What’s It Like to be a Bird Charger? Electric Scooter App Walkthrough

The scooter craze, particular Bird scooters, is really heating up – and doesn’t show signs of stopping. Luckily, as a new industry, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to make money as a Bird Charger – if you know what to do. This video with RSG contributor-at-large, Ezra, walks you through the Bird Charger experience. What’s your experience with Bird Charging been like?

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yecoutiel cohen says:

But what time can i start picking them up?

Ralph Concentine says:

what is the Lime link to become a charger? Thanks

Andrea Early says:

You put them on private property ? So do you have permission to put them on the private property.

SERGE says:

5 dollars for every 25 cent you charge

Lwest94 West94 says:


Markus Magnon says:

So you are driving around for two hours or so… taking 6 birds. charge them and get around 30 Dollars for it. But you have to invest your time, car, electricity. And you have to release the birds after it which also takes some time. So you are working like 3 hours for 10 Bucks? Less than 10 bucks because you you also have to invest money (car, electricity) Even if you only driving around an hour. You also spend time unpacking those birds, plug them in, using the phone, etc. This is also time consuming. And often you don´t find the “red birds”. What a stressful job. … omg. And you have to release the birds and do a checkup if they got enough air in the tire. So you are spending more time on it.

Your Driver Mike says:

Great video guys nice footage. I’ve been activated on Lime and am just waiting on my power supplies. Also pending activation on Bird. Thanks!

aragorn318 says:

Does individuals have to buy their own power supplies?

MrSpuzzz says:

Is it realistic to think I could find a bird and ride it to my car in the evening, take it home and charge it, then ride it back to work in the morning…thereby essentially paying for my own rides (and guaranteeing that I’ll have bird in the morning at my location)? I don’t want to go around collecting multiple birds at night — would they allow me to just charge one a night?

Michael Petersen says:

don’t forget about the bird mechanic. they go out and find birds that have been marked as damaged.

Mackenzie Onyx says:

been considering this but I guess I need a car to collect them (which has been the reason for my hesitance) *sigh*

Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco says:

there are birds here in my city, but they don’t show on the map, anybody answer this?

robert feller says:

Strange hobby…

Cristian Velasquez says:

wouldnt people steal these

allen0088 says:

Are you using a suv? I wonder if they will fit in a 2010 prius

Intro2Fit says:

That’s why those mother fuckers be leaving these scooters every where on the sidewalks…. I go out at nighttime, and I always wondered why people do this.. Haha, I’m late…

Attraction Spot says:

How long did it take from when you signed up to get your first 3 Chargers? I read in some reviews that someone will call you and ask you a few questions. I signed up last week and tapped order my chargers and haven’t heard any updates yet or a phone call.

Charlie M. says:

alfredo did a great job

lazer tag says:

do you just leave them plugged in overnight even though its 100%? or do you have to wake up and unplug them?

Robert Alvarez says:

Are you insured against injury when testing? Are you liable for someone else’s injuries if they use the bird after you inflate it incorrectly?

TheTruthSeeker says:

I don’t think it’s worth it unless you live in the city.

aragorn318 says:

How’s this guy going to charge all these scooters in one night?


drksole3666 says:

How do I request 6 chargers? I only received 3. 🙁

Uber and Lyft News says:

What does this have to do with rideshare??????

Sierra Harland says:

This might be a stupid question but is there any mess during tax season for doing this? Secondary question, if you’re not maximizing every night with charges and instead only charging when it’s convenient is it even worth it?

Sir C says:

sounds horrible

Robert Alvarez says:

Joke. You’re not only wasting gas collecting them but also using your own electric to charge them. And you’re competing with others to collect them.

Miberi Tech says:

We are the manufacturer in Shenzhen. Can we sell the power supplies ?

Ralph Concentine says:

What is going on in Atlanta-Lime is taking over and it looks like there are not enough bird chargers?
Did they all go to be a Lime chargers?

Gourrilla says:

So they give u the chargers and the tire inflator or u buy them?

Alex Jaramillo says:

Do you have to clean the scooter or anything like that then tire pressure etc

Robert Alvarez says:

And the next gen of this will feature solar powered birds that won’t require collecting.

De ViceCrimsin says:

That was a better explanation then the actual company. I wonder if they are available south of Boston?

Cryptonian says:

is this scalable?

Arturo Franco says:

How many charges do you get?

Uber Driver 101 says:

Oh wow.

Mike Darnell says:

I love the dog… What breed?

Uber and Lyft News says:

We think this is a waste of time

nightmare in action says:

I got 960w solar panel system and could get some more for free but they dropped the pallet some of them may be broken maybe all but free money =)

Larry Price says:

Great video looking forward to become a charger

snackman says:

Does anyone know if you are collecting these scooters within the city limits of Los Angeles is the city then going to make you get a business license or try to make you pay an annual tax based upon your gross income?

Oscar Salinas says:

How long does it take to resevie the battery

Leandre R says:

How long does it take to get approval from bird?

Trey Caldwell says:

Bird, bird, bird is the word…

Pete Puebla says:

Great video!

ROUSH4203 says:

Do the handlebars folds flat so as to carry more in a trunk?


People are getting tickets for no helmet.

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