Messages for Android Wear: Hands On with a fiddly onscreen keyboard

Cam checks out a new massaging app for Android Wear. It’s compatible with SMS and Hangouts. Like most messaging apps, it has voice dictation and a selection of pre-defined text responses, but it also has an on-screen keyboard. Question is: Can an onscreen keyboard actually be any good?

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Anthony Dach says:

T9 could have a comeback.

Treaver Hoerig says:

If I bought this could I replace my phone service with it by using Hangouts for my number; Can I make calls on Hangouts?

Clint Lawler says:

The ability to type is very important. You can’t dictate a private message out loud, and if you’re in a noisy area it would be a nightmare to talk to your watch.

rage fards says:

yes, very useful. considering that most SMS apps don’t allow more than voice dictation and quick replies, the developers building a keyboard is very useful. with my mixed Australian new Zealand accent voice dictation sometimes doesn’t work and having a keyboard is a godsend

Benjamin Pavel says:

In my opinion writing on a watch is stupid as hell! There is a reason why Google didn’t include the official keyboard on Android Wear. I do understand that sometimes some people can’t or don’t want to use voice to dictate the message but as you show us it takes really long to reply on a watch so I would rather pull out my phone and swipe the message instead than looking at my watch for 3 minutes just to reply 1 message…and people think they look stupid using voice lol.

Milos Todorovic says:

and what if english is not your first language, would you reply to your mom in foreign lang? stupid assholes only know about murica


LOL this is cutting edge technology? A sliding keyboard is the stupidest thing. I would be embarrassed to sell one or to buy one. But nerds will buy it and use it and love it, which is sad, because then they’re send a message like “This is good!”.

Oscar Spring says:

I need it for college. Professors made me go this far where I need a keyboard. I sit in the back and this will be a lot better to use.

Marc Talleos says:

it won’t let me send any messages using my keyboard. only speaking into it or using the predetermined responses. typing it won’t let me send the message at all and I’m getting really pissed about it

Quincy Edwards says:

on the Samsung gear s watch, not the gear s 2. you can slide text and respond just as fast as your phone. That’s why I was disappointed when they changed that in the gear s2

Chan Meibo says:

Can it be used with whatsapp?

Will Temple says:

Would it change anybody’s mind if there were a a really good watch keyboard? Actually one exists -> FlickKey Keyboard for Wear. Sure, slow on first use since it uses a new interface. But fast with practice. So why bother pulling out your phone when that’s slower.

Olaf Wouters says:

Just found you back cam! Used to know you from phonedog!

Clint Lawler says:

And idk why people are anti watch keyboards. Just set yours to off. And shut the fuck up. Options are nice. I’d like to have the option for my watch to cut my balls off. You might not be interested in that feature so don’t turn it on.

shivam thakkar says:

which watch are u using in the video???

JDUBS gaming says:

Why isn’t it working

N&LH says:

having on screen keyboard on a smartwatch is stupid

Chinmay H says:

Its good to see you back 😀

Isaac Abraham says:

There you are Cam!

James Johnsson says:

I think your dumb

Ultra Supreme says:

typing on a watch is very useful in silence, like at work in the john. or in class.

Vijay Ghosh says:

nice video cam

Ming A says:

it would be better to take your phone out and type which is more faster than to type with that on your wrist lol

Jhong Rosales says:

is the facebook messenger working on the watch? thank you

Martin loreña says:

Can you use T9 keyboarf?

Ellis says:

you use the keyboard if you don’t have data on your phone

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