Wonolo First Day Vlog 45 [Sharing economy]

Wonolo First Day Vlog 45

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Wonolo is a another bay area start up that specialize in recruiting independent contractors. Pretty much how this app works Jobs pop up you see detail information about the job you are so see information such as pay and location. From there you have the opportunity to accept or decline the jobs. Jobs vary greatly here on Wonolo. From pizza delivery, packing boxes, warehouse work ,security and even office work.

Just like Uber clients leave a five star rating if you did a decent job. However most of the jobs are very low-paying jobs. Majority of these jobs barely pay minimum wage. However decent jobs to do pop up daily. A job or you can actually make $20-$25 an hour. Decent jobs rarely pop-up. I’ve been sign up with this app for more than two months and I just did my first shift. Huge problem with signing up with shifts are the jobs to go really fast. Usually before you can read the job it’s already gone. So for someone looking for every day work this could be a difficult app to rely on for a steady income.

This app is just like others sharing economy apps very it’s far from perfect. However this was my first job and I definitely want to try out more gigs with Wonolo in the future.
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Filmed using iPhone 6s
Filmed in San Francisco
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Teresa Alfaro says:

I’ve been wonoloing for over a year, and I’ve had a good experience. If you do a good job at certain company, they can hire you or the manager gives you priority for upcoming jobs, that’s why provably why you won’t see many jobs often if you’re new.

Kevin Liang says:

The only reason that I can think of why someone would go onto the app to volunteer is to gain work experience on that line of work.

Awakened Melanin says:

damn …you really do it all !! lol

Christian Zayas says:

Homeless dude by Jack in the Box wanted to fight you

Walid Gad says:


Jose Carreras says:

yeahh i did … soo is it worth it working for the app

Brandon Hinkle says:

Wonolo is an excellent company to work for. I have been with them for over a year in San Francisco. If you are looking to supplement your income or just some side gigs to get ahead, I would definitely recommend them. One thing I really like about them is the speed at which you get paid. Since you are hired on as a 1099 employee your pay is processed a few days after completing a job. Another nice aspect is the $25 bonus you receive after completing your first job, if you receive a 5.0 rating from the employer this bonus kicks in. If you enter this referral code when signing up, you get the bonus after completing your first 5.0 star rating.

Natalie Jordon says:

Youre very smart except for the word Wonomo. jk. Thanks for vid. My bro named Jermaine. You resemble him too.

Dreamwalker says:

Yeah, I don’t get why someone would go onto that app to volunteer.

Steward Freeland says:


mitsv rokovh says:


BiG Herb says:

Hey man. I downloaded the app about a week ago. I’m having trouble with the onboarding process. The app won’t let me take the quiz, act. Any advice?

Jose Carreras says:

very helpful i was curious about so many things and this guy on the screen answered em ….thanks guy

Johnny Bravo says:

Try shiftgig too

Johnny Bravo says:


BCP '10 says:

This dude have NO IDEA what work really is. “I was just standing”

Dreamwalker says:

Hey. I just donwloaded the Wonolo app, did the quiz, and scheduled my confirmation call for Tuesday. I’m hoping to find some good jobs if there are any in the Seattle area – and if there aren’t, then to at least have the app around for the future if more stuff ever starts popping up.

But I didn’t notice any spot to put a referral code in that whole process. I wonder how much money companies get out of paying people by not asking new users if someone gave them a referral code.

bxballa17 says:

wat other apps do you use? besides wonolo…

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