Marco Polo App Review – Video Messaging

In this Marco Polo App Review, Jay Andrews of Reviews Across the Board covers the main points of this fun and up and coming mobile video messaging app. Check it out here

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This video is about the Marco Polo App Review, a newer walkie talkie video messaging app for the android and IOS operating system. This app allows friends and family members to send video messages from anywhere on the globe. This video also serves as a basis for the Marco Polo App Tutorial.

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Ron Busby says:

I really enjoy this app and your video really helped. I do I delete the video messages after I finish watching them?

P S Nayak says:

good video bro

P S Nayak says:

hey bro in a few minutes I am posting video .if you can see it.i am not sure of explanation

Dehvon Davies says:

I LOVE this app. I now talk to my friends and family everyday all day haha, with no pressure.

Shari Lamb says:

I have a question I recorded a video but I want to delete it can you please tell me how to delete it

kewl jerk says:

Does this app send unsolicited sms messages to people on your
contacts list without first asking your permission to do so???

Ashley Floyd says:

How do you delete this stupid app from iPhone?

Jazzmine Phoenix says:

how does it differ from Google chat/talk?

Creative Rising says:

Really cool stuff you got here with review Jay! Great meeting you today!

Demetria Davis says:

I deleted someone’s Polo from my home screen but from time to time their avatar will show up again. It won’t show a new video has been recorded and when I click on it no video will be present. Why does this happen?

Candid Tech TV says:

Great review. I’ve been using this for few days now and recommended it to a few friends and I like it better than Snapchat so far.  My only question is does this app not have notification settings? I looked and it would be nice to be able to turn off some of the reminders although I can live with them.

Kel4everSmiles says:

I just had a friend send me a text to download this app. That’s why I’m here to check this app out..Prob Is..There isn’t ENOUGH committing to your friends like in the good ole’ days..LOL..Remember those days ya’ll ?? Mint green rotary dial landline phone hanging on kitchen wall with extra long bungee chord ???..That’s real commitment !!!! It stretched all the way down the hall,around the corner to the bathroom..! And when ya got mad at someone you could hang up and they heard you slam it…CLICK !..That’s right !
For instance,why didn’t she just CALL ME,instead of texting me to tell me about this app ?..Now she want’s to Marco Polo me to death…GREAT !

Michelle whitlow says:

how can I delete a name on Marco Polo?

Teneja Thweatt says:

Hey, quick question – I know the app notifies you when someone first watches a video you’ve made and vice versa. But if you rewatch old videos does it notify the person? I’ve been looking online for an answer to this question but didn’t find anything. It’d be nice to know because I guess it can seem weird if the person is notified you’re watching a video when they haven’t sent a new or recent one.

M.P.M.C says:

how do u remove the filter from the video

Westernwilson says:

In the middle of a text message exchange with a friend, Marco Polo inserted itself (disguised as my friend texting) : “Janet, I am sending you a link to Marco Polo. Put it on your phone so I can send you a video message.” My friend was horrified when she saw this on our text thread. Looking into what had happened, it appears MP copies the Contacts list of any device it is installed on and then clones those contact numbers, and sends this text out to all contacts, disguised as the owner of the device invaded. That is super creepy. And not cool. Hoping MP (Joya Communications, which does not have easily found contact info of course) stops this unethical, classless behaviour.

P S Nayak says:

thanks for support

Marie Lynn says:

Marco polo wont open after I installed if 🙁

SeeLow says:

I hated this app. Because when I downloaded it, the app sent msgs. to all of my contacts. Even to people that I haven’t talked to in yrs. I got “tons” of msgs. asking (ie who is this; what’s this app about; why was this sent to me, etc)I had to respond to all of these msgs. with (1) msg. and that was to disregard this email and DON’T download this app. App is NOT for everybody.

Southern Virginia AirgunHunter says:

Good review….It would be nice if MP would not use up all your data and drain your battery so fast… That’s something the brain children forgot to take care of…..The only people who can use this all the time is the people who have SPRINT UNLIMITED DATA….I myself had to delete it because it used up all my data (5GB) for the month in 3 days.***Verizon is the only service that works where I live

Callahan Covington says:

How’s this different than Snapchat?

Ram Hinojosa says:

Since no body askin why did she say u used to shoot people

Think Media says:

Amazing video Jason – thanks for posting!

Mohand014 says:

how can I delete my account for ever ??

Natasha Howard says:

How do you like a video on marco polo

Ben Mazur says:

What are the main differences between this and snapchat, other than the messages not disappearing right away? I keep hearing “it’s like XYZ messaging app, but with video!” which all just sounds like snapchat.

Christine Price says:

I enjoyed your talk, thank you! However, it would be easier to pay attention to what you are saying if you turned off your background music.

vernell guillory says:

So it’s like Glide?

xX Xx says:

how do you change the color of the pencil

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