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MessagesCustomiser – Free – Repo:
ReturnToSender – Free
Theme: Enlightened iOS8
Messages Background:


Zaiful Azlan says:

ive got it ! thanks

XiggyJ says:

Setting for transparent bubbles?

sultan malhis says:

Hey can u please tell me how to update my phone and jailbreak to iOS 8.0 or 8.1 +itwe4kz

vebaeb says:

On mine where you type in recipients name the box is the only thing white. Everything else is just like yours. Yes I’m still running iOS 8.3. on 6 plus. Don’t care for other versions and hate everything about iOS 10.

Rashad Smitty says:

What’s your theme

Jagger Gondek says:

Can u do a video on how to jailbrek ios 8.2 plz?

Siua Maka says:

Been looking for something different,
Preciate it.

sweetiepie4794 says:

Hey I installed the customiser, but after I set all my changes and try to open my messages app it keeps crashing? Anyone know why?

Emir says:

Is there any tweak like Android lock screen ? (like a water screen)

Gangadharan Shiyam Sundar says:

i need tweak that set my phone silent for particular time automatically each day in a week

Nunya Bit'ness says:

It’s back! Yessss!!! Now I just need BiteSMS to make a comeback…

Ben Mena says:

Hey can you give me the links to your wallpapers and what is your app theme?

TheAssionator1 says:

I’m pretty sure I have same exact settings as you but mine doesn’t look as dark as yours and as cool 🙁

Huzran Simark says:

Don’t have any tweek for call waiting ? i badly want only that on iPhone -.-

Cody Hagler says:

I did exactly what it said and it didn’t work

phuoc vu says:

Nice set up message, and can u post your theme for lock screen??

Roselia Valdez says:

Does it work for ios 10

DeathBySkeleton says:
Noni says:

messages app keeps crashing after i made all the changes i wanted
someone help please i have an iphone 6 on 8.1.2

Nelda Merendon says:

Can you jailbreak a iPhone 7 ?

Joseph Flores says:

I don’t have the option for contact pictures 🙁

Ecax Cruise says:

im on 7.1.2 and it doesnt work for me , even tried to respring and my messages are still with the same white look

NotReaVides says:

watch my last video for free paid apps on iOS 8.2 without JB.

Roberto Restrepo says:

thanks for this! how do you get those icons?*

ʟ ɪ ᴀ ᴍ ᴍ ᴀ ɪ ʟ says:

what’s that lock screen though

Sminder01 says:

Any keyboard theme/tweak?

Trey Brown says:

Bro I just wanna say yuur great man you keep my phone pimped out

Danny nivar says:

i want to make my messages widther but it dose not show on messages customizer

Trey Brown says:

Hey but how do I apply that theme I downloaded it I just don’t know how to put it on my phone ?

Madara uchiha says:

want that theme D: n the gotham theme doesn’t have all the icons how do we get it like yours?

Katrivia Martin says:

the source doesn’t work

Gary Kess says:

Tweaks, how do you have this running on your iPhone 6/6 Plus when I myself and a few others on this thread have had issues doing so. Please let me know asap. (Referring to the Message Customizer)

RockyBoWood says:

What do you use to jailbreak. I tried to use the iphoneunlockerpro but when I did it didn’t work and it was all in Japanese. So I didn’t do it and stopped the program.

rl_19 says:

How do you make these smooth animations when opening and closing apps?

Sargon William says:


Abubaker Hashimi says:

I Have Accessed My Desired Whatsapp Number, This is Really Awesome, Bookmarked!!Enjoying 🙂 Best Messages App Setup

Taylor says:

How did you get the messages app black?

Shmslfhmi says:

How to get that returntosender? Didnt found in my cydia

YouAlreadyKnow707 says:

what theme is that??

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