Android’s Answer to iMessage

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Google is rolling out a new service called RCS, or just “Chat,” to replace SMS and possibly compete with iMessage…

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Aidan Newman says:

So Android is completely copying Apple because they have a better system.

小章魚 says:

Just use LINE ….

Emerson Best says:

Hangouts was Google’s best messaging app. It was perfect.

flash king says:

I never used messaging app so fuck iPhone

Oroboros Venompire says:

WhatsApp? Anybody? Why the hell even use sms or iMessage? The only real market for sms replacement are United States of Murica. Neither China or India (both bigger market than USA) don’t care about iMessage at all so why even bother? Beside obvious fact – real competitor to Google is Amazon not Apple which sooner or later loose their market share to Amazon and Microsoft (possibly even other less known brands like Xiaomi – which already happen btw). Fact that Google made so many attempts to do this thing and kill so many project in same time prove they want to do this but it’s not their priority list. Only reason they doing it is that they comprehend fact it gives more power and more space for further data mining which is their main source of income.
Whole Android vs IOS thing is pumped by Apple and Android fanboys. Apple sells hardware + software (always together). Google sells software and from time to time hardware (main income still is software). Business models of this two corporation is so different it always boggles me why (beside fanboys) people support that comparison (ah right marketing reasons – it sells well). At least this video wasn’t clickbait like most big channels on youtube.
PS. VPN isn’t as private as people like you market it. Tor is way more secure if you get it right.

gmf iq says:

communicating in 2019 is a messsss

jkeener1988 says:

Apple sucks, Android rules!!

MSI GTX 1060 3GB Aero ITX OC says:

I dont want these “animations” “emojis” and whatewer.
I am the guy who dislikes the way the tech industry is going either way.
How hard is it to make a decent laptop with an HDD today?

prometheus says:

android’s message to imessage

APON says:

1year later nO Improvements

FurryWolfDog says:

It’s called Telegram

Tenny says:

They both get messages across to one or several people. They are both meant for the same purpose lmao

Mórits L says:

Using Enigma since 1941 and I’m totally happy. It’s extra encrypted.

Δρυνκ Ανδροιδ says:

Support Android.

VanMaster Gaming says:

Here’s an idea, put imessage on android and then everyone can talk to everyone else no matter what.

RightWingKing says:

It’ll fail. Google would have to release a massive update for all models and force people to delete their sms app.

Tan Panther says:

Whatsapp is betther

Anime Tech Guy says:

Umm isn’t google just trying to make messenger?cause that’s almost same thing.

Daimon says:

RCS isn’t a service of google, it’s a protocol created by a bunch of Telecom companies in the GSMA Association
It’s the final response to What’s app and Facebook Messenger by the GSMA

LUCKYmixwebrjmINDIA CNBD5684754MLCM says:

Use WhatsApp

Timothy Nickles says:

Android is better than iPhone

woohoo2491 says:

Something cross platform like Signal would be cool, capable in-house of both SMS and an encrypted protocol (if both recipients use Signal). Oh also it’s open source too

KaibaCorp HQ says:

I didn’t even know the Hangouts app existed, and I’ve been using Android for 5 years. If Google wants this to succeed it has to be a mandatory install with no other regular messenger app, not sure why that’s hard for them to comprehend, that’s how iMessage actually works.

I guess that’s why they’re getting carrier support, just so some random carrier doesn’t muck everything up by installing their own messenger app.

Tizo Jiyane says:

WhatsApp is good enough for us android ppl… iMessage is not a thing internationally

K3Y says:

So , WhatsApp…?

Jayson A says:

I never thought about this and it’s lame. How do techies find this interesting and space x and Tesla products. There’s been rockets around for a while now and there awesome and there have been electric cars other than Tesla that’s as good or better than some of there products. Hundreds of tech channels and there all boring and uninteresting.

tuhh tentación says:

This shouldn’t be a thing though. Fuck Apple.

Quinton says:

2:24 The perfect reference

computerkid1416 says:

Just use Telegram, it’s much better anyway.

Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma says:

PlayStation’s Answer to Game Pass

Jur Kuipers says:

What about Whats App everybody in my counrty uses it, and we never have a problem with it!

Jessy Tremblay says:

But whats the point of paying for sms if you use data unless it can be used trought mms because I pay 15$ a month for my cell phone and I get unlimited sms and mms worldwide and unlimited call minute everywhere in Canada but I dont have mobile data so unless it uses mms its useless for people like me

RaphaniacZX says:

All Google had to do was move everything from Hangouts to Allo, add Duo to it as well and make it system defaults that replaced the messaging app for every Android device. Then, if another Android user messages you is sent as a instant message. It’s so simple, you make it mandatory along with Google Apps and boom, you just created iMessage for Android.

At this point just use WhatsApp for everything and wait until the magical day someone with competence does something similar to what I just said.

Rayhan Rimon says:

xiaomi has mi message

Romel Talosig says:

……..It’s called messenger

Shloomth says:

My carrier is not going to support this anytime soon, my friends carriers aren’t going to support this anytime soon, and we’re all already using Snapchat discord whatsApp and Messenger so…,

SOHAN bhute says:

The main competitor here is whatsapp!

omegadan says:

Still waiting for this

bobspineable says:

I use iPhone but not committed. It really doesn’t matter.

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