Everything New with Messages in iOS 12

Messages got quite a few new features in iOS 12. AppleInsider dives in to find all the new Animoji characters, the new camera effects, layout changes, and more!

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cheese says:

memoji could be a segue into your VR avatar

Parth Patel says:

Video should have named anemoji!!!!

Dan World says:

blow your nose, for the mother of God lol

Julien Bianchini says:

I still don’t get why people 8+ care about animojis… and the X is clearly not a phone for underaged spoiled brats so… why….??

White Mail Privilege says:

I thought Apple is all about privacy. Why are they tracking my face?

Rory Patrick Morrison says:

Not my favourite tone of voice to listen to when watching your videos. Not trying to offend anyone, the voice is just annoying af

Shawn Murphy says:

hold up… IPOD TOUCH WAS LEFT ON IOS 6 OR 9?!?!?! WELL HOW IS MY IPOD ON IOS 12?!!??!!?!?!?!?!

Agustin D. says:

1:19 you mean miis?

Mihir Sachdeva says:

Which cover r u using please tell me i also have iPhone X

ChrisHiga Official says:

Is this iOS 12 Beta 2?

SplashyTrash280 says:

1:18 *T H E M E M O J I O N T H E N I N T E N D O S Y S T E M S*

Jorge Rdgz says:

Will this release in September?

Ghassab 9 says:

What about voice notes quality?

M C Deluge says:

What case do you have in the video?

CJ Porras says:

Will you go over the built in 3D object viewer in iOS? Apple did a cool demo at WWDC showing the AR capabilities of previewing .usdz files. They even stated that this would be available in their core apps like iMessage. The idea of texting AR experiences sounds really cool, and I would love to see if other 3D object file types are supported as well.

Luke Sloan says:


Crazy pack says:

How did u get the Siri shortcuts apps I can’t find it in my iOS 12 beta

Omio Khan says:


ㄗ丹れ刀丹 says:

And this is probably the main reason ill never go over to android. Private messaging without google and facebook collecting my data!

Victor dARKO says:

Apple is so focused on emojis more than the software it self. With all the emoji crap makes me think this phone is aimed for children. They are putting to much time into this pointless crap. Let snap chat keep that shit. I want to see a better software and more matured features. More luxury and not kiddy crap.

lucas says:

You sound like a cowboy lol

Sammarth Chauhan says:

I like apple

FM From Subeg says:

i hate that notch so badly

XxJIAA99xX says:

How did you get the Siri shortcuts app?

y. manideep says:

Out of the topic is front camera potrait mode improved in iOS 12??

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