Messaging 7 For Android App Review

Here’s a cool Windows Phone 7 styled SMS client.
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dierad rotsed says:

It takes time to open the keyboard if you are about to reply a message. And most of the time, pressing those icons like send is a hell.

Scott McGuire says:


Shamarai says:

I had this i only uninstalled it because it wouldn’t receive picture messages properly i would always had to go back to my pre installed messaging app to download the picture

Osolomio says:

Cant you please look what the theme name is for the theme? 🙂

slavehunter105 says:

hello, i installed the messseging 7 app and it just keeps crashing, it tries to keep opening bt it says unfortunately app stoped, report or click ok, i even made it default app still no use, removed and reinstalled still no luck, ive got a dual sim phone with android 4.0 and dual core cortex a9 and 512mb ram, my ram is also free its not running short of memory, i use only one sim, any suggestions?

TheDpz4mex says:

Thanks man I love your app reviews, I usually end up with a new after I watch haha

stopdropandhowl says:

I thought it was my phone that chirped, until you mentioned the MIUI notification thing. *sigh*

Joseph Reyes says:

How to send messages to multiple recipients?

jaystanheiser says:

Any suggestions for the best sms client for a dual-sim fone?

Shamarai says:

@TheSmokingAndroid Im using the pre installed

AJ Bazookavich says:

Which MIUI theme you downloaded from the Theme app?

Omkar Deshmukh says:

Hi Thanks for review..
I added this video to Messaging 7 Google Play page 🙂
Till I make my video

nutman says:


LoonyLynx says:

Thanks alot buddy ! I love the windows style messaging an it’s good to see that on an android device ! I’ll just go ahead and install it on my device 🙂 You’re smokin dude 😀

Lei Angeles says:

How to send GROUP SMS???

No Shaqs All Kobes out says:

The client is still really broken, even after the full version came out. Whenever I get a message it shows me but I somehow can’t send any outgoing message and not to mention the fact that I can’t make it the default SMS client, making it send me 2 different notifications from hangouts and messenger 7… I don’t get how it works for some people and not for others. Not like I was using an unsupported phone since I have a galaxy s4.

Brandon Williams says:

I’m running the MIUI Rom as well and every messaging app I’ve downloaded wont send notifications. The default messaging always takes over and puts an icon in the status bar

Jo vean Layno says:

hi there Smoking Android! i would like to ask if how messaging 7 can put a sms background, just like the photo it shows in the google play. hope to have an immediate response! thank you! im using Sony Xperia Tipo Dual ST21i

vicmac1995 says:

dude love the videos 😀

rojeen zkie says:

dude can i change the background of the sms as i so in google play pics?? if it is possible can u teach me? thx

EmilioKilla1 says:

How did u do that to your status bar ?

Orb says:


Marco Thomas says:

Well since this video they have done the updates you mentioned but on my phone it just doesn’t send at all, I press the send button and it doesn’t send a single message.  Too bad because it is damn close to the real thing


i cant send messages guide me

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