Introduction to Signal Private Messenger


Signal Desktop is no longer a Chrome app – it is a standalone app that you can install on Windows, Mac and Linux. For details see:

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This is an introduction to Signal Private Messenger from Open Whisper Systems, a smartphone app that lets you chat and make calls with end to end encryption.

Be sure to check out our other videos on how to install and use Signal on Android ( and iPhone (

Read about Signal here:

For scorecards and articles comparing popular secure messaging apps, please follow these links: (no longer current)

For information on Signal’s centralized server architecture, please go here:

For information on how Signal connects you with your contacts, please read this article:

For a good briefing on general mobile phone security and privacy, read the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s guide:

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This video could not have been made without invaluable criticism and feedback from reviewers:

Marie Gutbub
Information Security Trainer/Journalist

Jens Kubieziel
Security Researcher

Fabio Natali
Software Developer/Information Security Trainer

Christian Vandrei
Privacy Activist

Dr. Richard Tynan

Daniel Anti-Freeze
Information Security Trainer

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Terry Johnson says:

can you still make secure phone calls without WiFi?

Kennethzombieslayer reborn says:

Is sending mms free?

InFamousJCarlo says:

Cant send messages in signal dunno why, im not connected to the Internet

Dirk Thomas says:

Thanks for this informative video. How does it deal with microchips snatching the message content before it gets to the signal app?

Jomevoker Quas says:

I only get message when I manually open the app,but not Everytime,but why? Newest version using iPhone

The Duke of California says:

danke sehr große!

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