Floating Messages with NinjaSMS — Android App Review

A lot of people were intrigued by the floating notifications feature of Facebook Home. But this isn’t the only potion to get that. XDA Forum Member lordms12 offer up a messaging app that allows you to respond to incoming messages without leaving the screen you are on.

In this video XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews NinjaSMS. Yesterday TK interviewed a couple of the developers of NinjaSMS. Today, TK shows off the application, its uses, functionality and talks about his thoughts of the application. The update reviewed in this video will be released Thursday night to the public. So check out this app review.

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DansEuropeVlog says:

SAO messaging is great to and anyone know what launcher he is using

Charles Eye says:

Does it have Google Voice integration? If not, is there an app you’d recommend? I’ve been looking for a floating GV app for my tablet for a while now with no luck.

william dean says:

nice vid…do you take requests?

Ferdinand Zapanta says:

Whats your keyboard? Tnx!

John Burke says:

Prefer using Floating Notifications but use Ninja as well

TK Bay says:


Jan Renzo Tiangco says:

This is a great idea for an app. What I like to see though is a more intuitive way to minimize conversation: For example, like sony’s solution in small apps were the icon at the sides of the screen will minimize it and can be opened easily by clicking again

TK Bay says:

Can you send me an email with info about it. thank you

william dean says:

yes ill need your email

Assyl Tukeshev says:

i like stock app))

rick davidson says:

Please could you tell me what launcher and keyboard were you using in the video? Thank you.

CHILL iAM says:

Oh really? It looks different. I have SK Flow.

Alonzo Olivas says:

what launcher is that? ninja sms is pretty good for those that don’t have halo btw.

TK Bay says:

Yes, I do. thank you

TK Bay says:

they are working on that for the near future, but for now try using SMS popup on the play store.

EyeJayAre says:

I like how the app works, but it needs to have a better UI

TK Bay says:


thebeardedonecampos says:

Good thing I bought this while it was 99¢

william dean says:

no prob..there’s a lot of buzz about this app bein released in a couple of weeks called ripplnapp and I was wondering what a app reviewer thought

CHILL iAM says:

Which keyboard sure you using?

5YmpIylikeMe says:

0:38 have fun

Charles Eye says:

Thanks, I’ll give it a look. I’m always surprised at how few sms apps have GV integration.

TK Bay says:

I will forward the message to the Dev team.

xpgbodomhc1 says:

0:37 thank me later

BjergTv says:

can i have one too?

ps13215033 says:


TK Bay says:

the new Update will be out today, so be on the lookout for that.

James Stewart says:

My keyboard has a pop up option which could be a useful companion for this app 🙂

ds808 says:

which launcher are you using?

Bakana says:

Next Launcher 3D

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