mysms Android App Review/Demo – Text from your phone without your phone!

With mysms you can send text messages from your phone number through your service provider from your tablet or any computer! One of the coolest apps I’ve seen in a while and works perfectly.

The Phone app is available here:

The Tablet app is available here:

To text from the web, you just use their website:


Aaron Atkinson says:

can it answer calls as well?

outtoride says:

Will texting through this ap incur data usage? I have unlimited texting on my phone account but I am assuming that this app will be accessing the internet therefore counting as data usage not texting.

Yo Yoy says:

How to make password.pls give me sample.becouse my password always wrong.huhuhu

Felicia Lopez says:

i would like to set mysms as my background text and would not like to get notifications on my phone thru it. how do i stop notifications when i get texts on mysms?

John Morris says:

I had to close my Facebook account so have to rely on sms. I wanted to be able to message people from my computer and tablet since having to use my phone all the time wasn’t convenient. This works perfectly…it works so well that I went premium for 10 bux a year. This is better than even iMessage in that you can use any device including Android, Windows 10, iOS, and Linux. There is also a metro app, too. So you end up with this installed on your computer which is connected to your home stereo and subwoofers making your house rumble when you get a text. – I never miss a single text anymore! lol

Kenan Smith says:

How do i have the mysms app run in the background of my phone so that I can use my own app?

hollywoodfrodo says:

Yes – the down side is that your phone must be on because the text are still being sent/received through your phone, then the sms app on your phone uses data to send the info to other devices.

hollywoodfrodo says:

You can choose either for texting from your phone. Either way there will still be some data usage because it uploads all your texts to the online mysms site so it’s synced. This app is only useful if you wanna be able to send /receive text from ur computer &/or tablet. I don’t actually use mysms on my phone – it’s just there in the background to sync with my computer & tablet.

susan seymour says:

I am having issues with messages not being sent from my Android tablet. Messages will not go through. Help

Hannes Rola says:

Typisch Amis!!!!

Sports Nerd says:

Does it send/receive photos? Does it do group texting? Do you have to use the phone app, or does mysms act more like an add-on with the phone and you can use any messaging app you want? Is there a limit to the amount of texting you can get without paying for the service?

Space Cowboy says:

how to use the phone answer and call features

Mike T says:

Its a great app, but find the web app on windows is very sluggish

Sarah Poulin says:

I don’t have data, only can connect to wifi (which is most of the time, anyway). I have free incoming texts, but 10 cents for outgoing. Can I sent a free text straight through mysms from my phone instead of through my phone’s text? Will it charge me 10 cents because it will force through my phone messaging as well? I’m trying to find a workaround where I can avoid outgoing texting fees but still keep my same phone number for free texting. In Canada we don’t get GV texting.

Clear Fog says:

Other than the fact that it randomly posts deleted snippets from prior texting sessions, posts the date and time as current, and you have no idea when it is a previously deleted post or something new, it at least allows you to use a keyboard. Overall, I rate it a 1 since there is no 0.

Carum Basra says:

does your phone have to be on for this to work?

satyama satyama says:

how to open

cmcampbell1000 says:

Also, does the other person have to have this app, or will it go to any number?

cmcampbell1000 says:

So basically, this will work if i have a phone number through a service like tmobile, but dont get cell phone service at my house, and want people to receive texts from my phone number, but over wifi. if i send a text from the app, it shows up as my phone number? And then i can get texts back from the other people?

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