Why can’t code bootcamp grads find jobs? How I found my job after Hack Reactor (Part 5)

What are the recent outcomes for Hack Reactor and other coding bootcamp grads? What percentage of bootcamp grads get jobs? How did I get my first job? Who didn’t and why? See my sources below.

This is part 5 of my coding bootcamp video series. If you haven’t watch my first four videos here:

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFArSLAOkdM
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq4v2wIehos
Part 3: https://youtu.be/ZUTziiBtnZs
Part 4: https://youtu.be/M4W7yjqL8Ks

Hack Reactor 2017 Outcomes for San Francisco: http://bit.ly/2JxffjP

More Coding Bootcamp Outcomes: http://bit.ly/2sNtera

In 2017 I spent 3 months working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to change my career and give myself a new purpose in life. I attended Hack Reactor in San Francisco and now I’m sharing my story.

If you’re stuck and considering going to a coding school, I hope these videos give you insight and perspective into what really happens in a software immersive experience like Hack Reactor.

Top Bootcamps in the US:
Hack Reactor
App Academy
General Assembly
Fullstack Academy
Flatiron School
Hackbright Academy (Women’s Only Code School)

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Why can’t code bootcamp grads find jobs? How I found my job after Hack Reactor (Part 5)


Ivan Reynoso says:

Don’t talk political dude.

Andrew Hamilton says:

Did anyone else notice his hand at 15:31 ?

Temicka says:

I graduated from General Assembly in Feb. Still no entry level job and I can’t even complete a freaking Javascript coding test. Although I know complex JS, I can’t code it for some reason. Maybe it’s anxiety. I’ve applied to more than 1,000 entry and mid-level positions. Nothing so far

femaledeer says:

It sounds like Hack Reactor didn’t get any interviews for graduates

Eassame Saied says:

what happened to your hand at 1:24?

mpo admin says:

Will keep this in mind. I certainly don’t want to be ‘used’ as a tool to make a company that doesn’t even want me bigger!
It’s good to have self respect as a developer of your own in that sense.

William Yang says:

Appreciate you sharing your experience man. Helpful for people trying to make the decision to make the time and money investment into a coding bootcamp (like me).

T Stamps says:

I appreciate your candid response. I’m currently considering changing careers at 33 yrs of age and seeking something more technical and challenging. I also want to do something that I will enjoy even if I wasn’t getting high pay to do so. My question for you is who should not become a software engineer or go to Hack Reactor? What type of person or profile would this type of career fit?

random phallus says:

Acting on feelings is exactly how to fuck up, everything.

toriigatedigital says:

thanks man! for your honesty and not sugar coating it.

Winter Eh says:

Skillshare has an awesome course on finding a job as a front end dev, it’s a grind but I’ve been doing some tests for interviews

Dave A says:

Like most grads, they think being a grad will make them 6 figures there first year in any profession. Not the case, its all about experience. Employers would choose experience over a degree and even pay you more. College doesn’t make you experienced, just shows what you passed by studying. This is one of the main reasons grads can’t find job. Younger generation need to get there head out there Ass.

Mohamed Ali says:

This comment goes to Bootcampers who always talk down CS degrees. Let me tell you this. Bootcamp != CS so don’t mix the two.

Eric M says:

Orange County is the shit bro! Hella Asian bitches!

Praw Merld says:

Coding bootcamps don’t teach logical problem solving. That’s what coding is more about than syntax.

Jonathan May says:

I like you.
You’re smart.


Michael Chang says:

There are a few bootcamps that guarantee a job.

John Smith says:

dude just pick your nose already, i feel like a troll for saying that.

Juan Mendez says:

Rip off knowledge from bootcamp or programming tutorials. Make Github repos of the stuff you like to do, and also blog about it. If you can contribute to open source or come with the idea to a solution, then share it, and start looking for jobs. You haven’t just completed a hackaton or finished an online course, you made stuff worked.

m sam says:

you are and your wife went to get married. congrats, but is your wife a guy or a gal. It doesn’t seem to be clear these days.

buzzikea says:

taking time off after you’ve finished coding camp is a really really stupid idea I’ll tell you. Week or two is okay, but damn, not 3 months. Looking at you for the first time and I am happy everything worked out for you well. Good luck in pursuing your carrier =).

LeoNezz1 says:

There’s not an over-saturation of software engineers, there’s an over saturation of bad software engineers. This is very much an art and requires discipline. You want to be a builder, an innovator and hard working to be extremely successful in this industry. But that’s just my two cents.

Magnus Farseer says:

I dont see how the president has anything to do with this

My Humdrum Life says:

Can someone explain 15:32 “vanishing hands”? are you on a green screen or its just something else?

Juju Tao says:

<3 <3 <3

David Cerino says:

The range is pretty darn good! lol
(And it does sound above average, since I was told entry level gigs probably start at $5k/yr)

Dan Ehrlich says:

If you’re reading this, know that coding bootcamps so far have been very good and are one of the few pathways to the middle class left in this country. I’m commenting with my real name here (scary stuff) because I very much believe in them.

Also with the recent restriction on H1-B visas there is a huge shortage of coders now, it’s even worse than in 2014 when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Sometimes I feel like everything in this country is (financially speaking) a scam, but again the coding bootcamps have done really really well and are respectable.

Winter Eh says:

Colleges and universities should have you sign a form not guaranteeing a job

Nayoko Kho says:

Something that can be summarized in 5 minutes becomes 18 mins….zzzzzzzzzz

Steven Nguyen says:

My roommate moved here from Neworleans with no traditional education in the field. He got a great job working for a start up and then got picked up full time by HCL for 70K. No education, worked on a few personal projects and got 2 jobs here in Seattle within a 3 months. I saw it happen and it inspired me to change careers. The stats are really hard to believe based on what I have seen. Guess Ill find out on my own!!

kissmyasymptote says:

You can’t take a massive short cut and expect to produce the same results as someone who did things the proper, tedious way.

Matthew Womack says:

Bootcamps, and schools in general are great for networking. I became friends with a woman in my bootcamp, who’s husband worked at my current employer. That connection helped; had an offer less than a month after my program ended.

Of course, networking can happen outside of bootcamps too.

Meetups may be even better – usually free, and most have some sort of “who’s hiring” announcements.

Leo Stotch says:


Bob Jones says:

How about applying these skills to an industry you are already in. I work in the energy sector and we tend to build tools that apply to what we do. Explaining my job to a developer to build a tool that does what I need it to do takes too long. I much rather learn to code and build my own tools rather than spend hours in meeting rambling on about this or that.

That’s my take.

Andres Saucedo says:

What do you think of App Academy? Seeing how the job placement numbers are relatively poor for Hack Reactor, would you recommend 2019 prospective cohorts to look at App Academy more seriously?
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Adam F. says:

Very in depth look at reality in web dev world. Kudos!

Rathernot Disclose says:

I don’t think I’d agree to GIVE anyone any code that I write, even if its something they’ve asked me to write, unless they actually hired me. I’d just SHOW them the end result of the code, but not give them the actual code….

Justin Fay says:

I feel like this video more pertains to california which is way saturated

Bri Lee says:

What’s your camera and microphone set up? It’s great!

Anon E. Moose says:

Use a library or look it up on stack overflow?

This is why web dev is so fucking bloated. No one writes pure JavaScript. Web devs just use these massive libraries that they most likely don’t need.

You guys fucking ruined frontend development by creating unnecessary complexity. Software engineering should be reducing complexity.

Ben Whoever says:

Doesn’t matter where you graduate and what major you study, even with garbage major, if you are the best of the best, jobs find you!

Killuah Zoldig says:

That puppy was so beautiful and amazing, I love him

Yann Stoneman says:

Thanks for this video! I’d like to hear tips about LinkedIn networking…reaching out to recruiters at companies through LinkedIn, etc. 🙂

rolland49 says:

2017 wasn’t so good… Hmmm, they should have taught economics too. Nice puppy hug! Lol

waldo mack says:

There isn’t an oversaturation of GOOD developers.

Octave Chan says:

First job is always hard to get even for CS grads. Relaxing the salary expectations and opening to relocation will help.

Beaux Barker says:

The four-year degree route works well because computer science degrees cover sooooo much. You have a lot more options.

ddel says:

you are a very classy person. thanks for this video.

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