How to use Google Allo

Google’s new messaging app, Allo, is a perfectly fine texting app. It also has the Google Assistant, which can join your conversations.


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Elvin Velez says:

Does anyone know what android phone is he using?

xoxo Xoxo says:


Gran Cero says:

Don’t forget Line!

Bear Bear DIY says:

ok I’m getting the app!

sungodApollo says:

When sending pics it only works if the other person has Allo. You forgot to mention that.

Der Zurechtweiser says:

What camera did you use and what post processing did you do to get that hdr look?

Franklin Mena says:

I’m a Packers fan. We can’t be friends.

illfaptothis says:

excited to use this on my pixel

Dio Marclif says:

are its work on my suck version android4.4.2?

GoldyGames says:

Why would you need a texting app if you already can do that base phone

Prashant Kulkarni says:

or or or or or

Tariq 007 says:

How to see last seen statusss

Doug Le says:

Do both phones need the app installed?

Furfty says:

does this use sms? I don’t want it to…

king says:

what’s the watch you’re wearing in this video?

Wasim Abbas says:

What phone is that?

Bhaswar Dutta says:

Now it’s time for Pixel!!! : D

Chase Cook says:

Please make it the native messenger in Nougat. It’ll actually be used, instead of being a another messaging app on the side.

Melvin Kong says:

nah, I’ll skip this. too many msging apps. WhatsApp is good enuf

Tech1Tv says:

Well it’s been 6 months now and it’s getting better, i use it and it’s seems pretty accurate.

Chris Offner says:

…or Signal!

hungryThaim says:

I really like Google assistance functions

Oda Solheim says:

therapy environmental handful immigration index.

Salvador Arias says:

What if the person you text don’t have allo

vacationboyvideos says:

is it possible to send a animated giff on regular texting ?

alialgeneidy says:

Oh, there is one last thing u have to know, ITS MONITORED BY THE CIA, check Snowden Twitter account

Adolfo E. Rodriguez says:

Hold on, I just discovered “this” three mics. ago.- I hope I’ll make .-
most I’m done with Facebook and the likes; they wri
te “Ktrina” instead of Katrina.-
I am really done with.-

lunacron says:

This might be a coincidence but the day after I installed and registered my number with Allo I started getting calls from telemarketers several times a day..

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