Google’s RCS wants to mimic iMessage’s magic with Android Messages

In the battle of texting apps, Google has a plan to create a unified, interactive texting experience across all Android devices using RCS and the Android Messages app. But not everyone is being a team player.


Joe Nook says:

I’m going to stick with iMessage

Jairo Reyes says:

OK she made no sense. first she says that Google signed a deal with all US carriers, than she moves on to say that Verizon,at&t, and T-Mobile aren’t on board. than she moves on to tell me to just keep Android messenger up to date in order to use RCS. WTF.

Patrick Cole says:

They need to add wifi messaging and have a desktop app in order to truly compete with iMessage.

rsilinnyc says:

I don’t care about emojis.

videodude2010 says:

Bridget my bae! Making me click on a video so fast!

Jack Tran says:

It’s a garbage app because it compresses images so much compared to the stock LG sms app

pksangavaram says:

What a waste of a video

Charles Eye says:

I’m liking this video format better. Casual Bridget on the streets > Bridget in a box.

Derek Serrano says:

Haha this is why I love my iPhone

UltimateSka8erXD says:

You just named my concerns!!! i hate my iPhone but i love my iMessage

Nick says:

Peez… for the luv of god… fast… standardize this shit… Christ…

Rex amillion says:

We really need one standard RCS text message app for Android. I hate SMS. I use fb messenger as much as I can cause it’s so much quicker and more convenient.

Yasir says:

Looks like CNET finally decided to pony up and hire some real videographers with some professional video equipment…good job guys!

Chris Anthony says:

I don’t like the Android messages app because they still haven’t added the ability to share contact information. I continually give Google feedback on the fact that it’s missing the ability to share contact information. I started giving this feedback when Google first released Google messages but they don’t care to add a simple feature like being able to share a phone number with somebody

Arif Mahmud says:

0:20 please help me. what was after Skype ?? thanks

Peter Benedetto says:

Google needs to be more strict if they want to be less fractured

FastLikeUNO says:

Yea its about time to converge ALL message platforms into one app. Keep in mind I do NOT want something like Tweet Deck where multiple social media accounts are rolled into one. I just want this for direct messages!

connorthellama4 says:

I really wish iMessage and Android Messages were more connected so that someone on one certain device would be able to see what the other sends on a different device. That way it would be more unified.

Christopher Jorgensen says:

I am on Android and need to message someone on apple with only an email… help?

Yash Vasava says:

Google should make it integrated with other messaging app! And directly pass info to one app. Meaning one app lets you control all other messaging apps.

For example- what’s app and Skype and Facebook messengers all information will pass through one app that will be googles messenger or googles allo!
Hence you can reply to someone on Facebook messenger or WhatsApp directly from the googles app!

Hence making things simple googles app should make other apps information passing through its app!

Would be helpful and bring uniformity

Big Boss says:

Google.. You have hangouts, allo and now Google messages??? Screw it!

Marcos Beni says:

Google Hangouts is a well-rounded app already with Google Voice integration that Google could bake all of this into. Instead, they keep jumping from messaging app, to messaging app, to messaging app. They should just pick one and STICK TO IT!

Steve-rogers says:

iMessages ! Ftw

Eduard Arakelyan says:

Allo should have been Android Messages..

Ralph Miranda says:

I’m sure Google will release another seven messaging apps before the year is out. F$^%ing _STUPID!_

traxxasbandit1 says:

Who doesent have whatsapp, everything else sucks, ether text like normal people if you have a cell plan or use what’s app

James Anchundia says:

Google should’ve done that with allo since they made a huge deal about it and make it a default app.

unimatrix82 says:

i just want an app that can text and send picture messages over cell data or wifi

Declan Green says:

can someone help me in using this app and when I try to send a message to a group chat that had friends with iPhones it says cannot send and I can’t receive messages in a group chat from iphones

Kenneth Schlatter says:

I really want RCS to become a thing supported by all carriers.

v1d300 says:

Bridget, you forgot to mention the most important thing about it. With RCS is it can become a global messaging platform like what SMS is, just more richer and ability to send even on data so no messaging charges like in SMS as it would be through the carrier and not platform/app specific. Once RCS becomes available on all networks it can be used via any messaging app which supports RCS and not dependent on just Android Messages app.

UnitedRecording says:

no one uses kik anymore lol

Thanapol Amphanet says:

Seriously Google? How many time is it now?

Saszfer says:

i have a feeling you guys would love to check my compilation i made on bridget 😉

FedJimSmith says:

Me and my gf have our own messaging system developed by me. 😀

Frieda Fuzzypaws says:

lol. Who tf uses Google Allo?

morsit says:

it looks like samsung is trying to part ways with google and star making its propietary brand OS and ecosystem, for example samsung gear are specifically branded as “samsung gear” not android wear and their SO eventhough its still android its slowly getting away from android ecosyste.also i think this is because it competing directly with apple and having to depend on a third party its not as good as propietary technology so they dnt have to wait for updates and feature support
Note: Yeah sorry for my grammar and typos

Nicholas Bay says:

Does this new version of the app have a web interface? I’m using Project Fi and have been using Hangouts to SMS and MMS both on my phone and also my tablet and laptop.

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