How to Get iMessage on Android in 3 Minutes

I found a quick and easy way to access iMessage on my Android Galaxy S9+ device. I used weMessage and my MacBook Pro to access iMessage. Do you think I will be able to download iMessage on my android phone in less than 3 minutes?



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Drumsled says:


FingerFoodyy says:

The download link is broken

sinamen516 says:

Tried it, worked for a bit but there’s a few bugs. I ended up deleting it

RightWingKing says:

can I do all the cool shit like send animated text and play mini-games?

CTClarke says:

Does it do imessage games?

Juggy R says:

My Samsung messages is better cuz it has more options.

Radu Mihai says:

This absolutely sucks

Exponius says:

I’ve never found anything useful on this channel.

Dave Gómez says:


Kirill Berezin says:

STEP1: Buy MacBook

Whole Reflections says:

so you can tap into iphone group chats with an android or not really?

Michael Bush says:

You can setup port forwarding to use this off your home wifi network.

_lollipop says:

Bruh i was the 1 million viewer cuz it was at 999 the i reload and it was 1M

Thomas Coble says:

Can you even play the imessage games?

Quinn karnas says:

I’m trying to do this on a VMware but when I try to sign in to messages on the mac app it says authentication error occurred. Do I need to sign into messages ur can I just do the we message thing without it?

Setu Vole says:

My buddy mac

Dave Gómez says:


Tim Vernak says:


Ted Forbes says:

You don’t need this if you’re already on the same WiFi network, just send a SMS and it’s the same thing, a WiFi message.

Dave Gómez says:


AO7 SPORTS says:


Setu Vole says:

Watch out for hop ons

Spicy CoCo says:

The videos 3 minutes the process is probably 30 minutes

Roland G says:

Can I head back after I pop up or I have have to hop first?

Arnon Sithi-Oum says:

just like many of the previous comments the the link to download weServer 1.2 is broken on the site. If anyone has it and is willing to share please do!.

One Blue Boi says:

Casually throws in “oh yeah you have to Keep terminal open and have the same WiFi connected all the time” at the last 5 seconds of the video. Couldn’t you mention that at the start? This guy is a cunt fuck this guy

Shrimp Zoo says:

Dumb. You need a Mac and a phone to text. And stops working once your IP changes

Mac N Cheez says:

Bruh! My names literally Mac and it don’t work 🙁

Nic B says:

But this means your mac has to be on at all times and your isp has to give a fixed ip address, so it’s not practical in most real life situations. I mean it’s a cool app, a bit like pushbullet (which I use in the opposite way, to send and receive text messages on my pc, because I’m home anyway and sitting at the pc with my phone in my pocket or charging somewhere…) but for imessage.

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