iOS 10: Top Messages app features / changes!

How to use iMessage apps, stickers, photos and video, and tons of other tips and tricks for Messages in iOS 10! Read full post ►

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Ferrite (iOS):
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ma.luwin samia says:

Can you please help me the picture icon ing message in my iphone is missing:( how can i fix it?

Kristina Winegar says:

I really really love the iphone but it doesn’t have the play store app haveto down load that on the samsung s5 I have all music on my phone and I dont haveto pay a dime is there any way I can get music and save to my new iPhone if I get one for christmas 🙂

TaroFlava says:

Fck apple! No apple, your not instagram or snapchat. We don’t need stupid bells and whistles, when a user opens imessage, we use it to MESSAGE and TEXT people, not EDIT PICTURES, DRAW, ADD COLORS, SEND MUSIC, or all that other bullshit. I HATE how they make the text bar so small whenever I open a contact message, they making me put more effort to click/swipe that tiny text bar to expand it, WTF

Falcon Baby says:

does ios 10 work on the iPhone 6? I am new to this

Gino Guillermo says:

Re iOS 10 in general Still no night mode or dark mode to save battery? No means to assign an MP3 file as a ringtone without using iTunes or Garageband? Still no means to customise the Control Centre? Still no custom EQ settings on the music app?

Ali Kadim says:

Is this on all the iphone or device specific?

LizzieThoj13 says:

I don’t have that on my ipod, & I have iOS 10 updated. Is it because I have this app on my iPod?

Rodrigo Morell says:


Patricia Biagus says:

hi, i cannot hear you, only on phone

Juan David Samaniego says:

love the new #iOS10 #iMessage but the only thing missing is have profile picture like WhatsApp and you can change whatever you want.

BehelitOutlaw says:

Ok I’m buying the new iPhone. Love it. Messenger apps on android are boring

Bianey Perez says:

I cant access the images in the app drawer how can i access it ?

SuperGrace1000 says:

I like iOS ten! But it’s unfortunate for ppl with older version devices. When will they have a beta for older devices because they are left with the iOS 9 still

blackbushido1 says:

Hello. I love the work you do!! I was wondering if you would know if they’re every going to be able to apply a signature to messages??

Juan David Samaniego says:

love the new #iOS10 #iMessage but the only thing missing is have profile picture.

databang says:

Very thorough. Thanks sensei!

Fainting Goat Stickers says:

Great video!

Juan David Samaniego says:

love the new #iOS10 #iMessage but the only thing missing is have profile picture.

lindgal2 says:

Extremely helpful. Would not have known about all these great features without your video. I’m not tech savvy, so I’m very appreciative. Thank you

Brenda Christian says:

Great job!

HOAI DUC says:

You can use more stickers from Sticker Collections app:

rosa fermin says:

Is there a way of changing that “return” to “send”?

J27 says:

voice annoying as fuck

Helen Amaral says:

I Jeff hope you can help me I have those big faces emoji’s on my keyboard then I try to delete them but they keep coming back I don’t know what to do they are very very annoying big faces

Cynthia Merritt says:

Thank you for posting this! While I knew how to use some of the features, I was completely mystified by or oblivious to others. Just subscribed!

MadBit Science says:

It is fun sending money emojis.

Shefa Khairullah says:

im watching this because i dont have a sim card but an iphone 7 plus XD



Ferin Patel says:

Hey I am using iPhone 7 plus in iMessage app the three feature of digital touch and other are not working

ashley fombe says:

eventually we wont ever have to leave messages to do anything, they should make it so you cant watch youtube with others!

Toni M says:

Hi so I just wanted to say I really wish messages would’ve never changed. I wish it would go back to like it use to be in iOS 6! It was much better with light blue and green bubbles with black text. I know some people don’t care about little things like that but Jesus! Why would they change the messages look????? It was fine. Yes adding the new features but the bubbles were fine. I liked the thinner text font too. I just really hope iOS 11 is better because since iOS 7 it hasn’t been the best. I’d gladly take iOS 7 over iOS 10 honestly though.

IDontHaveAName says:

I have a IPhone 5C and IOS 10.2 but for some reason, the features where the arrow is won’t work and I have reduce motion off, can someone help!?

KB DNB says:

I’m new to iPhone. I got the ip7+

Crossed Rifles says:

How do you get rid of the message preview??? I hate getting messages on text and Facebook messenger and there’s a message preview. There used to be the option to just turn off message preview!

iMessage hack says:

Hi guys, all of the paid imessage you can actually get for free 🙂

Mark Ferrell says:

One of the best tutorial on YouTube, thank you

Gabbers P says:

how do u get EFFECT????

Lora Duguay says:

Wow! Thank you for the great video and in depth look into messages. Very informative and just what I was looking for. I’m new to iPhone and so far, loving it.

magda lykesa says:

Good Job! But is iMessage free?

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