Working at Amazon. At your own risk! #Storytime

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Camile Tuvok says:

this is what is wrong with our ethnic species. Always using master’s word for us. As I read so of the comments, I continue to see the lack of pride in our race.

Bryan Rosales says:

I quit today after a week at the fulfillment center. No guidance whatsoever’ managers were hard to find. Computer kept crashing. Couldn’t scan majority of boxes. They put me in stowing which wasn’t what I thought I’d be doing. I have a mechanical and electrical background. They kept telling me to keep me numbers up but never explained what the numbers were. I had tons of huge packages to stow and kept getting pods with small areas to stow them. I just stood there releasing pods waiting for a place to put stuff. Then some jack hole comes by to get my numbers up with two boxes of very small items. I told him to leave those two boxes and stow the big stuff. He ignored me and said I need to get my numbers up. I’m out. That place is not for me.

Kimberly Jackson says:

lmaoooooooo…… This made me laugh soooo hard! I don’t even know how I get to this video but I am in tears!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!

Forever Love says:

amazon is sending me Action Notices About My RSU’s… WHAT THE HELL IS MY STOCKS…  like I’m trying to still figure out what they are trying to do… @lifejewel Amber

puppy034 says:

I just quit Amazon too! I feel like I’ve just been released from prison!

IrocChucKTayLors215 says:

i mean i had to walk around for 10-11 hrs doing absolutely nothing when it was holiday hours enduring god awful music that was on repeat at a previous job mind u they only paid 7.50 sooooo amazon seems quite bearable. I honestly don’t ever think a regular job will ever be sweet they want more demand out of u and pay less.

303king Mc-P says:

Amazon’s fulliment center is easy asf

ricardo says:

Jobs should be banned tbh

Edward Gaines says:

So it’s basically a glorified plantation? And pickers are warehouse selectors?

Georgia Banks says:

This is so relatable it hurts. Hahahhah.

Punx is idol and noise says:

Can’t be bad I’ve been through worst shit in the military

Alissa Anderson says:

Man you cracked me up. I work at Amazon currently

Deanna Robinson says:


Jeremiah Kirby says:

Brandon I have an interview with Amazon today that I wont go to. This place like pretty much all places have the poor people run it while a few bank off of the little people. America!

Cho You says:

bitch this is not no AWESOME VIDEO and fuck u reallyrandombrandon

TJ Alexander says:

Bruh I fw you for this video lmaooooo everything you said is true I worked at the one in Baltimore from July 2015 to March 2017. This is real lol.

Il Wu says:

I’m loving this video but at the same time I wanna cry cuz I’m starting next week

Jazminne H. says:


Mervin Zavaleta says:

u lazy notherfucker

corleonee100 says:

You fucking lazy go to work.

Marilyn Bradley says:

Just got fired tonight. Ha Ha Ha!

Rosemary Eafford says:

So True

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