I don’t understand is if I make a software on my PC… how do I know if it’ll work on Mac? Are there any online courses that specifically discuss this? Making software and app versions for different OS?

Saint Mars says:

Why do you still live with your parents?

Sk Nurul Islam says:

Should I take notes while learning how to code?

Ojaswini Pandey says:

very helpful video…thanks for making this…

kebman says:

Great advice! I think my only problem is that I’m 40 😀

Eliot Sanford says:

Great thought-provoking video! First time commenting on your video. Great takeaways that becoming an authority via a blog and focusing on producing something simple is a good place to start. Also, focusing on creating clean working code and easy to understand read-me documentation goes a long way. It’s not just about the end-goal, it’s also about creating repeatable work for someone else down the line. I could fix my pipes in my house with duck-tape and a hodge-podge of spar parts, but if no one else knows how I did what I did or didn’t follow any standards of repairman workmanship, then the next time the pipes break down will be double the work to fix. When others go that extra step of providing documentation to me for the work with concise, easy to understand instructions I appreciate it that much more.

Esquilo Atômico says:

Xerox Lares também programa

Senthil Mathers says:

Thq Ben

Arvind Mehairjan says:

Thank you, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Jakob Furbo says:

12 min video WTF, this should be like 2 min

waltersumofan says:

Not helpful. The OP question wasn’t about vibes it was about looking for Python Projects by project

Babar Baig says:

Thx alot Dan, really helpful stuff.

Brod Words says:

So we need to provide publicly-available open source code?

Rodrigo Norat says:

Great video, you really helped me with some doubts I had, thanks!

Luther John Jomaya says:

I am now interested in python since my profession as data analyst in school is a great path. Like I wanna know, If I create data analysis system in which it has gui. Should i use tkinter or other python library for GUI in which I can create a dynamic system. I am using only excel with some tutz for excel in data analysis.

muhammad sarmad says:

I want to be expert at python and R language what should I do?I have no idea what’s to do?can you tell me what should I do thanks

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