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Beau HD reviews the new Google Messenger App designed for Android 5.0 Lollipop devices. While it is available for most devices running Android 4.1 and higher, it is designed to appeal to users who do not want to integrate their SMS messages with Google Hangouts. The app as a whole is very simple and includes several useful features such as voice messaging and the ability to capture and send images directly from the Google Messenger app itself.

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Charles E Bright says:

I have this as my default SMS app on my LG34C thru tracfone running 4.4 kit kat and runs fine. I like it!

Jeff The Gaming Dude says:

i really like the look but group messaging keeps jacking up. why is that?

rahul kumar says:

there was a perfect of a message good looking

MolaMola says:

will use this for sms

Mr. A14 says:

that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the stupid hangouts

GSX-R600L1 says:

There is no enter/return button so you can’t even start a new line. How bloody stupid! Back to Textra it is…

Joel Peralta says:

They should make this app available on appstore.

Feri Muhibudin says:

no auto delete old messages 🙁

gabby Gabiosis says:

how do u send scheduled messages with this app

Rophoenix says:

I love this app it goes well with my floatify notification app, it has more applications but, this app needs a lot more customization like chomp messenger… I really likethis one….thanks for the video bro!

Mark Olaivar says:

If we are connected to a wifi or using a data connection is our text messages, pictures sent etc. free? Just like in IOS imessanger? Thanks a lot!

RamZoTube says:

Can u message other people for free over wifi?

Kid Ricky says:

Does this app work with google voice?

Eduardo Rx12 says:

do i need an active service to send message? Or do i just downloaded and text

Butter Cheeks says:

My phone can do that on its own. big deal

Ckaren Vlogs says:

I was wondering if this app makes video chat?

Emmanuel Abijo says:

I dont know If this could spark a lawsuit but Google should rename duo as “HangTime” (a spinoff their hangouts base).
It sounds alot cooler to invite friends to join or call you on. like “Hangtime me when you get a chance” or “Hit me on Ht” .

Ethan Shrago says:

We just want a universal app to see delivered, read receipts, when the persons typing, messaging over mms, and high quality pictures and videos in one app between android and iPhones. How fucking hard is that.

Freedom Cobra says:

Still can’t send videos over it

Howard Norberg says:

How can you use this app over WiFi even if you don’t have phone service? I know it’s possible because I’ve read online about it, but I don’t know how to do it

Mark Wang says:

I actually kind of like it; it’s very clean and easy to use, something that I appreciate. 

Souad Souad says:


MJIndian says:

The only reason I would use this is for the ability to swipe down from your notification and quickly reply without having to leave your current app, much like iOS has it. Otherwise, Hangouts is my main choice for texting.

Charles Stewart says:

When is ATT going to have an app to txt over wifi with your own number? Like iMessages, and Verizon Messages? That’s what I need.

hellrealm1 says:

thank god I hated the fact that they were using hangouts for messaging as a result i ended up using the default message app that came with my g3 i always hated the stock android messaging app they lacked emoji support and was just plain ugly FINALLY A GOOD MESSENGER APP THANK GOD

Jonh Boby says:

Ola,esse app nao da para instalar no iphone?

Lee Crook says:

great app but how do you clear most frequent names I don’t see an option to clear it.

Mulatto Mann says:

Love this app, so simple and elegant.

c mjema says:

it doesn’t work in my BLU Lile XL

Nathan Nesen says:

I have always used the stock sms app. I decided to try this and its nice but in the contacts section it shows ne old contacts i deleted a long time ago and shows me multiple of each contact. Why? And theres no option to remove or edit contacts. I have my original contacts linked to google as well. Ive had issues with this before. Why is it doing that and how do i properly manage my contacts?

Jhonathan Rodriguez says:

I’m using it and yes prefer it separate!

eant htoo kyaw says:


Mark' Anthony Par-Wise says:

I use this, instead of hangouts amd the default sms app that came with my Sony Xperia Z 5 compact

Dylan Maldonado says:

Weird. All of a sudden I have two messaging apps. I swear it wasn’t in my app drawer before… but now I know which one to use.

Shabbir Shaikh says:

can you please allow SMS to be synched with Google account so I can not loose my important SMS even if I change my phone.

Jeff Martinez says:

I have chosen Messenger over Hangouts. Its more stable and looks better. I’ve been using Hangouts since it was released, I enjoyed it more then the default messaging app. Messenger ups them both. They should just kill off both and utilize Messenger for every Android based phone.

LittleGoof 1 says:

Will it only work on WiFi or data ?

ikethecatslayer says:

I’ve put in the numbers and everything but it won’t send…

This is set as my default messaging app and everything, so could someone please just give me the steps in finally starting to text someone on here? Thanks

Lx Beltran says:

Will it work on my Samsung tablet?

Vital Perspectives says:

Can u make backup ?

robotman5 says:

Much better then the default sms app that came with my phone.

Joanne Millares says:

does anyone know how to find the thread count or number of messages per conversation with this app? thank you

Zach Zima says:

I can’t get MMS to work…which sucks because I like this app’s UI

Meenawal Zarobwal says:

what’s the difference? I can do all that in Hangouts already….

KsAl Android says:

How to get the clock widget plz in galaxy s4

Malik Grant says:

maybe, hangouts gets slow after awhile

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