Hands On With Android Messages For The Web

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G with Bee says:

But it’s not encrypted

Kevin Lutz says:

anyone know if there is a way to make your phone or your computer make a notification sound when you receive a text it seems like when i have the android messages tab open my phone no longer makes sounds for texts so if im not constantly checking the tab i can miss messages

mr. ramgharia says:


Triggered Feminist says:

If I can’t send messages over the internet without a PC then it’s stupid… C’mon google

A. AMAYA says:

XDA and TK, all the way. Thanks… This feature has been a long time coming.

K says:

What about Signal?

Caleb Nelson says:

I just use google hangouts because, ever one I know has a google account.

Mike Boehm says:

How does this compare to mighty text?

TheEpere15 says:

waited for this so that i could get rid of my third party app. but from i can tell seems like it only works if i have web page open? Thats not nearly as useful as iMessage.

Dh Rafi says:

Website doesn’t working !! Any help ?????

ilaphroaig says:

Already using Whatsapp in browser and Telegram as an app for years. So what’s different with AM? I don’t see any…
And it seems to me that the older ones are more advanced.


so you also use ad-blocker on xda! Ads suck!

Mitchell Taylor says:

Might have to swap over from textra SMS and use this with Substratum theme

ahmet sahinoglu says:

why not an embed software along with native windows os same like in macos . what maked it so hard to make it real?

Chemy Torres says:

I’m interested in this one because here text SMS are again being used because some situations

Nice video man, liked.

r howard says:

Just got the update works awesome on my samsung chromebook pro

AramisTech says:

I just tried it and it works pretty good expect when I sent some pictures, they took forever to deliver.

Personally I think it’s ok and it’s the baby steps of Android having a iMessage like competitor since iMessage is still king especially sending large photos and videos.

Sean Willecke says:

Do we know if the Android Messages app will be available on android tablets?

Gunther Furlong says:

WhatsApp and Telegram has had this feature aeons ago.

Ahmad Al-Ramadan says:

You offer the best top8cs but you are the worst presenter in terms of swift speaking. Please note that most of your followers are not English native speaker, si speak slower.

Poem Passionate says:

If I don’t have my phone turned on,can I still access this through my computer ? Eg: I am overseas and my phone is on flight mode.

Johan Winchester says:

i can do that with web whatsapp, no problem. except, i cant use web whatsapp if my phone run out of battery. so, can android messaging app on pc sending/receiving message while my phone turned off? if that can happen, im gonna ditch my whatsapp

Game Head says:

Google is king of software

maans le roux says:

Ijust cant figure out why I would use this over Whatsapp or Signal? Not encrypted either isn’t it?

Boucha Nagendran says:

hey, android message free to txt android message to android message???? like iMessage????

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