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iOS 10 New Messages App Full walk through
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F I J I 간격 says:

How do i get to the top of messages without wasting loads of time scrolling? Pls i need help

Florence James says:

How do you leave a chat group

Venode says:

Why does my messages app not have the voice record option???? For voice message?

John Hitches says:

Hi, thanks for the useful tips. I have a question tho. Is it only limited if your iMessage is on? Or iphone to iphone? Thanks in advance

Je Productions says:

How do you leave a group chat in iOS 10.2 please help

lamar anderson says:

i wish i had people to play the imessage games with.

Romy Johnson-Miller says:

My phone 7+ dies not have those options

Baked says:

is there a tweak for iOS 9 on jailbreak to get this?

Mark E says:

I just downloaded the new ios10 and whenever i open the appstore icon on my imessage i cant get out of it unless i close out imessage completely and reopen it. I have an iphone6s

TheNoMercenary says:

I was in a group chat and someone secretly removed me with out anyone else seeing that I was removed. There was no message that I left the group chat or anything, but I was gone. Please help.

Hi Person says:

198000th subscriber

Doug Jones says:

Dude is there anyway you can talk faster… gosh

Faceblock and creep Squad adventures says:


Jay Reid says:

The pictures of the person isn’t their at the top

iMessage hack says:

Hey guys, iMessage is really fun if you can use all the paid apps, and actually you can easily, go to my channel and I will help you 🙂

Pete Skinner says:

you’re really good at explaining in a simple way. Respect.

Joseph Bickerton says:

Stickers won’t stick to photos for me

saif al arab says:

Very nice channel

Bárbara Brito says:

on iphone 5s with ios 10.2 i dont have contact photo in messeges. is it normal?

Mario McIntosh says:

Not going to lie…I’m feeling Apple’s messaging app.

dycoy lingating says:

am i the only one here who doesnt have contact photos in messages??

Kristi Miller says:

Does anyone know how to backup my messages to my itunes or icloud or computer? I’ve backed up my iphone to my computer, and then tried to with itunes, and while it recognizing my phone, it does not show any data/messages option for viewing.

LInh Whip says:

iphone 5c cannot do that ?

lildjboy Aks says:

How can I make the contact’s photo appear in the messages menu? Like in the start of the video.

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