Galaxy S9’s secret features

Seven things you didn’t know Samsung’s phone could do. Check out our full first look on CNET:

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Joe Yates says:

I’m not really convinced too much because other than some bigger Ram, some extra features and a few other minor things. I believe it’s not worth the hype, I currently have the Galaxy S7 and it does more than enough and everything that I want and need. So as far as upgrading to this phone, nope not right now maybe in a couple more years when the S10 or S11 comes out LOL!

Brittany Oberschlake says:

Loving my new s9 plus its exquisite!

Julian Fullerton says:

Incredible stuff here lady. Great job!

Bijay Kunwar says:

I have one S9 tooo

Chris B says:

OMG. Ur so beautiful!

Dorothy Calvadores says:

How can i see the downloads files in samsung s9?

MtnXfreeride says:

why is no one going to demo the blood pressure sensor??

Ed Summerfield says:

Good exercise video

Manij Shrestha says:

Thanks for noted

Maria Donnelly says:

Hi everyone want to set messages tone different for each contact but don’t know how. For the galaxy s9 help please

Piedro der Papagei says:

Yeah my iPhone 6 has all of this beside the camera things…

i Nerri says:

How did she get the live focus on her camera?

Phil PJ Davis says:


Abby says:

Yep totaly


yeaa I am going to buy one for my wife this weekend.

Alexis LexT says:

Galaxy has been the best phones on the market and will forever be the best phones on the market.. IPhones used to be a threat just until Steve Jobs deceased(may he rest in peace) .. ever since his pass I highly doubt apple can compete with Samsung but we will see if I’m right or wrong.

Ryan Griggs says:

I love Android!! IPhone is a rip off… iPhone 7 (takes away Aux port for you to buy Aux port separately.. which doesn’t allow charging and private listing at the same time)…. IPhone 8.. “i got it.. lets create air buds which we will charge people to use your crap that they more than likely lose and buy more…. let just skip 9, because math is irrelevant when your counting billions you rip off from people.. so let just call it X so people with think it amazing.. and charge 1000+ tax and give them a face emoji, a ok camera, the same shitty chargers, and add back the same crap we took in the previous models and call them new features!!”  ijs

Joe Crosson says:

Fix your voice.vocal dry is a choice not a real tone of voice and it sounds like you’re choking

NEERAJ R says:

In the sounds and vibrations settings, there is a separate app sound setting. If u turn it on u can play a specific app on a separate audio device (bluetooth) and then play something else on your phone’s speakers ( YouTube)!!!

It’s the coolest feature!

Chris N says:

jessica is so damn hot!!

justee33 says:

Where’s the missed call notification on sp plus

Thelma Davis says:

better than the x


Dammn its 9° in barcelona??!!!!

yamaharydar says:

I can’t figure out how to get my notifications to swipe. they pop up, but they don’t separate and create a little box. Anyone know how to get this feature up and running? nothing more annoying than interruptions and then going back to what you were doing.

DeluxeDestroyer says:

“hidden” features. More like new.

Thomas Salter says:

I have an s9, I have no idea how that notification thing works, mine still shows up in the rectangle taking up the top of my screen

Simon Mitchell says:

I’m having dual WhatsApp issue , as in the 2nd account no names come up just the numbers even though they are saved to the phone can you help please ?

Anjoleno Raby says:

This phone is #1 Awesome

Movie matics says:

Does anyone know how to get your text messages by swiping down and responding? My S9 only lets me reply by displaying a small box at the top of the screen.

ironman6992 says:

She has the perfect face to cum on

jorell carbonell says:

my clear view cover is not working. and i cant find the “accessories” option in advance features in samsung s9. anybody has the same problem?

Michael Huerta says:

Excellent video, it was just what I needed!

aaron porto says:

I have one and it is a RUBBISH PHONE. it is not worth it for it’s price. It is make for your and my money.



j ruffin says:

Love my plus

Dreyton Dave says:

Not so great to me, My old BlackBerry could at least give you identifying tones for different caller and text messages. Also night mode to cut out all except phone calls while displaying a night clock.

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