Everything New in Messages in iOS 10

Everything we know about iOS 10: http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/ios-10/


KottonKandyKoala says:

Someone deleted me from my own chat and I can’t delete them while I’m already deleted because her contact name appears in the “show more” section and every time I’m deleted when I press the “show more” option, it won’t work. Any advice on how to delete her?

ReeLNeiLtv says:

I’m tired of my friends asking “how’d you do that?!” when I send a text. Now, I just send them this link lol

stuart travis says:

when I get a message alert I open it and the banner comes up again and I get the message sound again. it never used to do this, do you know how to turn this feature off ?

Jimin got no jams says:

0.30 i can’t do this feature..my friend is using iphone 6 and I’m using iphone 7 plus..any help?

The Randomchannel says:

-what’s up-

11TH says:

How the fuck do you leave a group chat on iOS 10 wtffff

Злой Негр says:

Well ideas for the rest of the nation

RJ13 says:

Tf do I delete group chats

Lori Briscoe says:

So these features work on iPhone 6?

Chi says:

Does anybody know how to change a groupchat name on ios 10?

Congruent-thoughts says:

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Abhishek Kulkarni says:

Can anyone tell me if we can attach a text message from say ‘notes’ in to the messaging app?

Jada Lee says:

My contact pictures doesn’t show up and I have iOS 10 what should I do ?

Roger Moore says:

Will this work on iPhone SE?

anis zaidi says:

i very excited to buy new iphone later. Give me a thumbs up if you otw getting new iphone too.>_<

Rick Gastly says:

I want to leave random conversations my friend added me to but the “Leave this Conversation” button isn’t in the info screen. Help?

Congruent-thoughts says:

Warning: If you do not own a iPhone, this video is perhaps pretty annoying to you.Comments of this kind are easily to spot… 😉

Tim Carpenter says:

3d touch not working on text

Zuris Mantillas says:

I have the iPhhone 6s I cant get the screen effects pop up when I hold the send. Already turn off the 3D touch that someone else suggested and nothing ;-/

Anjessb B says:

Why does my 7 iPhone don’t work the 3D on the send for the effects? Do I need to disable something? Help

Eleni Georgiou says:

I have iPhone 6, how do I hand write a message using landscape mode? It doesn’t give me the feature. Also I don’t have stickers there. I have words. How do I add them?

Ain'tMyself says:

Jesus christ! I thought Apple was known to make things simple.

gr33ndest1ny says:

Have you ever seen orange text in a iMessage. I can post a screenshot in comments. I’ll post the un cropped image if necessary

szantai123 says:

1.20 & 1.24 why are the message bars different? it goes from long bar to short bar…..

gnarly Cal says:

0:57 does he say “megage?”

noahm123 says:

everything but how to disable imessage… great

Doro97 says:

Hei! I have a problem with messages application on an iphone 5s after i upgraded to 10.2. Sometimes when i open the app, it crashes and i have to restart the phone to fix that. Does anyone have the same problem like me or know how to solve it?

Angus Richards says:

Why are certain words from my text messages disappearing. Like this ” hey how you ” and the word doing is gone. How do you fix this? Anyone know why?

M0vingPictures2112 says:

Nothing at all about whether you now have control over the bubble colors. I am refusing to downgrade from iOS 6.x.x to iOS 10 (I did type “downgrade” that’s correct) if there isn’t any color control; as those are not great colors. I’ve used some family members iPhones’ and it’s too hard to read them.

Pink Sprinkles says:

Can you take away the effects if you don’t what it!

Dave Gonzales says:

Does imessage works when there is internet connection?

RainbowRebelz Gamez says:

How you 3D touch

Brendan Gargan says:

So I still want know how do like the pencil writing

Kale Shaw says:

Did anyone else’s thing that says they are typing. Turn to a different animation

Josh Kartchner says:


Jovan Kostic says:

Hi! Why i havent voice button left of space button? Where is this option to enable?

nichole logan says:

When u turn it side ways to draw, mine use to work, but now when I rotate it, it’s only the keyboard that rotates and it never goes to the drawing thing 🙁 how do I fix?

KenTheGamer says:

Subscribe please

Dave Sommers says:

I want the old app back. It’s very painful to use and I don’t use any of the fancy stuff. All I want to do is send messages.

Celery Carrot says:

sorry for my ignorance. Does this message app function as SMS or chat app like Whatsapp? This app will be a waste if it’s an SMS app because I don’t have unlimited texts plan in my country. The app looks really good and promising.

Samyria says:

its lit fam!

DavidMC says:

I accidentally left a group chat and my friend added me back in but when I tried to text them it was as if I left the conversation again can someone help plz?

VY VN Peter 34 34 34 says:

I have that ipdate

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