Exclusive: Android’s last chance to fix messages

Google is finally going to fix the messaging mess on Android. In this bonus episode of Processor, Dieter Bohn exclusively explains how Hangouts and Allo are getting replaced. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/G5RXGs

Processor is a weekly YouTube show that takes a deeper look at how consumer technology is changing and how we should think about our gadgets as people, not just as users.

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Riccardo Enrike says:

The problem with WhatsApp is that it only supports one device at a time. iMessage allows to have an iPhone, and iPad and a Mac all sync so you can get any message to any of those devices at once. If WhatsApp could do that would be great. FB Messenger allows multi-device logins but I don’t support FB terms. Does anyone know how to get WhatsApp to work on several devices at once?

CaNietzsche says:

This is such an American problem, every country in the world has some standardised chat app everyone uses.

VHS Projekt BLUE says:

a solution to a problem that do not exist…..

Chaitanya Anand says:

Actually this is a problem only in the US. In most other countries WhatsApp or signal or telegram is used by most people and mostly no one uses SMS anymore

Matthew Gregory says:

I use signal, havent used anything else for awhile. Just wish more people had it.

ZEUS. says:

yo @usa wyd, the rest of the world’s using whatsapp ???

LancesArmorStriking says:

If Apple “gets onboard” with Google’s new RCS standard, will iMessages become decrypted?
Or, will anything sent from Android to iMessage be encrypted, but not the other way around?

Armen Nercesian says:

Deiter is the man

Daniel Halawi says:

iMessage is only way to txt or use whatsapp android is just garbage

You says:

I have a fix, just get an iPhone & use iMessage it’s real simple & feature rich & SO SO MANY users are on iMessage! To add this, if your children have an iPod Touch or iPad or Mac you can text them as well along with some many other features, seriously you cannot go wrong with iMessage.

Dane Rossenrode says:

In South Africa, everyone uses WhatsApp; like, the almost everyone in the country.
That happened because the service providers (still) charge for smses… so we collectively decided “nope”.

Monzerelli says:

Currently I use Textra, because I love the customization. I’d love for all of these apps to use encryption though, I’m not understanding why encryption isn’t a default. That really sucks.

aiden bunce says:

There must be a lot of criminals… End to end encryption is the only thing anybody is talking about here

Stetson Doggett says:

I feel like this is primarily a US problem where iMessage and SMS are the two most popular forms of message communications. The countries where everyone uses WhatsApp, they’re doing it right. The problem is already solved. The US either needs everyone to get on board with one app, for everyone to get an iPhone, or for this RCS thing to actually work. Let’s hope it works!

Ryan Distaso says:

Just get an iPhone and use iMessages. It’s way better, is encrypted, etc. #itstimetomovetoiphone

Alex K says:

When will it come out? Will it be as good as iMessage, will you be able to send vidoes and pictures over wifi without having to use data? All questions that must be answered with a yes to overtake iMessage.

Daniel Halawi says:

Android sucks and apple is the best if you disagree then your dumb, the eco system on apple is years ahead

Cody Murphy says:

I use iMessage and Messenger, but I am trying to get more Signal Converts.

Snuzzle D says:

I just use a third party sms app….

Donald says:


Charles Yeo says:

Right now text is very region and cultural centric. Chinese in China and its Chinese speaking diaspora uses wechat. It’s basically a super app that isn’t going anywhere. Thai and Japanese uses line. Malaysia and Singapore uses whatsapp. When I say uses… I means that it is so prevalent that if you give someone your number you give them your app contact too.

FineAzz Beeyah says:

For some reason I thought block chain at 3:26 when he was explaining RCS.

Promethean Knight says:

I got the ultimate solution to your infantile problem how about you, I dont know actually use your phone for what it was meant to do and call whoever you’re trying to reach. People need to stop texting like drones and have a meaningful conversation instead of these back and forth glorified note passing that fell out of style in middle school.

Alvar Lagerlöf says:

What? I already have RCS. Those slow Amercial carriers suck 😀


Remember then Google Talk first came out and it was awesome! ..

just needed to slowly add more to it… Instead of changing the name over and over again

Milos Djeric says:

I use android smartphone for ewerything and classic phones like Nokia express music or other like c5 or 2700 for cals and messages.

Donnavon Hallgren says:

How about a really good encrypted universal protocol in which any app maker can use. Let them duke it out with interface and features. Apple would never go for this because people would leave the iPhone in chunks of 1000’s

atenrok says:

Uhm… Since when is Duo “crazy popular”? I literally know like two people who tried it, and don’t know anyone who’s actually using for video chatting….

oopsisuckeditagain says:

why is everyone obsessed with whatsapp i hate it

DecHasRisen says:

What’s so bad about normal SMS texting?

Jesse Starr says:

Doesn’t solve the main problem with messaging. Need something universal for Android and iPhone!

Jacob Carlson says:

Dieter reminds me of Harry Anderson…

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