Working at BestBuy – 7yr+ Employee Spills the Beans – Working at Best Buy

Working at Best Buy is a fun and energetic environment. Get ready to have fun and learn because working at best buy is just that. It a place that has great products and great people.

Check this video out about how to get a job at Best Buy


vinayaka il says:

iam from india can i buy mobiles from bestbuy is it safe ??

Airica Cir'ry says:

Do they check ur work history?

Digital Masters says:

… the fuck is wrong with your left eye? Is it glass?

Daniel Jeon says:

That place sucks balls

Garyzilla says:

I just started as asset protection, and based off my security experience and general qualities that they appreciated they started me off at $17.50/hour. Every other retail location I’ve applied for LP at has tried to put me at the minimum. So from my view point at the beginning they do seem to care about their employees.

xXGhoustXx boi says:

Holy cow brother

Mark The Spark says:

I don’t care if people like working there or not…. THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS LIKE CRAP!!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! Won’t be too much longer and BB will be gone for good! Then how much will the employees like working there? Employees like working there because they can just hang out and talk to each other. We all know how they ignore customers!

boojwahz says:

I worked at a Best Buy in Albany for a few months until it wasn’t worth my commute. I started as a seasonal employee at a brand new store in November 1999. They whittled my goddamn hours down until I had none. They thought giving me two hours a week unloading heavy bullshit out of a truck was ok. In addition, they expected EVERY EMPLOYEE to attend monthly meetings that were scheduled at 7am on a Saturday morning. Fuck Best Buy

joek money says:

!Hi diamond can you help me???????? I bought my my wireless headphones from bestbuy and bought the 2year extended bestbuy warranty. bought all that Last December. Now I need to know how to use the warranty because my headphones been acting up I used them with my iPad and it’s so close to it that they still cut out. Some times they don’t connect to my iPad even tho it shows the connection lol. Please cam you help?????????? They said I had to kind of the warranty where they will replace it no question asked. But the Thing is some days these headphones work flawlessly and some times they don’t.

greenlizardballs says:

You are one cool dude. 😀

KelvinPena192 says:

I got a question, I am 17 year old can I apply if so what questions will they ask me?

Money Sniper2423 says:

Could you sell laptop to Best Buy

Mike Wiley says:

Diamond is terrific.

Don Skiver says:

I got burnt out after 8+ years there. Was an on site tech but i started there as a seasonal rep 1, then kept as pt rep 1 then ft rep 2, then ft tech bench then ft on site. I’m glad you’re still happy there. You had a nice sales pitch. Care+ at its best. Nice job sneaking the non commission statement in there too.
That being said, I still don’t see myself ever going back. Glad you haven’t reached burnout though.

Ryan Cavanaugh says:

Lol…they don’t provide tools for installers which is against California state law. Best buy is a scam.

Tito Denino says:

7 years and your not a manager?

CH Steele says:

Best Buy sucks their TV service sucks replace TV parts 3 times here’s today the 4th repair for an ongoing problem I know if they don’t fix the TV today I’m heading to Walmart for a good TV no more wasting my time or buying at Worst Buy

maria tempesta says:

Just started there…difficulty with my HR account…please help.

lgmnow kondo says:

you seem like a great young lad…a good employee. I would hire you in an instant.

fi ag says:

Hello.. From Buenos Aires Argentina. A have WhatsApp?

Yotogftw says:

How’s the drug test


I was hired 7 years ago as part time sales since then I have become every Department in the store including Auto Tech and I am now a Geek Squad delivery driver making almost $20 an hour. I love my job at Best Buy

fi ag says:


ZODIAC says:

i live off the tax payers i love going to bestbuy and spending tax payers money

PistolaPancho says:

Is he a little slow

Tomcaatt says:

buying a product from where you work, is called taking your own drugs for a good reason.


his name is Diamond…… lmfao wtf!!!

Steve 23464 says:

Click bait.. “long time employee at retail(x) spills the beans”. Generally this would refer to some secret or lesser known negative facts about working for said company.

Clickbait1james says:

Lol when I work at Best Buy I’m stealing my computer back

Phoenix 94 says:

It’s nice to hear someone who enjoys working in retail. I worked for various retail stores in the past and I hated it.

chris fox says:


vipper gaming says:

Post more

Dr Phil says:

Geek squad pay their employee $20 an hours I bet

SHiBBY927 says:

I worked at Best Buy for a little over a month my senior year of high school. They put me in the warehouse. Warehouse employees were treated like crap. Made us do the bathroom inspections and clean restrooms, made us do all the unloading/loading of trucks, made us stay until 1AM or 2AM unloading pallets and taking them out to the floor.

The regular employees were supposed to help us out before they left, they never once helped. BUT we were expected to help them face product and stock shelves and they made sure we did.

I had to pick up a full size human turd off of the bathroom floor once. I cleaned the hell out of them and disgusting people just kept making them filthy.

Maybe your Best Buy is great, but the one I worked at was awful. I was getting off work at 1 or 2 AM, going to school, then football practice, then work, rinsing and repeating. No free time at all, and the job sucked as the warehouse guys did all the bitch work, the hardest work, and got to go home later than everyone else.

I should also add that the manager that hired me sugar coated thr job, embellished it to make it sound great and didn’t disclose the negatives up front. I like good, hard, honest work. I do not enjoy doing other people’s jobs for them, getting all of the scummy duties, and having to work longer than everyone else.

Worldcup2018Matches says:

Best buy should be boykoted, it’s a very descriminative buisness, only hires friends and does not hire anyone with arab origin.

Mohammad Ali Malik says:

Goofy mother fucker probably is still working there as a part-timer

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