How to Text GIFS on Android | Gboard and Android Messages Tutorial

Spice up your text messages by sending GIFS from your Android phone! To get started you need to download 2 different applications from the Play Store. Once these are installed follow the steps in the video to change your default keyboard and see how easy it is to search for a GIF.

Applications needed:
1. Android Messages
2. Gboard – the Google Keyboard

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Jack Phelan says:

I’m using the gbord with my comment my dog is on the gbord

Marisol Sanchez says:

I did everything you recommended but I get a message that says attachment too big. I send anyway and the resolution is terrible. Any suggestions how to fix that?

Help The Homeless! says:

What a total waste of time. What good is it if I can only send 2

Myssa Solis says:

Can you change the theme of the Android message app? I got the keyboard theme changed

Geekroids says:

i want to use this in *KIK* but it keeps telling me that “The Text field does not support GIF insertion from the keyboard”

Evil Bear says:

worked great, thank you!.

Justin Paul Alvarico says:

I can’t send gifs. I have both apps. Why?

marqueze77 says:

How to send GIF in a group conversation

Greensky02 says:

Thanks! I’m loving the Gboard!

27izestella says:

Thank you!

Jack Phelan says:

Thank you very much

se7ensg22 says:

Thank you…

Jair Lourenço says:

I have the go key board, but my problem is that I can’t post one gif on the comments

Spooky Jinx says:

Thanks Brett, I learned something. Hope I can send these GIFs to my friend on Skype. <3

The Last Hamelin says:

My Gifs appear very small compared to other gifs that people send. Any fix to that?

Dog boi says:


Bobby Price says:

Thanks so much! Your was spot on!

Noelle Crain says:

I already had both aps on my phone, so I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work…switched the messaging from vzn messaging to the Droid one & worked fine!!! Thanks!

Matt Kuhn says:

Can you change the background on the app message? Mine is white and orange..

Nancy Sampson says:

I downloaded GIPHY on my Samsung Galaxy S7, but it takes forever to download. I don’t have the patience to deal with how LONG it takes. Even if I search for a GIF, it takes forever. Most of the time, they show up blank. WTF!

Nancy Sampson says:

Thanks. Unfortunately, I couldn’t follow this because the picture was (is) very blurry. I had difficulty seeing what YOU were doing in this video. Thank you.

Bethany Fields says:

Dude, thank you, you helped me solve my issue with message + and trying to send gifs and bitmojis. I downloaded the messaging app as I already had gboard and bam. Works like a charm.
One thing: The word “gift” is the closest word to GIF, and it has a hard G. To pronounce GIF, just say “gift” without the “t”. That’s what I found to support my saying that you pronouncing it with a j sound made me cringe every time. 😀

Joseph Diggs says:

How do you send videos. When I try it always resize it and make it look chop or won’t send at all

Beautiful Beautiful says:

I couldn’t watch the whole thing. you took too long to get to the point and you talk soo slow. omg

crios0311 says:

Can you change the background in the messages app?

Ashley Segal says:

Than you

Subverter Radio says:

Thanks, but is there a way to make the gif size larger, the preview on my s6 is tiny

Elaina T says:

thanx! I had the same prob as Michael S… nice job.

Travis Hodge says:

It’s not jif. Graphics Interface Format.

Help The Homeless! says:

It only allowed me to send 2 saying I have reached my limit

Marcel Martinez says:

whenever choosing the GIF it asks to select contact to share. I do, then it indicated unable to attach file. Any suggestions?

perryeising says:

Tried this texting app today after watching your video, but my recipients weren’t receiving my text messages. Any thoughts on how to remedy that? They were all using iPhones.

x7xDOOMx7x says:

This has made my day a lot brighter!! Bravo kind sir.

filip mesaric says:


Cris E says:

I want to know how to send a gif downloaded from the internet thru text messaging. 🙁

tat2erik says:

What data collecting are you agreeing to in order to run this?

Logos says:

QUESTION: if you are already using Messages+ on an S8, will Android Messages import the existing threads?

Jimbo Slice says:

Works great, but edge lighting doesn’t work for some reason

Dictator Rich says:

Is it possible to do this with .jpg, .png, and .bmp files as well, or only .gifs?

Daniel Raygoza says:

Did this mother fucker just say jif?

Bo Jack says:

It keeps telling me I have to be logged on to a google account to download…I have a galaxy s6active an I’m currently logged into my google account

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