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Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video we will talk about how to send and receive text messages from your PC. Android Messages is the answer for Android Users to combat iMessage’s best feature.

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Danny Chavis says:

I use Verizon messenger does the same thing but with more features.

Mike Brown says:

Thanks a lot for this Jimmy. On the new Samsung S9 you cannot set different notification sounds for different contacts. This solves that problem!

Colin Odom says:

Thank you for the great video Jimmy. I just followed your steps and don’t have the option to enable dark theme. Not a deal breaker but I agree that it’s easier on the eyes. A heads up for others, this works great as long as you have a good signal on your android device. If you will be gaming or working at your pc for extended periods make sure to place your device where it has a signal.

Lucian Palievici says:

Very useful video!

Olivaer Cruz says:

This is the same as Whatsapp web.

Lazluz says:

Great video! I have a macbook pro. How do I get the icon on my desktop?

Come Lets Travel says:

iMessage is the best ! The effects and it’s so fun
Full image and videos transfer
You don’t need a app to install or setup
I have mac, iPad , watch and of course the iPhone X
And the iMessage works even when my phone is switched off
I can send via Mac or iPad or watch
And there are many things
It’s just amazing .

Sam Rushton says:

why cant the laptop just be connected to wifi

Henry Padilla says:

Until the chat options work for Android Messages on the Galaxy SO Plus on T-Mobile I won’t be using it

Joshua Maldonado says:

or just buy an iPhone to enjoy a great iMessage experience between your iPhone, Mac, and iPad without downloading an app on your phone, without going to a web based app, no confusion and simple and just works..

don’t mind me, just trolling and I really do love my iPhone.

My dick is unbelievably tiny says:

Where did you get the Flash T-Shirt ?

George Fatherson says:

They will know about all your PC alltogether too.

ExecTech says:

Is this connecting to your phone over wifi? So they have to be on the same wifi network?

Henry Padilla says:

So it’s nothing like imessage, your phone has to be powered on, on imessage if your phone dies u can still use it on an iPad or Mac

ro pro says:

This is great, but about 3 years too late. Other chat apps have had this for a while. Google’s product development is kind of all over the place.

Ammar says:



Hey what case is that

Chukonu5 says:

Been doing this for ages with pulse sms

Danl Hall says:

Great idea, great video also bro. I might have some more questions so I will be hitting you up.

BuckeyeMCS says:

Another useful video Jimmy. Like button smashed

Tashriq B23 says:

Does it use Airtime or Just wifi and Data?

Dominic Hill says:

Great app. Bummer that it disables my RCS capability on my note 9

Garth Hamilton says:

Can Android Messages also use my cell phone’s voice signals to function, like regular texting? This is super important in emergencies, as I often hike in places where I get 1 or 2 bars of voice reception (just enough to send a text) but no 3G/4G data.

Justin Y says:

is there any way to get the “swipe down to reply” option like the original messaging system on the Samsung s9?

Mike The Cat says:

Seems neat

KKB1976 says:


J Kelly says:

I have an iphone x and the pixel 2 xl. I think what draws me back to my X is iMessage. I dont care about seeing when people are typing. what i care about is being able to send full sized pics/videos. if i send anything to someone, quality of killed on android. in a perfect world, i’d be able to send a pic/video cross-platform, and it show up as i originally took it. as much as apple is behind the times on things, android is REALLY behind on texting.

KiddsockTV says:

Nice Vid, but how is the process to import messages from the old/default messaging app?

N/A says:

Very helpful

MrJRod891 says:

One thing I don’t like about android messages is that every conversation has their different colors. I don’t care for that at all.

unltd94 says:

Another clean vid

AramisTech says:

This is a great first step. I tried this but it’s hit or miss. I sent a picture over the website and it took forever to send it. I use both an iPhone and galaxy s9 and iMessage hands down has this beat if you use a Mac.

Jimmy Smithers says:

Why do video MMS still come in blurry when received from an iphone?

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