Google Messenger App Review

Finally, Google has made the Google Messenger app available in the Play Store! This is just a SMS and MMS replacement app for your current messaging app – whether it is hangouts or not.

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This works on any device running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above.


raptor2569 says:

They also copied Textra app.

Louis Carrion says:

thanks for the overview!

Just wish the GUI elements were smaller… Everything’s all huge and takes up a lot of screen space!

Joey Nickel says:

Whats the difference between this and Hangouts?

Sherlock James Kent says:

Thanks for another excellent review.

How are you finding this messenger? I’m downloading it as we speak. I have some issues with hangouts so happy to give this a try.



Happy Slant says:

Very helpful – thank you!

Casey Stellar says:

+Qbking77 (Tim Schofield) Calling in “Google Messenger” was a better marketing strategy than “Hangouts” because the name implies what it does and will appeal to a larger audience.

Maurice Hall says:

This video for whatever reason is really laggy for me. Every other video on I can stream at 720p 1080p and even 4K but this one either lags or goes way down to 186p or whatever it was. So strange.

Juan Taveras says:

Dude, have you ever watched any of your videos at 0.5 speed?? hilarious! great video by the way.

RupertRockStar says:

I love this new app! Thanks for the video 🙂

Thomas Hazelton says:

Using an HTC One M7, have all my contact photos synced with Facebook, when I open the messenger app those photos do not populate into the conversations like they do with my stock sms app. Anyone know how to make this happen?

oujui says:

how is textra or hangouts better than this? I’m still using the samsung stock messaging app and looking to switch.

Adonis Garcia says:

The colors are based on a color spectrum that is associated to the alphabet.

Justin Dufrene says:

I wish Hangouts would adopt this look and feel.

Diamonique says:

How do u start a message I tap on the plus on the bottom right hand corner an click a name but after I click a name it doesn’t let me start the text or anything so please help me

Joey Nickel says:

Hangouts does smh and mms…

Mark Anthony says:

What are the options that are on the android wear app?

Mladen Vuckovic says:

Textra stays with me for sure

byanick says:

is there anyway to get backup text to lollipop messenger from textra SMS?

John Vasquez says:

wow like it much better than hangouts. thanks for letting me know about it!

Bhargav Sripada says:

I have a s3 and when i click the attachment it opens the camera like the nexus 5

Juan J. Lamboy says:

Loving it so far!

Neone - Zyeptik says:

it doesnt send my messages

Michael Winger says:

I don’t understand where this app fits in with Google’s insane messaging ecosystem. Why is this being developed when Hangouts finally started to unify all their platforms? I’m now completely baffled at Google’s vision of chat.

raptor2569 says:

customizable settings in that app sucks!

saf1729 says:

Have you noticed any bugs? It seems to be a bit slow to open up from Lollipop’s lockscreen notification. Other messaging apps work fine though.  

hype cole says:

i only watched this video because i was sure that this app did something i just wasn’t smart enough to figure out… i was wrong…this app sucks

Sixtus says:

This app is almost identical to textra. Not feeling it @ all and UI is a bit boring. I still like and prefer hangouts.

erickv1977 says:

looks good but is not free 

Bhargav Sripada says:

Even my changes colour according to the profile pic i dont think it is a coincidence might be a trend

Jonathan Olivas says:

Why is the video lagy

Lavishlyfat says:

THANK ALL THAT IS HOLY! A tech commentator who has actually shown us the new messaging app!

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