How To Hide Text Messages on iPhone

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sylvia solarz says:

Add appt PolishNewCastleRsdio

sethlevyrocks says:


Jacob Merks says:

Does it work with iPod?

Kelly Hayes says:

is your Girlfriend Grayson Chance! :O

OhNoKira says:

this is a dirty text

blacksabbath420420 says:

fucking pointless apps.

Styve Shembo says:


Philippos Vassiliou says:

no free way?? :((

Maggie Me says:

Wow thanks for the 411, you must be a cheater to know all these sneaky tips

Jose Duron says:

I wonder which phone has the right time.. Lol

stephweitzman says:

It’s not just to hide. It’s also to prevent wiretapping and eavesdropping.

hayden Perez says:

how can I see what is hidden on WhatsApp

Walter White says:

I am trying to hide text activities so my gf doesnt catch me cheating this is bs

Blah Blah says:

Did that dog at the end have a boner 😉

Joeass Joe says:

check this out:

dhk19 says:

what if u don’t want cops be able to find stuff on you’re iPhone with the help of a technician… i would also like to know if u can block cydia from ever being installed on you’re phone.

communicatecovertly says:

This one is easier and keeps the relationship between people a secret too. Messages cannot be monitored or intercepted either. Search for ‘how to stop being monitored’ for the you tube video

Blk69charger says:

Dude this apps are too complicated. I know an app it let’s u hide calls and txt it’s called
Blacklist u can find it in Cydia it’s a paid app u can also get the cracked version free. Really good app should check it out.

George Jean-Louis says:

So complicated..

c sharp says:

to u support uk

GarfieldTube73 says:

Its a boner O_.

Another Virgo Asshole says:

Are you fucking kidding???

toto3451 says:

Wonder why Ty needs this app ;]

GlixRox says:

WAYYYYYY too much work

Sri Gayatri says:

hey hello hai…

i am using iphone 3gs for past 6 months , but i am unable the delivery report to see when a message is sent to my friends , can u plz suggest me how can i do it…. plz reply me i am waiting,,, mail me at

Autumn says:

WHO has time for all this? :/

Jordan Allen says:

U where did u get your red iphone case

MarkSKristensen says:


Laureen Connor says:


MarkSKristensen says:

they should make a cydia app for this

shipsimulatorfreak says:

this is too much work

Dick Elliott says:

this is so revolutionary…..O WAIT no its not

BurnMyEyes0107 says:

not intuitive in any way. looks like it’d be very frustrating to use

jeremicci Mcgill says:

Dog pens, lol

Thanh Nguyen says:

These two apps are so complicated. I wish I can download handcent on iphone.

Brandon Wu says:

@ToadWarfare passcodes are annoying

BrodieL says:

i like how the time is different on both phones.

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