How to Monitor Text Messages On Someone Else’s Phone

In this video, you will learn how to Monitor Text Messages On Someone else’s phone, using the Verizon Message Plus app and spoof calling.


Ryan Rohlman says:

Need to hack gf fb Messenger plz help

Livingboldlynfierce says:

This explains the glasses. Smh

James Waugh says:

Insecure much?

Deven Mcelwaney says:

hit me up on fb I fr need your help my name right there plz and thank you I need to no what my gf up to

-_ says:

some of my txt and pics get deleted even though i locked them. I know someone is monitoring and tracking my phone. How do I stop tracking and monitoring. I just got a txt from verizon “location request” I was on the phone with a company had to push 1 for this 2 for that etc. the number keys would not work. I looked and that text from verizon was there saying something was asking for my location.

Gina The Akward fangirl Otaku says:

Top 180

Sami Khan says:

I wana no if ex bk with his gf.

Αντώνης says:

can y help me to see from my phone that it sign in to my girlfriend messanger his secret conversations? pls anser me plz

Christopher Henry says:

Does it include whatsapp message

N Khan says:

hi can track i phone 7 plus or not because the iso is different


yes it can be done.

Shantell Hunter says:

Link plz

Maxwell Bernstein says:

Why bother dating someone stupid? Waste of time!

Jabari Brewer says:

Can I use Verizon message instead of plus

Maxwell Bernstein says:

Are you hiding out at the library?

Deven Mcelwaney says:

I need your help

Sami Khan says:

How do I catch a cheat out?

Antarctic Warrior says:

All women cheat at one point or another. Don’t matter if you got a big dick, money, and looks that kill. Bitch will cheat.

Cori S. says:


Steven Fisk says:

why did u call why didn’t you call her phone while she was sleeping or taking a bath and send the text with the coad and enter it yourself? boom never have to have her do anything.? so I get the Verizon app. then I call the target phone with the Verizon app open on my phone send target phone a coad and enter it and I’ll get access??? is that right??? I need help. I know something is going on I need to do this asap HELP

J Gray Goose says:

so shady show ur eyes dude

emaleroland says:

nice shades, Sparky

MPBrick says:

question. if the phone you want to monitor is not a verizon device but tmobile… will this still work

Bee Gee says:

Will the spoofcalling feature work the same way if you tried “spoof-texting” instead?

andrew harman says:

so do u download the app verizon message plus app to your phone or computer right now all i have is a lap top

Ronnie Davis says:

You look like a person who would need to hide and do all of this to have a women…..Whoever, has to do this should one go to jail, report you for saying you can say your the police, or report Verizon for having this app…..

Rick Douglor says:

punk ass hacker you think that’s not a human rights violation……very not cool to get your rocks off by invasion of someone’s privacy.this should be a crime…what is this world coming to,when people think that’s ok.we don’t live in comunist Germany pre 2nd world war.look around people like you have made it that way power and control and exicuting deminun over another is the rape of their rights.oh that’s right we don’t really have any . thanks for your ignorance.

Koter alexous says:

what a goon

Andie A says:

If you have to go to that level, the relationship is doomed already. Js

Rob Dob36 says:

Your a fag how you gonna give parents ways to see are phones nigga really

Gail Hedglin says:

ill pay you to spoof my ex cell

Patti Pilcher says:

Wow!!! You’re now beginning to act like the deep state shadow govt.

Sana Fatima says:

with verizon message app is to spy for only verison numbers or is work with any prepaid ph service like lycamobile simplemoboile or so ?

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