iOS 8 New Features: Messages App – Tap To Talk, Video Message, And More!

iOS 8 brings new features in the Messages app!
Check out the Top iOS 8 Messages Features.
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Burhan Ali says:

The first quick audio thing is similar to WhatsApp and so is the pictures between you and the person your talking to. And also even to change the name “group” to something else. And to exit yourself in a group chat.
Basically Apple copied WhatsApp with quite a few of these things

chubby2245 says:

I don’t have the mic icon.

Ammar Tarique says:

My messaging the hold one is not working what to do with it

willie Brooks says:

Never showed how to delete people from group chat

Lee Goldring says:

Is there another folder to save msg’s on the iPhone 6 or is the only way to save a msg is to transfer it to your PC

Oloruntola Deed says:

The most important thing dis video supposed to tell us, he didn’t. Which is u won’t see the microphone or camera, if the person u want to text doesn’t use iPhone and if they are not on iOS 8 or higher.

wbcfox says:

does anyone know what the “keep” option means? does it mean confirm sending?

Patty Werner says:

To fast, couldn’t keep up

Victoria Roberson says:

I updated my phone and I don’t see audio text on my phone. I have the iPhone 6

Nayir Bermudez says:

My iPhone 5c don’t do that and I’m on iOS 8.1.1

SmokeyCasino Slot Videos says:

My voice and camera icons are greyed out, would you know why?

Alexandra Edwards says:

It only works sending a message to another iPhone

Emma James says:

Well it’s abit wierd because I have got a iPad and it’s on iOS 10.1.3 and it’s messages are even better on my iPad you can do handwritten messages and there are The at home ts thing and every single thing and more. You get this new app called home for free and if you have a device connected to the internet you can control it say your lights were you could turn it of and on and when you turn it on the lock screen is different and more.

Hannah Bickley says:

How do you get rid of small picture next to the persons name in messages???

EvanER says:

For the record. We at Windows Phone also have “voice message”, its called voice note but it is a little different w/ playback.

L says:

if you’re running the beta, can you send voice messages and use the group message features with people who are still on iOS 7?

weoo says:

Why does this sound like antvenom

Tom Smith says:

The do not disturb function within a group chat does not work for me, I don’t know if this is a bug or all group chat participants need to be running ios8 for it to work but when the do not disturb function is switched on I’m still getting swarmed with all the messages even when my phones locked! Please help!

fluteoboe101 says:

I hate the sound recording option because I keep accidentally pressing it, and then the person gets some weird recording of whatever I’m doing. Nothing bad has happened yet, but I’m very scared some day something embarrassing will happen. It’s just an annoying feature and I’ve never had a need to send an audio text anyways.

SleptOn says:

I think editing the title of the group message and adding or subtracting participants and leaving a conversation only works when everyone is using iMessage.

Also muting notifications only seems to mute audio and vibrate not the pop up notifications.

Anyone else experiencing this?

naseem yazzie says:

how do you get the “contact photo” next to the person your messaging? I can’t figure it out …

Zdude says:

I’m not able to leave a group conversation? Is this a bug?

Kirstin Holly says:

can you preview the voice message or video or you have to send it right away?

FuelMode says:

The more iOS is updated the more cydia tweaks there pulling into the native OS.

Scott Novak says:

How do you forward a text message in iOS8?  

Emile P says:

Just to be clear, all of these new features only work with iMessage right? they won’t work if you’re trying to send them to any phone that isn’t an iPhone?

Renee & Alan says:

Paid hella fucking money for this shit & can’t even voice message people unless they got ios8 RIPOFF

ninjacreeper03 says:

Why isn’t my audio message button popping up?

Jay Pinkz says:

is there any way you can change the messaging layout to another color besides standard blue/green?

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